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  1. Thank you for those links LeeHere! The character test option helped!
  2. Yeah, I'm running Emerald Beta, and well when I try all the standard LL viewer I still have the problem. && The SuperSeriousImportantBodyPart is no longer in my inventory. I'm just a cloud and I try rebaking but the cloud never disappears.
  3. I was at a combat roleplay area of a sim, I died and was being sent home but, SecondLife logged me off instead because of teleport issues. So, I logged back on and my avatar was a cloud. I did Ctrl + Alt + R and ended up in noob skin, no clothing layers, but still have attachments on. Though, when I go into inventory I see a body part called "SuperSeriousImportantBodyPart" - No idea what it is. I have cleared my cache, and I've restarted my computer a few times. It's still doing this, and I don't know what to do. I even uninstalled my client and reinstalled it. Anyone have an idea that will help with this?
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