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  1. @ SIRJason - I have no idea why, but I'm cackling like crazy here. Your post really got to me. I should be crying because everything you said is so true, but for some reason all I can do right now is laugh hysterically. BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Lulu, I'm glad to hear you're laughing. Don't worry, just look for me when they hit the berg. I'll be the pissy queen in the corner, using the ice to make margaritas and doing the "I EFFING TOLD YOU MORONS THIS WOULD HAPPEN" dance. I may be a pissy queen but I'll be well dressed and having a few laughs as the Titanic goes down! Jason ETA: Th
  2. Breach of privacy is a legal issue. I'm fed up with SL and their breaching of my privacy. Mark my words...someone out there will be suing them. It's just a matter of time. At the rate they are going, there wont' be anything left to sue! SL is the Titanic being driven by Stevie Wonder and Hellen Keller is navigating. The crew is just a bunch of oompa loompas setting up useless groups and dislocating their arms patting themselves on the back. We're just the poor saps in steerage watching the iceberg get closer and closer. Their total lack of response to the issues raised here on the comm
  3. There are many ways for dataminers to add 2+2 and figure out what you are doing on your free time. And HR departments are routinely looking at websites like Facebook or hiring dataminers to go digging through people's activities, either for hiring or for firing information. Any teacher who is in SL and has picks for "Debbie's Bondage House" and "Lenny's whip and chain emporium" .... Well said, Shockwave and that is exact reason I will NOT join Facebook and will NOT associate SL and FB in any way, shape or form. I live in a small city, in a career field in which everyone litteraly know ever
  4. My point is how bad search is. Also, there are a LOT of people not showing up in search even though they want to be. So irritating. Lulu, search has been borked for years. LL has done nothing to fix it or even acknowledge that we have a problem with SEARCH.
  5. You all realize that do not care what you and any of us say, right? They only pretend and then go off do whatever they want and force their half-asssed crap on us...the fanboys say "YAY" and the rest of us complain and they say "we're listening" when they are clearly not. have they replied to ANY of the problems here? No. The lackey said "lots of great feedback". It was cut and pasted on the "communiction" blog. Face it, LL doesn't give a rat's ass if you like it or not and are in for a shock when people start sharing their dissatisfaction on Facebook where they insist this go! EA didn'
  6. And now I'll quote myself "Sure.. there are a couple of poeple in these forums that will take anything you throw at them and say "Thank you, sir, may I have another"" Perfectly said! LL only gives lip service and uses crap like this to distract the sheeple from the fact they haven't done squat to fix the problems that we have been screaming about for years! They insist on shoving this crap viewer down our throats even though the vast majority don't like it, don't want it, don't use it. So the fanboys/girls will all cheer and kiss LL butt and will make it look like LL is doing a great
  7. Useless lip service from a dying company. LOL Nice way to end a blog on COMMUNICATION. Try looking it up in the dictionary. What LL does is lie not communicate. They need to hire grown ups that know how to run a real business.
  8. Not a problem for me. Neither is privacy. I'm not hiding anything. It isn't going to bother me at all if full disclosure is required to use Second Life. I think it will improve the business climate and the neighborhood. Well, with all due respect, let me just say ...that's great for you! Share all your details with the world if that what blows your hair back. HOWEVER, and I know this may come as a shock to some ... My RL name is NOT Jason Sheffield, I am NOT a member of the gentry and OMG I can't fly! But the RL ME does live in a small city and has a career to protect. My field of wo
  9. What exactly is the point of web profiles? This is a serious question.. what's the point of it? Nobody that I know (besides the people I play Second Life with) give a crap about my character on Second Life. There is no need to ever search for anyone while you are outside the game. There is no way to customize your online profile in any way (colors, layout, etc.). if you read the blog on opening communication you'll see LL is pushing Facebook and Twitter now. Regardless of the fact we can't sign up to FB with the av's name and you can't use your real name in SL or maybe you dont' want to. B
  10. I can haz web-baseage for teh inventory also, plz? The current ASSet server has been crapping out for years and now you want a web-based system? If they ever try that we'll all be naked, bald and have 0 in our inventories. After 4 years in-world, I don't think I want to start looking like poor old Ruth again.
  11. The point is, you can be searched on the web, not just inside SL. For networking, it's a huge plus. And you didn't know that has been available for quite some time already? Just google "sirjason sheffield" & second life and you'll see. So they dump yet another version of the crap viewer that 90% of customers don't use and ignore the rest of the problems. oh yeah...something new and shiny to cover the decaying and dying grid. Yeah, nice try.
  12. You can pretend you don't understand the existence of zoning restrictions if you want to. That's immaterial. What matters in this context is how Linden Lab sees it. Do they think selling live webcam shows from their platform negatively impacts other potential business or not? What are their tradeoffs? We can only guess, and wait and see. And in any case, this is all off the topic of communications. We should probably drop it. So there are "potential businesses" that will come to SL IF they get rid of all the adult stuff? And what do you suggest we do in SL? Sit around the virtu
  13. The time and money you spend on entertainment is an expense, not an investment. Linden Lab is not a bank. You don't earn dividends or interest on the money you pay them for their services. I apologize if the wording "just shut up and go do it" is too strong for you or if you take it as some kind of attack directed at you personally. The statement is not directed against anyone in particular, and it is certainly not directed to you. And once again those of us that point out what LL is NOT doing are told that if we can't say something nice than go away! Tell me something good they have don
  14. Some of these people seem to think they are speaking for everyone using Second Life, but they are not. Nothing against Nany personally .... but I am SICK and TIRED of this kind of cheerleading. I PAY LL for a service! If your cable company doesn't provide the service you pay them do you say "well, they are trying! I love them!" No! You say "this is the problem, FIX IT!" Why should LL expect any different? They are a business. They are adults. They are NOT providing the level of service they say they are. Therefore they should expect NEGATIVE comments. it's called LIFE IN THE A
  15. "Really Oz? Well tell ya what. I don't believe you. Just like I never believed it was necessary to raise monthly tier rates on Open Space sims by 67% simply because less than 2% of OS owners were abusing them through overuse. I do not believe anything that Linden staff say. You have absolutely no credibility in my eyes. None of you do." WELL SAID YUKi!!!! As this piece of crap software has eaten my 3 previous attempts to comments I will just say this: If LL wants SL to survive (and I personally don't think it will last much longer), then it simply has to stopy LYING to us, its paying
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