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  1. I dont own a region, i'm only a stupid event shopper. What i realize now on aws event regions is faaaar longer loading time of vendors, factor 4 or 5. Even when i go there in event mode (32m, 1024 particles, jellybeaned customers, only basic shaders) i can stare 10 to 15 minutes on a booth till something "starts" to rez. i am cheesed off by that.
  2. Today several times the landmarks i opened via a shopping notecard didnt let me tp, pressing the tp button did not result in any action. I had to open map and tp via map.
  3. Just a hint: if you are driving mainland with a vehicle and have informations about region server changes activated there shouldnt pop up much because the regions are all running with 548903 since weeks. But when the message pops up and says youre now on 550596 then you entered an aws cloud region. The one i am on now is Blanda at Route 3A. This was the first region i recognized since i started some miles north (crossed 12 regions before) in Highflyer. I'm on Firestorm, dont know if the Lindi Viewer has the same feature.
  4. Its, Wednesday, 7:45, roll started at 7:00. Now what are you rolling on the RCs?
  5. It is tuesday, and tuesday is roll day, but they dont have code to roll, as they had not last week. So please restart anyway. They sim i live is on its knees after: 12 days 15 hours unrestarted. I fear a desater as in december where the sim was unavailable for days.
  6. in addition to most things said here: 1) i want to have a possibility to bookmark "favourite shops", more than "favourite items" 2) i want to have my "96/newest first" preferances saved for the next time i visit MP and please review the search in the "shop" tab because i often dont get results when using a part of a shopname or a part of creators name. dont know why, but i think it needs review.
  7. Does the Lab plan to provide serious informations in more languages than english in future and around sansar? I am a member of the german community, and i know a lot of guys in spanish communties. And a lot of them have problems with english, especially when things become complex. So Lindens, take some money in the hand and look for guys who can assist you in talking to communities having other native backgrounds than the anglosaxon. I know you can, because for promotion and advertising you have already found a solution.
  8. Does that mean i cannot explore "the world" with a motorbike because you dont provide raods, or provide only smaller or larger private islands? We critisized the Lab often in SL because of missing infrastructure. And you came over with some raods and railroad tracks. So will the new platform be a patchwork carpet without infrastructure but with a lot banlining again? I fear that.
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