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  1. Oops didnt think this through too well did I he he I mean mature people behind their avis...... say over 50s
  2. Hi Ive bin in SL a few months now, and love the whole concept. I have met a fair number of people on my travels but notice that I don't seem to meet many mature avi's like myself. And I'm thinking maybe, if there were some other mature avis out there looking at this forum, they might like to form some kind of friendship group and meet up on a regular basis. :) Tammia
  3. Hi e butterfield Im much older he he nearly 10 months but I too would like to meet and make some mature friends in sl. Sl is a fun place to be but it so much nicer with friends to play with. Drop me line, love to hear from you Tammia
  4. Can anyone tell me how to set up a group in SL Many thanks Tammia
  5. Ive asked twice today to resolve this issue but still having probs i am a white blob and i carnt rez properly once again seems to be something to do with my inventory items. For some reason i get ejected after two hours from my home region and then i become an avi and things are fine then i go back to my region and try to open my inventory and rez an outfit then it starts again, i become a white blob and carnt rez and then i get logged out as my inventory does not load properly. getting very frustrated can anyone please help i was fine this morning Tammia Spring
  6. Since inventory update today 16th June I am a white blob and a list comes up with several inventory items carnt load, then i get logged out. Whats going on I was fine earlier this morning. I was unpacking some inventory items when this all happened. What do i do to resolve this. Tammia Spring
  7. I Have spent a few thousand lindens recently in market place on various products. Yet over two thirds of the purchases listed on the invoices have not arrived. What do i do?
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