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  1. Sorry, Brenna, you are right about one thing: people asked for the ability to change their SL name. But LL *does not* deliver this with Display Names! You are *not* able to change your SL name - you only are able to add another layer to it, something like a polished-up titler. To know that they are really interacting with *you*, people still have to know your old, not-loved-anymore username. People asked for a nice glass of french cognac - and LL delivered headache-producing moonshine. Some people really lowered their expectations from LL when they now hail this as "what we always asked for".

  2. Oh? So, when in pre-display-names I right click an avatar who has:


    Anshe Chung ((group tag))

    BigBadGuy WhoStealsYourMoney ((account name))


    and chose "open profile", it will show me the group tag and not the account name in the profile? NOT! In his profile I will see BigBadGuy WhoStealsYourMoney - where in the display-names-era I will see "Anshe Chung (anshee.chung)". See the difference? It isn't even tiny - it is gigantic! Yes, group tags were and are used to take advantage of unexperienced users - but display names push that on a whole new level.

  3. They don't need little me to give them ideas - but it looks like you finally accept that this danger actually exists? Don't need to wait for the first victims of a dangerous system to see that it *is* a dangerous system - if there is a weak point, your evildoers *will* find it and use it to their advantage. And *this* implementation of display names without protection opens the doors widely to those evildoers.

  4. As far as I know there are quite a few SL business owners who have their SL name trademarked/registered as business name in RL. And the TOS not only forbid impersonating a Linden, but also any other user. So if there was no danger, there would be no reason to make a difference.


    Now for a possible scenario. I sign up an account with the user name "anshee.chung" and chose the display name Anshe Chung. People will see me as "Anshe Chung (anshee.chung)". Now I park myself at land that is rented out by ACS. An unexperienced user comes, buys that land for L$1, that money going to "Anshe Chung (anshe.chung)". Now I chat up that user "Hi, I'm happy to have you as new customer! And I have a special offer for new customers today: pay me the rent for 2 weeks now and get a 3rd week for free! Simply pay me the L$ via my profile." How big is the chance that this unexperienced new resident will *not* see or not even check for the difference in the unique user name? What percentage would be acceptable? In my eyes, the level of risk is not acceptable.

  5. Nobody says that it is impossible to find out the true identity. The problem is: how many will actually check the true identity before damage is done? How many will be alert enough that this is the only way to avoid damage? And how easy will it be to find out which of the 3 dozen "Iamthebiggest LoverintheWorld" is the one you want to talk to?


    What level of confusion, what percentage of possible damage is acceptable? In my eyes (and in the eyes of many others), display names go way over the line of being acceptable.

  6. The question is: how many will *not* take the time to find out who they *really* are interacting with, paying money to, renting land from and so on? What percentage of confusion and abuse is acceptable? Once in a while we already know have situations where people hang around in shops with group tag "Shop Owner", tricking people out of their money. Sure, you could blame the victimes "Your problem, you have to make sure who you are dealing with.", but now this danger will become even bigger - the criminals will be able to even show the correct name of the creator (or what the not-so-suspicious potential customer will think is the correct name). In my eyes, display names come with an inacceptable level of risk and potential damage.

  7. Kiddo, you were a brat and totally disrespectful just because someone who isn't an english native answered in non-100percent-perfect (but totally understandable) english. Someone who speask at least 4 languages - how many do you speak? If you want a discussion about how much "intelligence" and "education" your reply showed, we can have that, too.


    Oh talking about inflated egos? Now who is calling himself a "king" in his profile? Lol. And talking about respect in his profile - without showing the slightes bit of that to others? You told Everest to get a dictionary - please use your own and look up "hypocrisy".


    LL did *not* introduce a long requested feature. LL introduced a sorry excuse for what the users requested for years (years that - according to your signup days - you didn't even witness). This was explained again and again already after the first introduction of display names. I guess you missed all that, or you would have seen just how big the majority was that said and still says "what a stupid and dangerous way to change the name system". But maybe you didn't see that - maybe you were stuck in detention in your middle school for anti social behaviour.


    Troll? Yes, you are one. In no area you answered to facts that were put into the discussion - you just went down to personal attacks, not even stopping before attacking some non-english native for his non-perfect usage of a foreign language. Superficial, disrespectful, non-discussing troll. So grow up and come back once your SQ reaches a level that an average 18yo should have.

  8. So, it is very clear that LL does *not* listen to those who *pay* their wages. Display names is *not* what the people who were unhappy with the static name system asked for. They wanted the ability to change their "real" last name to have the same one as a partner, or after finding out that their first minute idea of "XxXChick ABC" ist not what they want to run around with for the rest of their Second Life. This could have been easily done with a system that is not a wide open door to griefers or people who just not read every single line of the knowledge base or blogs. It could have been easily done without a blown-up system of titlers. It could have been done without stealing our identity (an unique identity that was promised us when signing up). The situation was explained to LL again and again and again - but as usual: nobody listens. Listening includes understanding. But someone who doesn't care will not even try understanding. LISTEN TO YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS! How can you install a system that a giant majority of your paying customers is totally opposed to? If we ran our RL company like that, we would have to file bancrupty long ago.


    Everybody using "Daniel Regenbogen" as display name will find himself banned from every place where I have the slightest influence.


    BTW, I'm doing a daily pumpkin hunt through all of the month, and I'm giving a hint everyday about where to find the pumpkin. One day the hint was "No wonder the Lindens are missing theirs." - and the pumpkin was hidden under a dinner table where cooked brains were served. I guess the hint was very accurate.

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