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  1. I have an idea for a game but i have a feeling its going to need some serious scripting so im looking for a serious scripter IM me inworld for details and your price and we will talk! Thank you Dragons Diesel
  2. Oh the joys of SL ..I was to the point i was ready to just give up but you helped me ..I just kept logging in after logging in till it finally decided to work but again ty
  3. Thank you soo much for your help
  4. Dragons Diesel


    first off let me say this is really aggravating. So yesterday I log onto sl do my normal every day things well a few hours into the game i crash and im ghosting the rest of the day (had the person reset the sim twice filed a ticket tried logging in to another pretty much everything i know of to do) well i finally have enough and just stay off ..WELL i log in this morning and im still ghosting ..So i download another viewer log on and it works ..I log off to get back on phoenix viewer (my original viewer that i always use) and im stuck AGAIN. Any help would be great (and before its asked no im
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