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  1. An added note of warning for the hack method of making those prims phantom. Everyone's right its not supposed to work anymore, but even if you do have objects that you get it to work in, or you have objects you made before it stopped working, there is a danger. If it is working in a linkset and then you give it away or sell it, and the person changes the linkset in anyway (add a prim or remove a prim from the linkset) then the all of the hacked prims in the linkset will loose their phantom ability and b solid again. Separate link sets or the new physics types are the two ways to do it. Save yourself headaches and forget the hack exists. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Also when you define the sit target as Rolig says, make sure its not zero.
  3. erm . . .looks at first script . . ..blinks . . . .looks again . . .blinks Yeah . um . .would not be my first (or second to infinity) choice as an example script for a person trying to learn LSL. Think if that had been the first script I had seen I would have run away. Talia
  4. Here is a slightly different method that I use a lot. I am not inworld so I can not test it to make sure it works right, but its the general idea. The vectors min and max define the box you want to detect in. vector offset;vector min = <1,-1,0>;vector max = <3,1,4>;default{ touch_start(integer total_number) { offset = llDetectedPos(0); offset = (offset - llGetRootPosition()) / llGetRootRotation(); if(offset.x > min.x && offset.x < max.x && offset.y > min.y && offset.y < max.y && offset.z > min.z && offset.z < max.z){ llSay(0,"You are in the square"); } }} edit to clean up formatting of copy/past of code
  5. Look at Rolig's post in the following thread. I use this concept it most of my devices, though I get the device Key in stead of the owner key so that the communication is specific to device. For your use though, the owner key should be exactly what you need. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting/communicate-information-from-one-script-to-another/m-p/1541339/highlight/true#M11009 --||-
  6. except in their infinite wisdom they have closed the Jira system so only the LL declared special people can see existing entries, so coming back here to draw support to the jira and getting it voted on won't work.
  7. You know what never mind, off topic rant that won't help anything or anyone. Move along nothing to see here.
  8. So am I correct in thinking that refunds are going out but some enhancements are still stuck in the charging state and can't be changed? Its not a big deal to me as the one stuck in charging state is one I would most likely keep going anyway. Just curious.
  9. Bah my client just wouldn't log into the test grid tonight. Hope you got enough participants oskar!
  10. Czari Zenovka wrote: This comment made me think of a comment from a thread on General here: "yup, and many merchants are abusing direct delivery to send the very same boxes they were sending anyway. So people still need to unpack those boxes, something direct delivery was intended to do away with. May start making a list of lazy merchants doing that and reporting them all." *looks for emoticon of banging head on desk I actually caught myself rereading this for a third time to make sure I was not missing something . . reporting for using boxes, I um . .meh *bangs head on desk again.
  11. Yes they did migrate the ANS functionality over to DD.
  12. @Innula I can not find the reference right now but there is an added caveat on the automatically changed prims. If they are unlinked or if the linkset is changed by adding other targets to the linkset then the phantom setting goes away. I have tested this with some of my builds, unlink the whole thing then link it all right back together and the phantom prims are no longer phantom. Fortunately, prefab sales are a very minor part of my business so I have only had a couple of customers have issues. @ the op We have decided to go the separate linkset route on our prefabs. Everything that needs to be phantom will be separate linkset. Edit to correct spelling sighs
  13. Nalates Urriah wrote: Cully, the number of people interested in what the Lindens are saying is very small. Just because the number of people at the meeting is small does not mean people are not interested in what the Lindens are saying. I would love to be there to talk to them. However, the time of the lindens user group meetings excludes many of us as we have RL jobs at this time. The only way we can get the news is either the forums, blogs like yours, or posted transcripts. Better communications on something like this would have been quite appreciated and would have staved off a good deal of the drama. However, there will always be some like the silliness earlier on in this thread. Its the fact of life of running an Internet company. People say things they would not say to someone face to face and do not even realize they are doing it. In fact, would often vehemently deny they are. A simply Line on the login pages, or at the grid status page would have fostered far greater empathy from that small portion of the user base that does frequent these venues. Heck, even a more consistent posting of the user group transcripts would help. If you have watched my posts at all, you see that I am typically one that defends LL. I have said and will say they have made amazing strides in the past two years. Still, good communications with their user base is NOT something LL does well. Anyway, as you say the drama on this is coming to a close. The fix is out there, and in due process will find its way to the entire grid. We can all move along now and start to salivate for the possibility of materials in the future.
  14. llInstantMessage(av, "Hello " + llKey2Name(av) + ", thank you for sitting down");
  15. It depends on the precision needed. If you just want to send something out around the first of the month then I disagree. It is a simple script. If you need to be sure to send it the exact second your exact location is the first of the month then you are correct. However, since the grid has global users that seems irrelevant to me. You might have people from every time zone for you list. Needless complication is not always good when the script doesn't need it. It all depends on the specific needs of the OP which where generally stated. As I said it was an example of concept of idea. Why use the extra processing to calculate the date from llGetUnixTime when llGetDate already tells you if it is the first or not? Once again its a matter of precision that for something done once a month is probably irrelevant. All considering more than a few lines may not be required. It just depends on the precision needed. ETA I do agree with Ela adding code to handle sim outages is important in a final script
  16. I doubt it would affect my decision on whether to buy inworld or on MP. That being said, ability to review products bought inworld though I would not use it much might be good to have for those truly exceptional products you run across (or those truly exceptionally bad too I guess).
  17. Others can correct me, but I don't believe there is anyway to trigger a script on a specific date. However, you can use the llSetTimerEvent to trigger once and day and then use llGetDate to filter out whether or not it is the first day of the month. default{ state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(86400); } timer() { string strDate = llGetDate(); if (llGetSubString(strDate,8,9) == "01") { // send note card } }} ETA: I can not get inworld to check the code to make sure it works, it is just an example of the logic
  18. Yep my mistake and I did mean that first post ot be a quesiton, just missed putting the question mark.
  19. Since llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords only works for the owner of the object, this will only allow the owner of the stargate to use that stargate.
  20. here is a blog entry about setting up RLV http://kittin-ninetails.blogspot.com/2011/04/rlv-quick-tutorial.html?zx=6a6d68f4345bc825
  21. Two possabilites. 1. You don't have a relay, you have to have both RLV capable viewer and a relay in world. 2. You didn't turn RLV on. In Firestorm, its under preferences ->Firestorm->general "allow remote scripted . . ."
  22. It is not viewer dependent or OS dependent. It is the LL servers repeatedly sending data. It is not a cache issue the jira it clearly identifies the problem. Whether or not you see the issue depends on surrounding sims and if you are faced towards them with enough draw distance to be "Seeing" the neighbor sim. For example, my sim is an isolated island, so when I stay on my sim I am not seeing the problem. When I go wandering I do see it.
  23. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: unless the servers suddenly started sending double (or something) the data sent to viewers. Actually its many times more than double if the reports are right in the jira entries. Beyond belief or not It is an ACKNOWLEDGED bug by the Lindens and is what is happening. I notice now the jira entry states fix pending, so they do think they know whats causing it. Again the link to the jira https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-8124
  24. Peggy go check out the Jira entry . .it actually is an issue with the SL servers flooding people with a significant increase in traffic. There are actually two different Jira's going on about it. This is not the normal bandwidth usage. Its an acklowledged bug which according to some that got to attend the server meeting they think they have discovered the issue and will be trying to roll a fix in next weeks RC rolls.
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