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  1. @rolig I agree its more effecient the way you suggest. I was just trying to start simple :smileyhappy: @harrutriegenn I still think the tolower calls are not needed even though you are passing more than just numbers now. You control both the sending source, the hud, and the receiving items your listening objects. Therefore you won't ever have a case miss-match. Just my two cents.
  2. Ok first thing I did was clean up some things in your sample script. First, since all your values are numbers no reason to call tolower, it just adds extra cycles. Second, the way your script is written now every if statement is checked even though the value can only be one of them. Therefore, it is more effecient to use else if, then the script only checks until it gets to the correct value. Final change, since the value is going to come from a hud and not typed chat text I changed the listen channel to a large negative number. default{ state_entry() { llListen(-864563,"",llGetOwner(
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