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  1. This is the nicest way I have ever seen someone say we are discontinuing discount rates for education and non-profits. Up front it may seem a benefit that these two groups will have access to Homestead and Open Space regions without having to also own a full region. The ugly truth, however, is that the low prim and occupancy counts of Homestead and Open Space areas are simply not enough to support educational platforms. How many classes to you think a university will be able to have on a Homestead region that supports only 3,750 prims and allows no more than 20 people at a time? Let’s not forget too that a 1/2 region on the mainland costs as much in monthly tier as a full Homestead region but supplies 7,500 prims and the ability to hold all 40 minimum / 100 maximum allowed avatars. The problem is that because of education and non-profit policies regarding content they rarely if ever run the risk of being on the mainland because of potential neighbor problems. Taking that into account, this new policy actually forces these two groups to now pay more for less. Here is your wake-up call Linden Lab. Most schools and their associations like New Media Consortium were already considering leaving Second Life for either other companies like OpenSim or hosting on their own servers. At a time when grants are fewer and schools are cutting budgets left and right you raise their rates. Congratulations, you have now alienated your last support group! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Phillip, did you listen or learn ANYTHING from the educator that put you on the spot at the Boston convention? I can only say this: Don't you dare be surprised when all the education and non-profits say "Screw you!" and leave. We don't want to hear your whining and complaining about not being able to attract real-life business to Second Life any more. You go out of your way to chop down any and all supporting groups instead of being a CEO with an ounce of business sense. We are sick of it and could care less about your moaning or whining now. When you decide to work with your customers instead of against them feel free to come find us. You can pitch us a new Second Life when you visit our regions with other companies.
  2. I have to shake my head and then nod at the comments above; I think most are correct. I will point out, however, that Linden Lab reporting a 'flat' quarter is certainly a far stretch from their normal statement of growth and greatness. From that point of view this is right in line with the in-world declines most residents are seeing. I am disturbed that Linden Lab continues to include or subtract statistical data along with giving suspect-reasons for spikes such as the mid-June decrease in the linden rate. The fact that it occurred around the time merchants and residents were reacting to the news of the huge layoffs at Linden Lab has been completely ignored. If the layoff reaction had no effect, the omission of that event outcome in this report is still cause for alarm. I also will redirect people to the comments about Xstreet and SLMarketPlace. There is a direct correlation to their increased use, the decline of in-world stores, and the decline of private regions. Since a majority of land, private and public, has at least a partial involvement in creating revenue to cover the cost of tier, it makes logical sense that as in-world sales drop so will the need for stores and land. Combined with Linden Lab's small lot home program, these changes in the economic supply and demand cycle for land are causing most private region owners to seriously evaluate their investments in Second Life. Not surprisingly, many are deciding to 'get out while the getting is good.' Others have decided to stay until the end of the 4th quarter to see how the back-to-school uptick turns out and take advantage of the holiday purchase spree. There are also a few that have stated they will stay until the bitter end, riding their regions down to Davy Jones's Locker under the virtual sea. Even they are relying less and less on the in-world economy, however, and admitting they are resigned to paying for their regions at a loss. The fact that Linden Lab reported a 'flat' quarter for the first time in at least the last four years leads me to believe there is actually a heavy decline occurring and I am advising the owners and operators to adjust their business plans accordingly. As always, I hope for the best in Second Life but factors like the inclusion of teens on the grid, the Emerald viewer scandal, the continued backlash against Viewer 2.1.XXX, a significant drop in private regions, the Linden Lab layoffs, etc. etc. are weighing very heavily on business and land owners. Until those factors change, I will have to remain skeptical about the future in-world. As always, remember the first rule in Second Life is to have fun! Peace and love everyone!
  3. Linux, me and Liam are going down to Philip's office to talk about improving the Second Life product that Kim is about to re-introduce back to the world. Come with, I think he needs to hear your comments from a few of us! Kim, keep smiling and we will see you in-world! ;-)
  4. /me puts an arm around Lias and hugs in understanding... Lias, lets let Kim move into her office first and then we will start hitting her up with the more heady stuff. Plus we need to keep aiming world-related comments like yours at Philip who is the one making the 'product' Kim is about to start marketing. Come on, I will walk down with you to Philip's office and we will see him together. I just saw him sneaking back from the bathroom so I know he is there... /me waves to Kim. We will be right back! :-)
  5. Welcome Kim! I have to echo a couple of comments already made, a bit tongue-in-cheek: How did we score you? Good luck! Welcome to the madhouse! Hope to see you in-world! All those good comments have deep underlying meanings and I am sure you will learn about them very quickly if not already. Even deeper down, however, is a more important sentiment. We all want you to be wildly successful in your job and bring Second Life back from the precipice it now wobbles on. Now a comment to Philip… Kim, close your ears. Philip, since you have someone with marketing experience, you better darn well give her a good product to market! She can only do so much for you with what you give her, so start listening to what your customers – we the community of residents – have been telling you we want. Enough said, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. If not… Kim, you can uncover your ears now. We are all happy to have you join our family and we are eager to share with you exactly what we want as customers. We can also point out exactly what will attract more residents back to Second Life. Your job could not be easier and we are all here for you! When you need us, call on us! Phillip knows you already have our number! Right Philip? :-) As always, remember the first rule in Second Life is to have fun! Peace and love to everyone!
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