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  1. I'm making a group in V3 and I want the maturity rating to be Adult, but the only options are Moderate and General. How do I set it to Adult?
  2. I tried to upload a mesh skybox (103L) 4 times and it kept failing, so I uploaded a basic cube (76L) as a test. When that succeeded, it took all 488L from me. I don't think this is supposed to happen......
  3. I've tried to verify several times with both my last four SSN and my DLN, neither have ever worked. Whatever is in my public records, it's wrong. I'm not going to buy a premium account for a month just to get age verified, so please don't go suggesting I do. I HAVE Acount Verified with my paypal account, so I don't want to hear that suggestion either. If anyone knows a way around this, or a way to fix my public records so they're correct, please let me know.
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