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  1. Try viewer 1.23 that runs on many of my 8 year old notebooks and even on my 10 year old PC speed isnt everthing they will be working on a low graphic viewer option trust me LL actually ran a beta of some sort of web java or flash to load the world but I dont know how that went because only USA could try it somthing to that affect anyway.
  2. Where you have plenty of ocean Sims all packed together owned by GOV linden you will find bots they are simply using the fastest and lag free ocean sims for faster data transfer the fastest bot wins whatever they are scanning or tping to buy or traffic the resources of these empty water sims must act as hyper data transfer point alot of landbots hover over ocean sims while scanning and teleporting back to the fastest data sim and they can sit their hassle and rent free just dont stand there talking to software programs lol.
  3. So you want to ask if the land can be set to you. Any channel should do it region issues ect im sure that your ticket will be forwarded to the correct linden if your options are limited just fire some tickets off under what you can sure they will get looked at.
  4. Arrg dont get me started on this banline stupidity yep i agree you should have a option to see them from atleast half a sim away toggled opt in option on viewer. They are not banlines they are just a mess of TEXT upon TEXT a banline should look like ______________ Well a line Also the parcel owner / owners or Groups that has opted to use a banline on their parcel should also see the banline while the little lost man on his 512 is penned in like a sardine by TEXT TEXT TEXT
  5. Hope you get to the bottom of it been here around 6 years and only ever had a problem with inventory in a laggy sim and my connection router sometimes needs a simple reset then things like loading, rezzing no copy items then findin the lag made a copy of the item lol only ever lost 1 item may have flew off world. Ive noticed High Speed connections do not perform any better than slower connections I find my 6mb max plenty its a red herring isps offer over 20Mb how many servers will let you dowload a file at that speed not many. 2mb is plenty sufficient for the web unless your running into
  6. You will see more squatters on your land in a year or two as this new abbandoned land system kicks in as auto return seems to be set to 5mins or so unlike the old abboandoned setting of zero so yes instead of using these plots they will find a space that has no auto return set its common sence to utaiize space in secondlife to ones advantage but i agree its not ideal having squatters not paying you a bean but its rather harmless setting your land settings correctly will sort them out group only rez ect but they like to build on another parcel and drag to the land with auto return not set. M
  7. Hi if you are new to buying a region with a plan of renting out the land i would strongly advise to buy MAINLAND from another user no setup fee just one cheaper price to pay depending on your budget and as others have pointed out the teir costs are way cheaper so in affect you can charge LESS for your rental spaces compared to private sims where you will have to nearly double your rents to stand any chance of getting any return on your investment over the months ahead. Plus now this is the key factor you can SELL your MAINLAND at any time if things go pearshaped (dont work out) and you can ev
  8. If this lends itself to the Long awaited plan (blogged 2-3 years ago.about bots) working on search with a result to excluded Landbots from Swooping in on users mistakes in transfering land from groups for 1LS and hammering search by the millisecond then you have the thumbs up to tear down the 1.23 search land function if a software program cannot be modded to use the search code and be programed to BUY land at a set price. I know people use bots to list their Land and cut but its the BUY Lanbot that needs to be rendered obsolite. If this is the case them maybe humans will once again make SL
  9. As others have already said yep you can send in a ticket if you own surrounding land around the parcel atleast 2 sides of the parcel I think. Problem is the New V2 does not filter out these lands set to Specific persons. Still not fixed? Now in viewer 1.23 its filtered so you never see these plots of land set to specific persons listed in search results UNLESS the parcel is set to your name only then you will see it in 1.23. So if you wish to search for abandoned land set to ANYONE and filter out all others set to specific just download viewer 1.23 and you be supprized how easy it is to ac
  10. Yes they are going against all the so called hard work of cleaning up mainland I was looking at part water lastnight abandoned cut to peices for sale was pondering on buying it all and rejoining but guess what someone had already bought one of the 16sm so that thought went out of the window. LL carnt take the easy way out they need a Human to rejoin and set for sale if they actually spent time inworld doing exactly what hundreds of us are doing everyday via land selling they may actually start to understand their own platform. On a lighter note they do allow Ars against Governer Linden So un
  11. Blondin Would adding a date stamp to the abbandoned land title be possible on your new system I have been looking at around 200 parcels but its getting really hard to see whats new on the list unless we spend hours with pen and paper writing sim names n sizes we endup revisiting the same parcels. Dont know if this idea would work good but something like (Abbandoned Land 07/05/2011 just something to help filter what we have already seen date is the only thing I can think of as a visual effect that the eye can filter results at the moment..
  12. If you wish to sell mainland quick (within hours) only way now is like you have said drop it around 0.5 - 1.0 and wait for a trader to find it or lower for a bot , people using 1.23 will see it in search BUT users using V2 carnt find land via search anymore well they could but chances are they would give up looking after first page of results due to the annoying resetting of search critirea. Contact a land trader or play the waiting game and get a better price from a user in your sim who will buy it sometime but if you dont want to pay next months teir just dump it and cut your losses. Yo
  13. Yes it needs someone to manage the new system and check current prices its no good at all to list every parcel at the same price its just like the bot runners do auto listing all at 1 price but dont forget you get a better picture using 1.23 in V2 you have no chance of tracking the market compared to 1.23 emagin trying to visit every abandoned land on search with V2 that dosent remember your search criteria its a dam pain. The bots will still be operating even if it goes to 0.1 right down till the last drop. I see some are now more focused on adult where prices are steady and they can gain m
  14. This is a great move auto setting it to anyone but I agree with chaos the bots will cleanup but that could be sorted by raising the price to atleast 2Ls per meter above current market at rate at any given time giving REAL people a fair chance of buying a parcel but then again this price would always have to be higher than daily bottom end value while bots are running the show as they can also buy everthing up to that 2Ls per meter threshold in seconds suppose it needs to auto set above current prices per parcel basis when abandoned But i see you stated (price Subject to change) So i hope you
  15. Well if you seem to be getting a fair amount of foot traffic your half way there like other have said depending on your Sim theme, rental spaces (even wall space rentals vendor type) Sky box rental (min 1 day cheap priced) mini shop spaces in each corner of Simi get them walking around a bit. A few games machines 10 would even do it. Basically you have to collect all the aspects of SL that users have come into contact with to increase possible spending habits and therefore providing different kinds of entertainment that will appeal to different users. Although shopping inworld has been b
  16. So doing the math quickly atleast 50% cheaper that means seller would only recive at the very least 25% of the normal retail price so they inefect would be reciving and appying a 75% discount cut in the dash deal program as they would endup with around 25% profit after LL takes its cut . Do they have to pay a sellers fee aswel ? This will only ever work if sales can be driven but I have my reservations high sales can be achived once every man and his dog signs up for promotion their is only so much add space to use before it could get swamped by other adds.
  17. Its actually gone past fundraising now the nuculer reactors are poping while i agree every penny counts whether its buy a bear on SL or wait to see which charity needs funds its far to early to be looking at fundraising japan will get all the support they need from the world and its japan who will decide what they need they will try to do as much as they can before they ask. Actually at a time like this emergency cash should be PRINTED by some world group its only paper with a bit of ink. Lets get them reactors buried deep or contained some how its not only japan that will have a problem if
  18. To yoodan If your using any other type of viewer than V2 that needs a second name use the lastname RESIDENT that will do the trick LL has allowed viewers that have a last name field by generating the last name resident if you dont have one due to the new name chioces at signup.
  19. Yep its no diffrent from reallife those who prosper best and have a easy life have a very small circle of close freinds other wise you find yourself being dragged down into the never ending issues of life that you yourself woulnt ever get into. That said many people joining a GROUP is much better for helping those newbies than offering frendship a group is for the mass and freinds are best kept to small numbers.
  20. If you add teir via the group tab to cover the the parcel/parcels you always need to remove the contribution once you no longer need it as the tier in the group stays in group contributions till you change your teir contribution and this will still count on personal teir from you.
  21. Looks great the new design nice work I think the forums need Stronger worded Headers and a further paragraph explaining in more detail to state what exactly the topic should be about their seems to be a bit of confusion like your avatar may mean your account to some, also disscus land for sale needs a guidline paragraph adding to it some think its to advertize maybe it can be but i dont think that was your aim. A few tweaks here and there on wording used and this should be a great blog and forum for ON TOPIC information looks great but you guys at LL have to see which direction users throw th
  22. Great vid torley as usual... Privacy in the web profile is great does the job but it seems to be a opt-out rather than an opt-in as its auto set as opt-in. Just I feel it would be better as opt-in for web profile option just incase a select few still do not know about this feature and their profiles are not polished and cleaned up to be viewed by the general public on the entire web. Nice side Alt hehe
  23. If we all have to carry that HUGE AD on the right hand side of our profile can we get it turned into a pay per Click Ad basicly we could get payed from LL for carrying this HUGE AD into places like facebook if you cut us in on the revenue that we may create (premium accounts only) otherwise let us remove that ad space or at the very least keep that ellement and stick a drag n drop text box html vid pic ect ect their instead then we can customize our profile better and maybe just maybe atract a wider audience for Linden Labs depending on which segment of the public we interact with based on int
  24. So their spring break maybe spent more on facebook you have to go slow on all this facebook linking its a new area that you guys are getting ads out on but i do think you may be over cooking this a bit take a step back dont link everything to facebook, Facebook users have a really strong opinion when it comes to Paying fees you may endup with far more basic accounts than you expected also only a handfull of freinds will be able to spend their time in sl.
  25. Gavin yeah your correct Abondoned land is out of control linden owned the major factor for this situation is simply the fact that Landbots have took away a large vital part of the land traders income they used the bottom end to flip between themselfs and releasing land that that wasnt selling having a DUMP freeing up teir to buy more further up the list everyone was happy we all made enougth to cover teir on a few good flips and also we stoped the market falling while also holding out for our higher end sales. But this is what the lab wanted low mainland prices and they support the select few
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