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  1. - Would it not be easier for you as well as SL Residents to have a section on the SL account page that states: Do you want to cash out? - Then let the resident follow the procedure and make them open up a Tilia account with the need of providing the relevant information/documentation and agreeing to the terms? (Similar to the process of being able to upload mesh - not every resident has to do it.) This would be a clear process a) on the procedure and b) on the TOS Forcing everyone to this Tilia account - without a need for the SL service itself is in my eyes a huge workload for you - and a matter for rumble in the community. - Have you ever thought about the fact, that UK is about to leave the EU? (Brexit) If this happens, it is very likely, that the UK will have their own regulations outside the GDPR etc. - What happens to EU residents then? - also in regard to GDPR regulations, maybe different tax regulations etc.? I would really appreciate, if Linden Lab gets their lawyers on board - get those really important things sorted out first - and then inform the community about the upcoming changes. Currently there is a lot of confusion - not only for US residents - but even more for EU located folks. Thank you.
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