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  1. Years ago I went skiing, horseback riding, etc. in SL -- activities that are fun for a couple to do together. What are your top recommended places for fun activities in SL today? Thanks!
  2. Enter your favorite romantic kiss photo by 11am SLT Wed. June 3rd.Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. Grand prize is a romantic weekend getaway! Voting will be at the Kiss Cancer Goodbye event Wed. June 3, 11am-7:30pm SLT. To vote, go to the event at Relay dAlliez (128, 22, 23) and make a donation to the photo's kiosk. Each linden = 1 vote. Must be a photo shot in SL.Photos must be PG rated (all bits covered).Only one submission per person. A couple may submit 2 photos--one submitted by each person.Title the photo with your SL Username (the name you registered and that cannot be changed). If you want your SL Screen Name used to identify the photo for voting, then include BOTH your Screen Name and Username: for example, Andy McSandy andym.residentTo enter, submit a full perm texture via IM to miles.beck or leala.spireAlso at Kiss Cancer Goodbye June 3rd, 11am-1pm and 5-8pm: Kissing Booths!!!DJsRafflesAll proceeds go to Relay For Life of Second Life.
  3. @NealCrz: I've installed Flash 11.7 and unchecked the automatic update option. However, every browser I have automatically updates it anyway. What did you do to get 11.7 and keep it from updating? "Amazing still open" --unfortunately, this is typical.
  4. Mona, did you ever get this solved? I am having the same problem. My alt can log in to the same sims I try to log in to. I've cleared my cache, but that doesn't help. Unfortunately, if you are not Premium, there is no appropriate category for filing a ticket on this issue. (I was premium for several years, but quit after a 10-month wait to get a billing ticket response.)
  5. I agree that Belleza is one great place to check. Also Unique. Novus is an additional source for shapes.
  6. Jo Exonar wrote: Given that the final release has been available to developers for several weeks, why did you wait until now to begin testing? I've wondered the same thing. Every essential application I use except SL's viewer was updated for Lion before its release on July 20. Could we have a timetable on when we can expect compatibility with Lion?
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