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  1. Yay, I was threatned with a formal warning for posting a real person's real name. How far these fora have fallen. "Fora" another four letter word that starts with F.
  2. I like short AV's. The tops of their heads make a handy place to sit a beer bottle.
  3. Foot Fall Free Fake Fame Four Fact Fail Feet Feat Fade Fido Fine Find Edit: Even though it has five letters I hate to leave out Fuchs.
  4. You forgot to add "Christian" to your bigoted statement.
  5. /me waves to Ima :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  6. kattatonia Wickentower wrote: Chris Norse wrote: kattatonia Wickentower wrote This needed to be reposted again. Thanks Chris! But Tolya went away again, dang it! No worries, reposting that pic is always in good form.
  7. Now you are doing double talk. The rich bribe the powerful government we have now. So depowering it will let them bribe the government? Without the power, there is no reason to bribe them. What power do the corporations have without the government empowering them? With free markets they have no power. Bill Gates can't force me to use Microsoft products. Steve Jobs can't make me buy Apple. It is the government that distorts markets leading to monopolies. For instance the last round of "consumer protection" laws in the US were supported by the big toy companies. They wanted the laws. The regulations put small competitors out of business. The regulations gutted the used children's book market. Without those regulations we would have more cometition. Oh, now that is funny. I will gladly pull all the US troops out of Germany, and every where else in the world. We should have done that after WW2, left you to the tender mercies of Stalin. I happen to like the medical care that the free market provides me. The rest of the world has been riding on our innovation, our improvements. Profit leads to advances. You cannot deny that.
  8. Can you eject from the group but not the land? Does the club announcement group own the land or is it held by a owners/employees group?
  9. You do realize that Hayek is calling for less government power, so your "legalized bribery" wouldn't have much effect. You only bribe those who have the power to grant you favors. Remove that power and you remove the favortism. Corporations have no power without the government giving it to them. Tell us Ish, what system should we use to order society?
  10. Dillon Levenque wrote: Pamela Galli wrote: Wow there is someone else who hates "Imagine"???? 'Hate' is maybe a bit too strong a word, but that is one very sappy song :-). If by "sappy" you mean "idiotic" then you are correct.
  11. The vet who figures out how to spay and neuter the whole lot of them, except the vamps, will be the big winner.
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