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  1. Greetings, I'm releasing a very nice houseboat in Kahuna that faces the Fairgrounds.
  2. Releasing a Lockwood Vic by the Frog Fountain now Gone in seconds!
  3. I believe I have caught the same Buttermore Vic a minimum of 5 times!!!!
  4. Releasing a Verdant Falls Trad. Let the hopping begin!
  5. There is a Vic in Queen's Arch sitting in Maintenance. I caught it twice!
  6. I'm releasing a nice Trad on the Medicine Hat hillside. I can't help being a hopeless hopper! Releasing at 8:35am SLT
  7. Releasing a nice Victorian in Price in about 10 minutes.
  8. I am right there with you all on the, "This is not my day." feeling My alt let two abandons go, then went to the rest room and missed the release! I must say though, I love it just the same!!
  9. I missed the release!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to all who got the lovely River Run homes!!!!
  10. "Mrs. Kravitz" is the nosy neighbor character in the classic TV show Bewitched"
  11. Quite a few folks in River Run I see 6 dots on mini map including myself.
  12. Patch Linden ans Mystic Mole in Belliseria Citizens chat
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