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  1. This is an interesting discussion to follow. Do you happen to know if there is a SL group with notices when new Bellisserian sims are opened? That would be really helpful.
  2. At least Magnetic Falls which was released recently seems to have many parcels owned by Governor Linden still that means they should be available to the public. Notice that on the Customize Your Home page there is a link "(+)View all houses" which shows the Log Homes too if there are four styles visible already.
  3. Maybe mesh will be the push the TPV's need to switch the focus to viewer2, there has to be a point when it's simpler to rebase rather than to try and back port a moving target. At least Imprudence has plans to migrate to the viewer 2.0 codebase and import/re-implement their current features. Let's hope others will follow this way too.
  4. It's great to read, that align planar faces feature was included to make life of builders easier. Still, I doubt that this is enough for most of the them, who have got used to temporary & local textures, build math expressions, building hotkeys, rez (and copy) on land group, etc. There are also many non-building related features, including the radar, built-in AO, breast physics, ignore group chat, and so on, that people expect nowadays...
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