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  1. One thing I might add is that you could do this with physical objects, if you want smoothness and realism, just bear in mind that physical scripts don't really stand up too well to lag, and they can be a little unpredictable, so build in plenty of contingency (i.e., ensure object a actually collides with object B). As Qie rightly says, there are plenty of ways to achieve it, but your trade off is how good you want it to look and how reliably you want it to operate. Feel free to contact me in-world if you want some help with this - I do quite a bit of this sort of thing.
  2. Hi Andrea... it's not too difficult. Just do the following: 1. Download the latest Linux package (SecondLife-i686-etc) and save it into your downloads folder as usual. 2. Just open up the package in the package manager, right click the folder that appears inside it, and choose extract 3. Choose a location to extract it into. You can put it anywhere, but I tend to put it in a directory called Programs I created underneath my home directory. 4. Open up Terminal (search for Terminal in unity by pressing Winkey + Space). 5. Type the following: cd $HOME/Programs/SecondLife-i686- 6. Install it by issuing the following command: sudo ./install.sh This should install it for you.. There is a way you can do this through the GUI, but personally I find the terminal a little more reliable. The icon should now appear in your programs menu, which you can find by pressing Winkey + Space, then typing second life. Hope that helps.
  3. Also, there just happens to be a function called llPassTouches() If you set this to FALSE, touches do not propagate through the object in question. Can often save adding more scripts to an object!
  4. Clearing your cache on a regular basis really serves no purpose. It's definitely a good thing to try if you encounter a problem, and there's no problem doing so, as it's the first thing you'll get asked when you post with a problem to here or support. However, just doing it on a regular basis won't necessarily prevent you having problems, and is likely to cause you more on average. Leave it until you have an issue I say. It's a little bit like taking your car for an oil change every time you fill up with fuel. It won't improve the performance of your vehicle, and it's a waste of your valuable time.
  5. There's a pretty good article on this here: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2009/12/second-life-in-3d.html SL doesn't natively support it, but OpenGL does, and so I'm confident if you used nVidias driver software to 'force' it, as such, you'd get a reasonable 3D experience out of it. It seems that pretty much every OpenGL based game is supported, although there are some obvious limitations, due to the games themselves not being shader-optimised for the experience.. Once you've tried it out, please post back with your findings .
  6. Making it more complicated isn't a good thing, especially in your case Oh, and by the way, you're welcome.
  7. There's nothing obviously wrong in there, apart from the logic being a little overcomplicated. Without having the whole system it's going to be difficult for us to debug this in the forum. Feel free to contact me inworld if you get really stuck. The best way for you to troubleshoot this is to insert outputs into the significant parts of the logic so you can see what's going on (use llOwnerSay()), so you know when certain conditions are being met. For example... if(x > y) { llOwnerSay("x is greater than y"); <existing code> } else { llOwnerSay("x is NOT greater than y"); } Hope that helps.
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