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  1. I own 2 planes with swastikas freely available on MP they have been up there for months if not years and as for it being historically accurate it most certainly is .. If your not into the time period or know nothing about the plane why answer. It was common practise to put them on the side of the aircraft to denote kills as it still is today with other nationalities.. I still don't know if its really against TOS in context and have the same issue with something on my sim but I am considering taking the image down as it really adds nothing except the historical accuracy .. Censorship at its finest. you cant change history by removing the object it exsisted wether I like it or not. Seems silly but apparently we would rather hide it than show how it really was... because thats too much like RL... Wonder if the Russian flag based on the Attrocities they commited is against TOS or any of the other Jihad hate flags I have seen qualify as well???
  2. I said I would switch .. I really did... I hate V2 but guess I will learn it .. lol .. and yes I know just another ignorant close your sim threat .blah blah blah who cares ... right ,,,,. ya'll don't need to kiss my butt, I am nobody granted! But what you gonna do when a whole bunch of us throw in the towel .. and quit.. don't say it wont happen cause it already has .. the people that pay the bills and keep the lights on get tired of "the greater good" who offer up nothing except comments like so what who cares!"... my point is I pay my tiers for an entire region .. and I am a premium member all of which really goes to benefit all the people who don't pay a dime and just come in here to have fun, and yes I do get a full region for my troubles unless they lock me out with my so called crappy pheonix viewer and I am not sure what I get out of being a premium member except maybe the right to sound off ... and the ones paying the bills are leaving .. where's your second life gonna be then with its Meshy upgrades and crappy interface.. Like I said then its gonna be .. wow I didnt think of that.... thats gonna suck.. see my thought is LL could have avoided all this by simply making a better interface when they discovered the vast majority hated the new one .. or something .. anything would have been better than slapping us in the face with V2
  3. Don't Misunderstand me .. I like the improvements multiple alphas and mesh prims that really cost like 10 prims for one thing and are probably gonna make a little lag (giggles) YAY ,,, you go MESHYS! I think its cool that they are doing the upgrades and I guess V1 really does make me a little Retro but that V2 sucks and I dont care how many people defend it I came on with V1 and V2 is soo much different .. its not just a little different its alot different .. I can see I am gonna have to break down and give in to the dark side ,,,,, I just hate the interface. So I have a choice suck it up and move to something like 2 and figure it out or take my money else where I just wish that LL had gradually made the switch to V2 instead of all at once .. ok I will quit whining now cause really I bet other people have said all this before.and I beating a dead horse.
  4. nahh I saw a doughnut and said so it wasn't abusive in anyway or at least it didnt start that way .. I think the Mesh fans are wanting their way at any cost ... and there is a cost. It looked like a doughnut it was then that I was told off.. I certainly think calling somebody a doughnut and having them degrade you with insults to intelligence and sexuality among some other things is ummm over the top in my opinion. Regardless I find the mesh thing to be a little over the top at this point and its ridiculous that its being rammed down my throat I dont know what viewer your talking about the cool VL ?? I hope Pheonix comes up with something soon.
  5. I was assaulted by a doughnut .. too funny. Who was obviously wearing the new MESH avie they vanish when you mute them YAY.. but not before I got told off about how us pheonix users are gonna get cut off and unable to log in along with some other really nasty commens ..... really??? ... ok .. I just want all you Mesh fans to think about something before you make all us Pheonix users soo mad we all leave .. I personally HATE 2.0... never even updated. Now theres a 3.0 for mesh.. ok.. Well its time for a secret . I own a sim and so do alot of us other 1.something users and when you ram MESH and all the other junk down our throats and LL looses yet another batch of sims cause they dont make this crap user friendly and they dont give a crap about the ones that are paying to keep the lights on and we refuse to pay the bills and they shut the lights off in this place .. well then you all will go... wow never saw that coming .. really not so smart! But hey thats my take you can shred it all you like I really dont care.
  6. IT IS A GREAT NOTICE AND NOW FOR THE REAL NEWS maybe you all should kiss SL good bye as you know it http://www.techeye.net/internet/microsoft-to-buy-second-life'>
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