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  1. Obviously, the Force is not with you. (Seriously: I can confirm that Second Life is up and running correctly.)
  2. life lʌɪf/Submit noun 1. the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. "the origins of life" synonyms: existence, being, living, animation, aliveness, animateness; More antonyms: death, non-existence living things and their activity. "lower forms of life" synonyms: living things, living beings, living creatures, the living; More 2. the existence of an individual human being or animal. "a disaster that claimed the lives of 266 people" synonyms: person, human being, individual, mortal, soul, creature "more than 1,500 lives were lost in the accident"
  3. That is such a beautiful picture Skippy. It is well deserving of the "Pic of the Day" award. Well done and congratulations. The picture is, of course, my favourite.
  4. I’ve only recently been experimenting with mesh in Second Life, after becoming initially confident at just building with prims only. Last weekend I finished a two-day project by completing the first stage of a Christmas present for my role-play brother, Skippy. I was thrilled that I managed to get the land impact to be below a value of one prim. There is still more work to be done, in adding three more carriages, some smoke, various train sound and movement too but I am hoping that it may all be completed before Christmas morning. I allowed Skippy an early peep as I continued to work on the railway carriages to follow the railway engine. My inspiration for this build was a small toy Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway tank engine that I retained from my youth. When I passed the mesh engine to Skippy, he was so pleased with the outcome that he suggested passing it around freely around the grid. If you want a copiable engine for yourself, please do feel free to click on this link and “purchase” a freebie for yourself. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Blue-Train/4305404 I would be thrilled if others got some pleasure out of owning something that I had made so please accept it as a free Christmas gift with the complements of Skippy and myself. Merry Christmas.
  5. The dice was rolled in the presence of four avatars to ensure that it was kept entirely fair; Kris Spade, Skippy Beresford, Jei Desoto and myself (Maxwell Grantly) The first roll of the die was a six and so the die was rolled again. The second roll produced a four and so the fourth name was selected from the list; Edd Graycloud. I was pleased to be able to contact Edd Graycloud in world and pass the bunny to him. Sandy the Emerald Gatekeeper has now found a kind and loving home. Thank you to all those who have shown interest in this thread, who have words of encouragement or who have supported the work of real life charities in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. A very big “Thank You” indeed.
  6. Thank you to the five people who have replied to the Ozimals forum thread in support of charities relating to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the USA. I also would like to thank the numerous additional residents who have contacted me privately and sent their good wishes for this awareness project. Please do not add your name to that thread from the posting of this reply onwards. The deadline has passed and the project is now closing. Up to this time, one whole week has gone by and a total of five names have been added to that thread. Therefore, these five names will be allocated a number from one to five, consecutively. The sixth, and final, digit of six will be declared void and should a six be rolled in the subsequent die selection, the result will be declared invalid and the die will be rolled again (and again) until a single digit from the range of one to five is finally obtained. Currently, I am not logged on in world. However, when I log in later I will find an independent adjudicator (someone who is not named on this list of five people) and then I shall roll a fair die in their presence. The outcome of this roll will be posted on that thread and, at the same time, I shall endeavor to contact the person in world to organize a presentation of the Emerald Gatekeeper Elite bunny at the earliest possible opportunity. Thank you all again for following this project (whether you have added your name or not) and, regardless of the outcome of this project, if you are passing a charity collector in your local town over the forth-coming weeks, please consider others who are less fortunate. Thank you.
  7. (If this is in the wrong forum, I apologise respectfully and ask politely that it may be moved.) Many of us have been shocked and devastated by watching the unfolding events of hurricane Sandy along the east coast of the Caribbean and American continent. Our feelings have been compounded by the knowledge that many first life or second life friends and family have been caught in this dreadful natural event. Therefore, my role play brothers and myself have decided to “auction” of our recently gained elite bunny in an attempt to raise awareness of the charities that are assisting those people affected by this disaster. (And hopefully raise some much-needed funds for these charities at the same time too.) If we were to auction the bunny in world, it might receive bids of several thousand Lindens but, when this is translated into American dollars, the revenue would only translate to a just a few paltry dollars. Therefore, this is what we wish to do: we have decided to GIVE the elite away randomly to one person who posts on the hyperlink below and pledges to make ANY real world donation to any real life charity that is currently working with those affected by this disaster. In order to respect your privacy, we will not enquire what the amount of the donation will be. Just reply to the given thread below to acknowledge that you wish to participate and we will trust you at your word. To take part, simply reply to this hyperlink and pledge to make a real world donation to ANY charity that is assisting those affected by the consequences of the storm (the American Red Cross would be an ideal beneficiary but any recognized charity donation will be acknowledged.) In one week from the posting of this notice, the elite bunny will be passed (free of charge) to one person, selected at random, who has replied to this hyperlink. (The person will be chosen from this thread by the use of a random die https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Rollable-Dice/651964 that will be rolled in world, in the presence of an appointed judicator to prevent accusations of bias.) Thank you very much for your cooperation in this charity awareness/fund raising venture. Please visit this thread to help: http://forums.ozimals.com/showthread.php?tid=13588
  8. I was looking at the feed and I always enjoy looking at "Trending" but I see one member has started using it to SPAM multiple commercial products. (Cheap Real Life Airline tickets.) It seems that this person is posting advertisements and then using a reoccurring second account to "like" them so that they trend. Is this permitted or is it over-looked? If it is prohibited, is there any way we can stop the "feeds" becoming a commercial centre for unwanted SPAM about Real Life commercial products by flagging them in some way? If not, I shall simply stop visiting the feeds - I can imagine that this may quickly become abused if there is no way it can be nipped in the bud before others latch on to this. Thank you for your replies in anticipation.
  9. I hope that I have posted this in the correct forum. If not, I apologise in advance. I've recently learnt the bear (sic) basics of machinima and I have spent my weekend playing about and making some short trailers with the aid of iMovie. It was far simpler than I thought, although I confess I have mainly used the given templates so far. I know there is a lot more to learn and my efforts have all been rather "tongue in cheek" but I would love you to have a look and give me any pointers for future improvements. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okruZ55KZCU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdM_HoTuRDk ... in case you are wondering: The avatar's name is LittleTeddy Resident and the shots were all filmed on location in the Escapades sim, in Second Life. Thank you in anticipation for your interest. :)
  10. Hello, my name is Maxwell and I am a user of Second Life for just over two years. I currently use the Second Life viewer 3.2.1 and have done so for the past two weeks or so. When I first upgraded the viewer from my old viewer of Snowglobe, I found that I was unable to add any new picks to my existing collection and nor was I able to edit/delete the picks that I already had. I assumed that this was due to my lack of knowledge of the software and so decided to leave it for the time being. Over the past few days, I have tried again and again to edit my existing picks and to add new picks to my collection. When I enter the “Pick” section of my profile, there just are not any options to add new picks and when I click on the “edit” hyperlink, no action occurs. Is it me or is there some bug with the software? Thank you for your attention to this question.
  11. Before you proceed legally, it may be prudent to contact the second party privately and see if this issue can be resolved. It is possible that the other person may have begun a business using the same name in error and may be more than willing to change it before they invest time and money in their new venture.
  12. My name is Maxwell Grantly and I operate a very small marketplace store that specialises in the production and sale of unique church furniture (called Holy Moley.) About a week ago, an anonymous resident approached me and passed me details of objects of mine that had been copy-botted. This resident also supplied a landmark to show me the offending items. Upon visiting the supplied landmark, I found a church that was indeed cluttered with a large number of my items. I am 100% certain that the items are mine as each one has been created with unique textures (that I alone hold) and I had also added my Inworld name to the descriptor line of many of the objects - my name remained visible upon right-clicking the objects. However, I was no longer listed as the creator of these objects. Instead, the owner of the church was listed as both the owner and creator of my items of church furniture. Upon checking my marketplace transactions, I discovered that the owner of the church has indeed purchased these items from me several months ago but I was confused as to why I should no longer be listed as the creator of the items, even though I am 100% certain that these items of furniture are indeed my own personal creations. I opened an “abuse report” and ensure that I completed it fully, with comprehensive notes, photographs and links to my original marketplace location; the location where I sell these items. I understand fully that it is Linden Labs policy NOT to reply to Abuse Reports and so I returned to the given church landmark after, one, two, three and four days to discover what action had been taken regarding my complaint. I can confirm now that the offending items remain inworld and that there is no evidence of any apparent action taken by Linden Labs. It appears that there is no action on my Abuse Report. I must confess, the lack of policing by Linden Labs has left me felt considerably let-down and frustrated. How can there be any incentive for merchants to create unique objects when Linden Labs allow free abuse of unrestricted copying? My question; other than opening further Abuse Reports (which I fear may well be ignored again) what other options are there to proceed further with my complaint of copyright infringement of my unique intellectual property? (It would be foolhardy of me to start my own private legal action as I am a UK resident and the value of the offending items is only a few Linden dollars – however, on principle, I do want to thoroughly follow this issue through to closure.) I’ve had to add my reply as an edit as I can’t seem to find the function to add a reply My reply: First of all, I would like to thank you all for your input. I really do appreciate your different viewpoints on this matter. Just to clarify one point, my objects have not been linked into a main build - my objects remain unlinked but still, each root prim of my creations does not acknowledge me as the creator. Yes, I have only filed an “Abuse Report” until now I have never heard of a DCMA, I shall have to research the use of DCMA further. Earlier today, I took a fellow merchant and builder friend around the offending sim and asked for his opinion as to what I should do. He has echoed some of the replies made below that I am too impatient in expecting a reply within a week. He explained that the “wheels of Linden Labs” turn more slowly and that I should wait a full month before I expect some form of closure on this – this is what I shall now do. I think I was premature in expecting Linden Labs to resolve this matter within a week. I guess I shall have to just bide my time and wait a little longer before my concerns are settled. Thank you once again for your input. This is my third (and final) update, added to my original thread because I am unable to reply to my own posts. It has been well over a month since I raised the Abuse Report with Linden Labs and I can confirm that I have visited the site of my copy-botted material again and again during this time but no action has been taken. Incidentally, during the past month, I have been contacted by another merchant who also complained that her merchandise has been copied without her consent and she has asked me what course of action she should take. I explained that I had already filed an Abuse Report with Linden Labs and that she should do so too – the more Abuse Reports that are received, hopefully the greater chance that Linden Labs will act. Sadly, I can’t see this issue being closed.
  13. I think the problem is called "Ruthing" This quote comes from the Second Life Wiki: Ruth is Second Life's default avatar. Upon teleporting or logging in to the system, avatars sometimes revert to the default shape and appearence, especially if the grid is experiencing difficulty, and may or may not include any current attachments or clothing currently assigned to them. Ruth appears as a short human female with tuxedo style clothing, short, straight red hair, and white skin. To force the avatar to the correct shape and appearance, users can rebake their textures, teleport to another location, or log out and log back into the system.
  14. Please is anyone able to help me? I am getting concerned at my inability to ban a deviant avatar from my land. There is a man who is pestering me and I have muted him. Sadly, he keeps returning to my land, again and again, and he seems to take pleasure in making a nuisance of himself to other avatars that are legitimately on my property. He bumps people into the water and spams the public chat window with pages of text. He is a real nuisance but my main concern is “how has he managed to evade my ability to ban him from my land?” The name of the avatar is entered correctly in the ban list of my land options and I can confirm that it is spelt correctly with the correct capitalisation but yet he is able to return again and again and make mischief on my property. I can also confirm that he is the main avatar – the one who I originally banned (and not a second or third alt) – each time he appears, I am unable to “freeze” him by right clicking on him however, I am able to eject him using the right-mouse click button. When I eject him, I select the “eject and ban” option. However, he is able to return a few seconds later. He is also able to evade the security system that I have installed on my property – surely, I would have thought, this is impossible. My main question is – how is it he is able to return again and again to my land even though I have barred his entry using the ban list on my land properties? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The follow reply has been added as an edit as I am not allowed to reply to my own question: Thank you for your input. I have read the jira and I think the problem lies with one of the replies on the jira – there is a height limit to a ban. I quote, “It appears that there's a height limit on the ban lines. Over 811 m people can get over the ban line and give you the finger. I have a guy repeatedly coming into my club laughing at me and harassing away clients. I've filed a ticket and abuse reports.” The problem was occurring in a skybox at 1005 metres. I think that this could be the reason why the ban cannot be enforced. I do thank you all for your input regarding this problem – it has been very helpful.
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