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  1. :::::::::: Illusions Dance Club :::::::::: Dance Cl ub, EDM, Trance, House, remixes, tribal house, tech house, electro A place for friends to come together and enjoy the sounds of some amazing mixing DJ's in SL .. Enjoy the music if you like the dance scene as much as us then come and join in... Message Sweetone4u531, hotstuff toxx, haleycupcake, Howl Slade for details and a application! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midgard/57/14/26
  2. The Hive is looking for Djs and Hosts... Lovely little venue here that's begging to get real busy.. Nice friendly staff to work with.. On a Monday.Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. We like House Trance DnB Trap and anything club.. On a Friday you can play whatever you like... its a free run,,, just not country ok... I mean there's no sawdust on the floor or spittoons. No where to tie your horse up or tip ya Stetson.. Saturday Night events night... we pick a theme and you dress to match! prizes gift cards and lindens to win... If you don't fancy working for us then still please come along we woiuld love to see you! Just message me in world Howl Slade or Lacey Blackbart for applications.
  3. Dreams: Is a new fresh place ready and waiting for you. A adoption agency set up to help find matches for children and parents. Our friendly staff are here to guide you through the process.. Simple fill in a application and place it into one of our boards along with your picture... its that simple... We are looking forward to meeting you.. Please contact Howl Slade JasmineLove144 Resident Dreams http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legacy/36/182/25
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