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  1. Hi Rod, welcome to the creative world of SL. I hope you will keep spending time inworld after you have fully settled as thats the best way to stay in touch with the residents of SL and their needs and wishes. I can not speak for everyone, but I have a very positive feeling about your arrival, I truly hope you can bring SL to the next level! We definitely could use a lot more new residents for a more stable commerce environment. I personally would like to see more fair tier system and cheaper tier (do not forget that a lot of people have to pay VAT on top of the tier). As you may have noticed, there is not much you can do on a 4096 parcel besides for residential purpose. For any attempt to create a gamelike scenery/environment you need at least half a region which is way to pricey right now. At this moment a lot of creative people are limited by the size (lack off) of the parcel they own. Cheaper tier will mean more land, will mean more room and freedom for creative minds. We are not limited by our imagination, but by high tier. All the best!
  2. Its pretty clear that a single UI to serve all residents doesn't work. You are thinking in the right direction here, as we need to be optimizing for classes of resdients with our UI. The underlying codebase needs to be unified, but that does not imply forcing residents to an experience that does not work for them. This is part of what the Snowstorm team is working through and has received tons of great feedback from the resident community. This is also where TPV's can really help to extend and customize experiences. Content creators will have very different interface and tools capability requirements than a resident who just wants to explore and experience Second Life's content. Glad i read this comment! I and a lot of other creators can't live without the oldskool UI, well it is important to us anyways. I gave the new viewer several chances and tried to work with it, but it is just not suited for my needs. Great to see that LL see the importance of the old UI and is working on a solution to have both the new coding and the old interface in the client.
  3. And lastly, Facebook, My Space Et all. Never been there. Couldn't care less about them. Twitter? why would anyone care that Joe is eating a sandwich and watching football ATM? Why would I want to go to Twiter to see that Joe's avatar is dancing at club Somewhere and he is eating a sandwich? I personally don't want anything to do with all that facebook and twitter stuff either, probably cos i do not have the need to share unimportant insignificant stuff to the whole world all the time. I wont go further then the occasional forum/blog post Still, all those social media sites are very popular. So if LL thinks they can bring in fresh residents by promoting and linking to those sites then I am all for it. As long they do not make it mandatory to join those sites and do not bother me with those sites.
  4. Good news LL, Specially looking forward to a reliable asset server and smooth region crossings.
  5. Welcome Rod, interesting background you have there. I usually avoid EA games as they are notorius for their (annoy the customer - DRM's) and Windows Live bs, but If you will be just as protective about user made SL content then i will definitely applaud it Merry Xmas to LL eployees and all residents!
  6. Please keep working tools for content creators. Better bump mapping, solid prims that can block lights., Glow that does not shine through solid objects, shiny on partial transparant prims, working preload sound function in HUD attachments (causes weird glitches now) and most important (for me) proper support for .png file format. PNG's are extremely glitchy and makes awesome builds look butt ugly (they glitch through solid objects/textures). Edit to add: that PNG textures worked fine on the SL1.23 viewer... it got broken on all later versions including 3th party viewers.
  7. I have disabled the migration (i am not sure either), because I do not want to have my listing descriptions overwritten (again). I just want the old sales data from XSL.
  8. If I disabled migration on XSL will the sales date still migrate? Thats the only thing that I am still missing on SLM.
  9. I will definitely check out the ski jump, sounds fun! One question about the winterfest marketplace link I have is why the link is not the default category link, but an edited link? search%5Bsort%5D=sales_rank_asc&search%5Bper_page%5D=12&search%5Bkeywords%5D=&search%5Bprice_low%5D=299&search%5Bprice_high%5D=&search%5Bprim_count_low%5D=&search%5Bprim_count_high% The price sort and the prim count sort has been edited. Can residents maybe decide for them selfs how they want to search for products instead of an edited category display? Some products in sub categories are now excluded from search....well more then just some.
  10. Glad that you understand karma from a business perspective.
  11. The only thing that holds SL at the top of grids list is the fact that user generated content in SL is tons more than other grids. If you have the opensim architeture, the opensim philosophy and its possibilities directly linked to the content SL gathered in its years of advantage, SL would be the worse grid in the run Sorry, but I have to call BS on that one. SL grid is by far the best, reliable and most advanced grid out there. So far most of the scripted content wont even work on other grids. Physics on other grids is less advanced, lighter servers, more bugs and glitches and so on. I spend some time at inworldz and came running back to SL as fast as I could after a week. I openly criticize LL and SL on occasion (*caughs* display names, sl2.0 viewer, content theft), but thats only because I want the best for SL and because I love SL. Other grids are just a pale copy of the SL grid and brings nothing new in my eyes. My only worry is the direction LL is taking SL, I fear for a 3d facebook direction that will make SL nothing more then a 3d chatroom. Facebook is also known for it's information gathering and selling that personal info to ad companies. So thats not a direction I would like to see obviously.
  12. Oct 29, 2010 4:50 AM Kahiro Watanabe says in response to Deltango Vale: Taken from: http://deltango.wordpress.com/2010/10/26/471/ I vote for this! I therefore propose the following land tier fee schedule: Island full-prim: $200 per month (setup fee $1000) Homestead: $100 per month (setup fee $100) Openspace sim: $50 per month (setup fee zero) Mainland full sim: $100 ($50 each additional 1/2 sim) Mainland 1/2 sim: $75 Mainland 1/4 sim: $50 Mainland 8192m2: $30 Mainland 4096m2: $20 Mainland 2048m2: $15 Mainland 1024m2: $10 Mainland 512m2: $5 Mainland 512 Premium bonus: free But of course this would collapse the grid. So many people buying land means more servers to add, more processing therefore more grid instability. __________ After almost 4 years in SL I still do not get why it would have to cost a 1000 US dollars to setup a sim. Nowhere on the SL website it explained/justified why that should be so expensive. If I go to an other grid I can setup a full sim within 1 hour for free. What is such a big deal to enable a server and registering an account to that purchased region? It is like 10 minutes work for a LL employee to setup a sim for a resident. I vote for no setup fees at all and fair tier increases per square meter and not doubling like it is now.
  13. I am a 1.23 user and tried 2.2. I still do not like the new viewer. I went back to 1.23, but I can not use it anymore, it is forcing me to update to 2.2 The release notes did not mention that I could not go back to 1.23! I hate 2.2 and don't want anything to do with it.... yet I am stuck with it now... I am seriously pissed off now!
  14. Thats a real horror story! I would not want to think about accidently missing a payement and then seeing my inventory (with my created products, and thousands of uploaded textures) gone from the inventory. It would ruin an entire SL business if that happend. If a premium is not payed for the premium is not automatically canceled then? It keeps running endlessly till you pay the debt and manually discontinue the premium? I have a verified paypal (on my other avatar) so if paypal balance is empty it just writes it of my bank account ( I hope).
  15. I guess you missed the smiley I placed in my comment. It is true though that there tons of products that are based on overriding the SL limitations. Mega prims are one of them.
  16. Nah, pls no megaprims as a premium feature. I have created and sell two very fine products (builders huds) thanks to this SL limitation of not being able to create megaprims.
  17. This translates to "LL will not be supporting Basic members, so if Basic members cant find help, you Premium members will have to support the Basics so they don't take their business from you for non support". Basic accounts never had much support, at least not the last 2 to 3 years. You could and still can only send basic tickets with limited options to choose from in the support category dropdown. The thing basics did have was support from the SL mentor group. It would be good if they implement something like that again. I always thought that it was not wise of LL to not continue with the mentor support. Most of the mentors were really great in helping other residents with basic problems and no doubt they reduced the total amount of tickets that were being created. I would like to see a new premium system personally. * bronze premium *silver premium *gold premium Where bronze will receive the normal premium support including live chat (with a Linden on the other end). Silver that not only has premium support but also more features such as 50 groups you can join and a 1024m free tier. Gold for large land owners and merchants that will have quick priority support with a very fast response time (couple of hours at most) and skilled support staff that directly can solve issues, free 4096m tier, 50 groups, a more proffesional inworld profile with a storefront etc. Lose the stipend, I do not even notice it. Basic accounts (people wont like to hear that) with an inventory limit of 10k, no rights to place objects for sale (no commerce). This will create an incentive to get a premium account... and it helps for some more things that I will not mention. I only have 1 premium atm, but with these changes I will get one gold premium and some silver premium for my alts.
  18. I guess if LL brought tier down in price - or at least rethink how it is charged for (going up in small chunks as opposed to the 'doubling up' that happens now) it may be worth it. This. If tier would be cheaper and indeed would not double up when you buy more land a lot more people would buy land or at least more land, I would. I mean lets face it, there is not much you can do on a 4096 parcel, because of prim limit and it just to small to create a decent atmosphere with sort some feeling of depth and horizon. I would need at least 1/2 a sim for the things I really want to create (pc gamelike environment), but I am not doing it because it is just to expensive. It is not just the tier, but on top of that I have to pay 20% VAT on that. On other grids I can buy 4 sims for a fraction of the cost and no high setup fees either. Not that I am interested in doing that, SL grid is much better, advanced and crowded, just saying that it could be cheaper for my taste. LL probably wont lose anything over it if they lower tier, they will get more members buying land in return. That should even things out.
  19. Ok thanks, then i stop trying to login for a while and do some other stuff... i just wanted to relog because attachments spots were pending and i couldnt take objects back in my inventory
  20. Heya, I don't seem to be able to login. The login loading bar keeps hanging at 30%. I don't see anything in the grid status page,anyone else having issues?
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