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  1. I figured there was nothing that could be done if I can't get the owners to answer an IM but I thought I'd try the forums for additional insight if any. Thank you all, anyway.
  2. They do, but many don't do demos. I really wish I had never met that woman. This whole thing is ruining stuff because I don't know what's going on until I try to TP somewhere, then find out it's owned by that land baron, and the person who did this isn't even the owner. So it's not just the stores, it's quite a few places.
  3. I don't even care about the money anymore. If she needs $10 bucks that bad, she can have it. I just want to shop at the stores I frequent. They are very popular stores in their genre. It's about 12 different stores so "shop somewhere else" is not really an option.
  4. Yes, I've contacted the company she works for but it's like pulling teeth to get anyone higher ranking than her to return an IM.
  5. A few months ago, I paid for land on an island and in the course of the transaction, I had to afk for RL work. I came back and I rezzed a house on the land and had to afk again. When I got back the second time, the land manager was there and fussed at me for not paying tier. I said it was a mistake and I would take care of it, just tell me where the box is. So she shows me the box and it turns out to be part of the parcel so they took part of the parcel away to put the box down. I asked her why because now I have less prims and where she put the box was going to be noticeable with the decor I had planned. She starts going off on me telling me to read the covenant, to which I repeated to her that none of this was in the covenant. Nevertheless, I paid the tier just to move on and she continues going off on me about it saying I was trying to use the land without paying tier. I paid her almost $3000L. So, we end up in a full blown argument because I told her the land said one thing, the covenant said something different, and now she was saying something different than both and telling me I should have contacted their sales team before buying it. Why would I do that if all your documentation says one thing but now you are saying it's not true? She bans me from the land I just purchased and paid tier and refuses to refund my money. Come to find out, she estate banned me, and the company she works for services a lot of businesses that I frequent. Now I can't go to those sims. I wanted to shop at one store and was just going to gift my main account something from another account I use as a bot for a system I built and I can't access the sim. Upon further investigation, somehow, they have my IP address and she is using some system to IP ban me from the estate. I never griefed this woman. I never did anything to anyone involved with this company, other than the conversation with her where she banned me and kept my money. Now there are over a dozen sims I can't visit that has stores I shop at and all I want to do is patronize brands and funnel money into SL like I have been for the last 15 years. Can anything be done here? This feels like harassment to me because she kept my money AND eliminated my ability to shop at stores in world, all because I disagreed with her. I know these are private islands and everything and I get how TOS relates to that but this is like...overkill...
  6. Hi everyone, I'm selling my sim for $200 USD plus the transfer fee. Please contact me in world if you are interested. The sim is called Compound. Lindsay Dover
  7. I am selling mine but the money transaction would have to be done through Linden Labs. Let me know if you are interested.
  8. This article came across my Google feed last night and it's the most spiteful thing I have seen a company do in a long time. You waited 16 years a claim infringement? This burns my biscuits.
  9. This position has been filled. Thank you.
  10. If you get the "spam" notification, you can notecard the questions from the application and send it to me inworld. Our spambot uses honeypot and gives false positives from time to time. It has locked me out before, too.
  11. Well, it is official. We are a registered Limited Liability Company, no different than getting a job as a remote worker with Twitter or Facebook. Experience is required unfortunately. I hope you find what you are looking for in your SL.
  12. Applications have been reopened but will close again on Sunday. If you are interested, please submit your application. Thank you.
  13. Applications are currently closed. We are interviewing the candidates we have received so far. If we do not make a selection, we will reopen the application. Thank you for applying.
  14. Description: Klimact Roleplay Solutions, built by Touco Direct LLC is looking for a Community Support Rep for the project. You would be answering support tickets from sim admins, deploying new sites for new sims, and completing some update tasks on the sites. Our product is delivered through Wordpress so experience with Wordpress is extremely helpful but you do not need to know how to code as most support actions will be in the Wordpress interface. You may be asked to do a demo in Discord for a potential new clients or answer questions in our Discord channel. You also may be asked to visit certain events to discuss the product with potential users for our sales department. Some voice is required but not often. Video is never required. Experience Required: Wordpress (no coding required) Discord Roleplay Sims Requirements: Voice Communication Your Real Life Information for Non-Disclosure Agreements and Independent Contractor Agreement (Name, Address, Phone Number) Time zone must between UTC+2 and UTC-8 (any time zones within that are fine) Fluent English Speaking and Writing Compensation: Commensurate with experience If in Linden: L$2500-L$3250 per hour If in USD: $10-13 per hour (Independent Contractor Status Required, 1099 will be issued for tax purposes for US Citizens) Bi-Weekly Payroll (Direct Deposit available for US Citizens, Paypal for Non-US if taking the USD option, Linden paid directly to account on pay dates) Work Schedule: 5 hours or less per week (1 hour per day) CheckIn call 15 minutes a week Set your own schedule To apply, go to https://klimact.com/recruitment/ to complete an application.
  15. If no one is interested this sim will go offline on April 27th.
  16. I'm downsizing and would like to sell my homestead. IM me in world to discuss.
  17. The name of the sim is Klimact and that has to be changed as the name is going to be attached to an existing sim. Move it wherever you want. It's empty now so you can start building on it while waiting for transfer if you like. Tier date is the first of every month. Contact Lindsay Dover inworld or email me at hello@klimact.com
  18. As stated, we are a Georgia Limited Liability Company. This is public information that can easily be drawn from the Georgia Secretary of State. Feel free to actually follow a link. https://ecorp.sos.ga.gov/BusinessSearch/BusinessInformation?businessId=2246822&businessType=Domestic Limited Liability Company My issue with you is that you chose to defame a company without complete information. If you aren't interested, just move along. You claim to be so in tune with being African blah blah blah but you are clearly practicing clear crabs in a barrel mentality by trying to pull down another African American business. I have not violated anything. You came to my post trolling and lying. I don't have to justify why I wanted to hire an LSL developer nor do I need to justify to you why your trolling is annoying. Trying to boost your own company by tearing down another is just classic jealousy.
  19. We are seeking to expand our software product line in 2019 to include products built for Second Life and we need an LSL Developer to join the team. The work is part-time contract work with a real-life software development firm and we are looking or someone that is in the time zones of GMT to GMT -8 as we are a US company and need someone available during business hours of EST (GMT -5). The right developer for this position has some experience with building LSL/PHP platforms as well as maybe have some experience with Javascript and Python. Our team is currently comprised of front-end and full stack devs so we need an LSL dev to round out our capabilities. This is a long-term position and pays bi-weekly payroll in USD with direct deposit for US folks and we would need to discuss options for international folks. Pay can be in USD (or your currency conversion) or in Linden. The rate can be negotiated but we are looking for someone in the range of L$3600 - L$4700 per hour ($16-20 USD/hr). If interested, please email your resume with samples of your work (things you've created on MP or elsewhere) to lindsay@doverbx.com. Dover Business Exchange is the SL arm of the company. You can go to https://toucodirect.com to learn more about the main company. This is the perfect position for someone looking to break into software development as a freelancer or an experienced freelancer looking for additional projects to be apart of for their portfolio.
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