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  1. @Alyona Su Great ideas all! I've not gone to many of the RP communities, always feel like I'm intruding...but that might be a fun new thing to try! I'll just go to a few and see how it goes! I've been out and about...trying new places, hitting the "destinations" recommendations etc. Many look like there are people there, but I arrive to find none...could be my timing, who knows! Anyhoo thanks for the response and support!
  2. Hi! I'm Delphinia - returned from a good while away and I've found that many of my friends have moved on, of course...that's how life goes right? I'm not sure where everyone hangs out anymore - I haven't had a ton of luck finding like-minded individuals at random, so I thought I would drop a line here and take a chance that I might find some people in the same boat that I am. I'm looking to connect with fun-loving people, find common interests, hang out together or attend events...whatever strikes our fancy - whenever! I'm open to all - I think I can find some common ground with just about anyone - lgbt, straight, kink, vanilla, tiny, furry, robots, sci-fi, fantasy, fairies, cyberpunk, big, small, short, tall ...*takes a breath!* the list goes on and on!...it's the heart and mind - that we connect with, that's what I seek. I enjoy trying new things, exploring, relaxing or playing games, dancing/music, finding new fun things to do. If you have a favorite place, or thing you enjoy doing... drop me an LM, show me - I'll try just about anything once! Drop me a message here or privately or in Grid (Delphinia Muircastle) - I'm about most nights, weekends etc. Pacific Time. I'd love to meet ya! ❤️
  3. Irony! I was there last night, rode a caterpillar all the way through to see all the artwork with friends (which is a kick, great way to sit back and enjoy the views) - it was a ton of fun and the tinies community is absolutely epic and welcoming! You're right @ClariceRose It's a MUST see.
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