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  1. Thank you Storm, nice to be remembered. Hope all is well your end.
  2. What a wonderful guide to SL shopping this is. I visit a lot of the places you have mentioned and have found some real gems. Keep hunting for us!
  3. Jumpman Lane wrote: Such activity is not to be encouraged. Why?
  4. Thank you very much Venus and Storm. And for the advice on avatar pictures. Now just have to make it bigger.
  5. Looked through all the Settings and darned if I can see any info on uploading an avatar pic.
  6. No one else reading this get that strange Immy feeling?
  7. Well done for spotting this milestone. I dont often post here but this is worth a visit...and a question: Does anyone NOT love Irene Muni?
  8. Serious question on which much depends: are nipples still banned?
  9. Love this post. My shack is a neglected mess, my inventory is a neglected mess, I am a neglected mess. I need a maid...or maybe just a manager
  10. On a more practical level, revealing you have been seeing someone else is only going to make you more attractive to the one who has been neglecting you. So a good move all round.
  11. I know you are a cat expert Ishtara, but I have a good cat tip: don't give them milk, just water. It makes their poo completely undisgusting and when you think about it water not milk is their natural way of hydrating.
  12. I have to say Irene is possibly the most helpful person on this or any other forum and I really can't understand her response to you. I think the idea of recruiting guides is a great idea.
  13. I am working with friends in supplying teaching aids for English language students in Second Life. We have already supplied aids for the ESL organisation but does anyone know of any other language schools we might approach?
  14. Jeesus where do you live? In the UK the end of the school day signals massive amounts of extreme language from pre pubescent teenagers on buses, in shops, in parks everywhere.
  15. You are missing the point Furzle. It's not a few hundred teens that will Disneyfy us, it is LL's reaction to them. While one teen remains, LL feels it has to make it suitable for all teens. Stupid, but that is what is happening.
  16. Great idea Venus. In fact essential to make the forum live again. At the moment it is somewhat crippled by inhibition (i have already had a violation warning for using a rude word which was not directed at a person but was just a word). No one dares be too critical of a post in case it turns into an argument and then a row and then an abuse ban. The result is we have quite a nice platform here for talking to one another but not an awful lot to talk about.
  17. Keli Kyrie wrote: A list tread YAY!!! I want to be on a list too. Can I be on the Not-Yet-A-Member list, well that is until I become a member then I want to be on the Not-On-The-Not-Yet-A-Memeber List. Please? :smileytongue: You still banned? I can't have outcasts on My List I have my good name to think of When i look closer, i see that this Membership list doesnt include me
  18. My list? Are you sure? The selection process is tough, the basic training brutal and the initiation gruesome.
  19. Just searching for a name or names brings up loads of irrelevant or old stuff. It would be good to have a list. Or maybe there is one and I just am not looking in the right place Sorry cancel that, I have just seen it over on the right
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