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  1. In 2009 I read the word "Avatar" and was curious about what exactly that meant. I hadn't seen the movie and still haven't to this day. So I googled the word and the Second Life site opened. I still wasn't sure what it meant but it invited me to create a free avatar. What did I have to lose? Ami was born; she found a newcomer island complete with tutorials and a lovely torch reward for having paid attention. After being amazed at flying, my new world grew in every direction. I found fun, love, an outlet for creativity and lots of friends. After jumping into club ownership, the real education b
  2. The DIVAS, a Tribute Band company, is seeking M & F players interested in being part of our events. Experience is not necessary; coaching is available. Requirements: Lag tolerance, reliability, team spirit (we are a family of friends who welcome new members) and the ability to prepare your avatar for a costume theme such as "Rocker in Black" or "Semi-Formal in White." We normally have two shows monthly on Saturday at 8 pm. More may be added in the future. Some basic SL skills will be needed; help is available. We'll meet at one of The Divas' stages at Skinny Dip Inn
  3. A very peculiar anomaly occured about a week ago when some prims of some authorized rezzers on our Region were returned to them. It was not a manual return error as returning using the About Land/Objects/Refresh/Highlight a Name/Return is an all-or-nothing action. Only some objects belonging to some residents were returned. The unexplainable can happen.
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