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  1. Same here. Running Ubuntu, not Debian. CLose enough however. $LL_WRAPPER bin/do-not-directly-run-secondlife-bin "${gridargs[@]}" "$@" Does this arguement in the configuration file need to be addressed on teh user end? Perhaps in /Secondlife-x/etc/gridargs.dat? Is there an errored scripting? Please update the answer asap? I"m kinda stuck too. Or I will start editing as I think it needs. (Remember v1.17 that never logged in and we were advised to edit the gridargs to bypass the v.number?)
  2. Same issue here, but in Viewer 3.2.4/3.2.5, Phoenix 1.5.1102 works well enough. As does 1.23. But my world is all Gray, sculpties do *not* load, I am colorblind. (Textureblind?). Some bodies rez,Prim hair does not rez. Sometimes can get a rainbow effect of objects depending on the angle I stand. Elderly laptop has reached the end of it's serviceable life? Anyone else have an issue as this?
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