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  1. Even SL has its sour pusses. Happily, they're really far and few between! :-)
  2. Lorelei Mission wrote in part: So I suppose we should all take care to have our land description include "keep out" or "explorers welcome". Or even have a cute little sign in front of the house. Indeed. I plan to make a sign for my hut: Abandon hope all ye who enter here Think of it as reverse psychology bc it would make people all the more curious to take a look see! LOL Seriously, though. I plan to put out some sort of welcome sign for my hobbit hut. Bc true newbies rarely know how to use the about land bit.
  3. There is no standard means to tell, other than those who have ban lines set up (and you wouldn't be able to go in those, anyway), or security orbs (which generally, though not always, send out a warning, before ejecting you from their prop). My rule of thumb is, if the building looks like a residence, then I won't go in. If it however has wide open doors and looks like a store, club, museum, or whatever, I'll venture in. Another thing you might consider is to right click on the land near the building, and select about land. The information contained in the description box might be helpful.
  4. Since anyone can edit the wiki pages, a viewer's presence means absolutely nothing. Furthermore Emerald does have copying code that ignores the creator rights. In other words, if you purchase a full perm item and choose to export and then re-import it, that object will now bear your name as the creator. They also automatically set god mode, but don't take my word for it. Read the code. Oh and. Curiously, the viewer sends data to their server upon launch as well as immediately following login. Sidenote: For those who will no doubt readily jump in to point out that it is simply displaying the l
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