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  1. All the exchanges have to do to comply is set it up like it used to be with SLxchange/Xstreet. You could send the money directly to the avatar bot that handled all the exchanges and completely bypass any atm. Several of LLs shortsited restrictions ago I limited my time spent in SL so it's really not going to hurt me if I have to wait a few days though I do not like it.
  2. Actually unless the person has a very long list of AR's against them not likely the Lindens will even look into it. There was a day when you could actually call a linden through the viewer if there was a problem and one would actually come investigate within a few moments. That though was when the population had yet to reach 7k concurrent. They closed that avenue down and pretty much pay little or no attention to resident issues unless there are a huge amount of complaints.
  3. Mesh is just another option for creation it will sit along side sculpties and layers it will not replace them.
  4. I already pay LL a monthyly and a land fee this ad banner increases your profits in such a miniscule amount but the annoyance factor for me has me thinking maybe I should just take the dive to open sim which would cost you more than those ads would if I stayed with SL for 50 years. Smart move.
  5. Your lucky if all they took was the amount he gave you, it used to be they took 150% as a penalty.
  6. Linden Labs is very good at screwing things up when they make changes. I was window shopping on the MP and everytime I clicked a link it sent me to a generic page not even remotely related to the product. That on top of I go to a specific product like womens shoes and maybe 2% of the products listed are shoes. LL has royally screwed something up again... No surprise there though. Kinda explains the last few weeks of 0 sales for me as well.
  7. It's simple, you use a mirroring script, I have one in an object that if I need matching but mirrored objects I just use that and it turns a lefty into a righty.
  8. Getting the mesh beta on Le Tigra was the first time I did not despise being on an RC and look what the Lab does.... sigh, I just hope it's not long before it is returned.
  9. I was pretty annoyed to log on and start working on a rather large build I was converting to the larger prims, I lost a few pieces before I realized what happened. There were RC's that did not have mesh on them for testing and those should have been used. Yanking the mesh/64 suddenly without a word is offensive. I would appreciate if at least 64m prims were turned back on as those are far more important at the moment. I am still learning how to create mesh in Sketchup so can do without it for now. This change has pretty much brought any work I can do to a halt until at least 64m prims are returned to Le Tigra.
  10. They creep me out, that has got to be the most unnatural smile I have ever seen on an avatar anywhere and when I see someone with that creepy smile I just want them to go away.
  11. Phoenix Viewer has the update your looking for, despite the fact that their customer base has fought them all the way and they haven't a clue that V2 is junk 3rd party V1 viewers have continued to try to keep current with the ability's of V2. Phoenix even has avatar physics. You know those bouncing bewbs and hineys without prims.
  12. Since your friend is using Phoenix they are already using the best viewer out there, it must be some configuration issue. Make sure the video card drivers are up to date and go into the graphic tab in options go to advanced and un-check VBO that can cause quite a few issues. Also is it a dedicated card or onboard like most laptops as those cards are sub standard for most mmorpgs and SL in general.
  13. Look under the recent items tab in your inventory they should be there since you clicked on keep. Most likely if they did not go into the top of your objects folder they are in their own folders named after the item and in their alphabetical place in your inventory folders. Some merchants put their name or their stores name before the item name which doesn't help the customer much but I guess their name is more important than the item so look for the creators/shops name. In that case they will be all grouped in one spot.
  14. Since Second Life uses Lindens and not Bitcoins not sure what you are expecting Linden Lab to do about a currency that has nothing to do with Second Life and is traded on other websites not even remotely affiliated with Linden Lab.
  15. V2's interface is a complete piece of garbage, it says a lot about the dev team that even phillip calls it a failure but they just keep plugging along with the same old failed design.
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