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  1. We're open to everyone, not just homeowners. There are not nearly enough homes in Bellisseria to have a restricted group, and even if the houses were all finished, we would still welcome visitors to Bellisseria. We also don't care whether the resident is premium or basic. Anyone is welcome to join in and be a part of the community. We look forward to seeing you around Bellisseria. *Just watch out for the Squirrel, she tends to be a bit grabby when it comes to treats.
  2. The Bellisseria Community group has already started planning for Bellisseria's First Anniversary event. We've got an event planned for July 4th, and are planning events for Halloween, Christmas, and every other holiday/reason to party we can think of
  3. Sure, we would be happy to add your houseboat to the Parade of Homes. I just need a lm or slurl to your home when you wish to add it.
  4. You've been added to both the Parade of Homes and our Travelers Hud. The location is also listed on our places of interest page on our website, as has the group.
  5. The HUD is not set up with a time limit. It's meant to be an ongoing event. However, with the updated version I've just sent out, it lists the parcel name, which is actually just a line in my database listing the name at the time I last checked. What I can do for you is annotate specific times, which will show on the HUD text. It won't stop people from stopping by outside of those times, but should at least give people a time window to visit.
  6. Hi everyone. I don't usually post on these forums, but I wanted to clear up some things about the ongoing Parade of Homes for Bellisseria. The Parade of Homes was started by the Bellisseria Community group ( secondlife:///app/group/63773109-bc01-d353-2074-dbb6e8256f0a/about ) It is an ongoing list of homes that people have opened to the public. You can be added or removed whenever you wish. There is a HUD available in the group notices that will take you from one house or houseboat to the next location on the list. Many more updates are planned for the future, including a map of the homes so you can travel from one place to another without needing to teleport. This is not a notecard list, but a list on my personal database which I update every day. This allows us to guarantee the addition or removal whenever people wish instead of having to wait for a notecard to expire in group notices. Our only requirement to take part in this is that you have security disabled, as people can't look around your house in 15 seconds. Some mornings, I can't even rez my avatar that fast, lol. Membership to the Bellisseria Community group is not a requirement, and we will have an alternative method of acquiring the HUD after the weekend. If anyone wishes to be added or removed from the Parade of Homes, you just need to contact me inworld.
  7. I've noticed this as well, and so have my friends that are also creators.
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