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  1. AWEOSME!! that trick worked perfectly Thanks soo much!!
  2. I have firestorm viewer and my mesh keeps disappearing after a while. Is there any fix for this?
  3. Hehe thanks, however I don't want to spend a heap of cash on props and all that. That's another reason why I wanted to do some in-world pics
  4. Hey! :D So I wanna take some pics with friends, I use inworld shadows so I don't want to use a greenscreen, rather a nice in-world location that I can rez my poses and take some pics. Everywhere I have been is either not very friendly on the eye or in most cases you are not allowed to rez... I understand the reason sim owners prevent people rezzing but it's realllly frustrating! Maybe if they had a 1 minute return time that way anything not being used is returned O-o Anyway, I would REALLLY appreciate some SLURLS to some places I can visit and rez.. Thanks!! This method uses natural
  5. Hey :D So I have recently got the latest firestorm and whenever I enable "Lighting and Shadows" I get jagged edges around everything :( My Antialiasing setting is at x16 and this still happens :( Anyone know how I fix it?
  6. Hmmm I can log in now, was kinda worried for a minute a sI have never seen that happen before. You might be right Ceera, could have been something to do with that, thanks
  7. This is the messege I was given as SL logged me out, It's the same one I get everytime I try to log in. What's happened?
  8. The Aoharu suit would look perfect on you, I myself used to have a larger avatar and it always looked great "in the past with styles similar to those shown in your pics and, for whatever reason, there's something which never seems to look quite right." THIS is the exact reason I made away with my big muscly look and went and got a smaller more versatile avatar. Having those big avatars will ALWAYS limit what you can wear. For me my style is predominantly urban, so baggy pants, baggy shirts, big sneakers, piercings etc etc but this didn't work on my big avatar, it just never looked ri
  9. Hehehe i wish but thanks, I'm glad you like the outfits The calWL is a light setting in phoenix (might be in other viewers) just like your usual midnight and midday settings.
  10. Hehe sorry Ian that suit I posted a pic of wasn't the one I meant I just now took some quick pics to show you the Aoharu suit. It too uses the sculpted technique but instead of sliding it up under the pecs the entire jacket from coller to bottom hem is sculpted which I like a lot and if done right doesn't look too awkward, it also needs to be fitted right.. Too many guys just wear not just suits but shoes, hair, hats, glasses, jewellry etc right out of the box without fitting them. Almost everything you buy WILL need some fitting especially when it comes to scale. Anyway here's some pics of
  11. Best suit in SL? Go check out Aoharus suits.. They are much nicer and very versatile in the way you can wear them and mix them with other things to really make them your own Also don't forget you can also use parts from different stores to piece together your own suit.. Also here's some other outfits I pulled from my blog hehe And ofcourse, my current outfit :3
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