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  1. Morning beach chill (natural end to a victory lap).
  2. Those curves - is that a mesh/sculptie road?!
  3. Sometimes the reason is more practical: large rooms with giant walls of vendors generally equate to an environment that the client has to get and render possibly hundreds of textures to display. Smaller rooms mean the client only hast orender what's within eyesight. This means a lot of times the store could possibly draw faster. That said, enough can be enough when you're trying to browse.
  4. I always wear, when appropriate. It weirds me out to think my avi is walking around without undies, unless that's something I'm specifically aiming for to do. I even hunt out low-rise undies for wearing under low-rise jeans, and I would kill to find a strapless bra with a very low back for a couple of dresses I have. I'll even flop (pardon the pun) between two different shapes with different breast settings for wearing with and without bras...
  5. Gala Caproni wrote: HaHaHa... i just bought nude colored bra and panties to wear under my everyday stuffs..... i don't know why.. i never wear them in RL!!! EEEEEE! From where? *makes a begging catface at you* =^..^=
  6. The only problem with that is it only works if the attachments are all mod. No mod = no linking. Multi-attach is a godsend. I can wear my tail with everything! :3
  7. Jane Fossett wrote: to Kasha and Daisey: I'd suggest: Owen Oyen, Elisha Paklena, or Bato Brendel. They are all great people, Hee! *blush* It's weird when I trip across my own name and I'm not expecting it...
  8. You should try looking around more - there's a lot of Mainland that matches or even beats private estate builds, if you explore...
  9. Shelby Silverspar wrote: those are from Therapy Casual Sexy Clothes! Next time I'm inworld I am so going. Might snap me out of this blue funk I'm in tonight.
  10. I was going to reply asking if a region of a continent bore a name as a result of the majority of the inhabitants calling it by that - but Indigo beat me to it, as pertains to the East River Community.
  11. Shelby Silverspar wrote: my latest favorites: OMB where are those from? Those are exactly like the sorts of skirts I've been trying to find for days!
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