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  1. The land prices needs to be lowered by half, period. And I do not mean the initial purchase, but the recurring monthly fees. On top of the too high prices the European countries also pay 20% on top of the overpriced land. Owning a region equals to buying a brand new high-end PC every other month. The land fees are not in line with other real world prices. I am frankly surised that LL sells as much land as it does with the current worldwide economic situation.

  2. I could not make it to the meeting unfortunately, something else came up in RL

    I hope some of the points I brought up were taken into the meeting and of course the other important points that have been mentioned here. I will have look at the chatlog when it is published. Hope it was a fruiful meeting.


    Loving Clarity wrote:


    B00tsy.Compton wrote:


    Big clean up of stale listings. Auto disable listings that have not been sold for over 6 months (seasonal listings excluded). Include a reactivation fee. Auto deactivation of listings from merchants that do not login to SLM at least once a month. Encourage more merchant commitment.

    I only have one objection to this and that's to auto disable after six months of no sales.  I've objected to this before... not sure if it was you or someone else who posted it.  But with search currently borked, I don't think delisting items that don't sell is the proper way to go.  I have items that used to fly on SLX that haven't moved since the switchover.  I can't get them seen, hell, I can't find them myself!  So until search is made more effective, I don't see what good it will do to punish those merchants who are just having issues getting those items stuck in the black hole of middle ratings.

    I do think deactivating products by merchants who never log in is a great idea, though.  It should have been done during migration.  What a fantastic time it would have been to note when the user last logged into SLX and if it was past a certain time, just don't migrate their items.

    All too often people purchase items only to find out the creator has "left SL" and they won't be getting an ounce of customer support.  It's a shame some people would operate a business like that but it does happen.

    Regardless, SOMETHING needs to be done as search is borked and the current method of using quantity of sales to reflect an item's relevance is not only asinine, but it's gaming freebies to the top.

    Well look at it this way, without getting rid of a lot of the stale listings your products will not be found either, exactly because of all those stale listings. Stale listings were already a problem on XSL, current search does not change that. And if your listing is worth while you can reactivate the listing again (for a reasonable fee). If you relist with the cleaned up categories you have a better chance that those listings get noticed.

    I am all for it. I personally do not not mind having to pay for a reactivating fee either... It's for the greater good.

  4. Ehhm not sure what Europe time 9AM PST is, but Ill try to make it.

    I would like to discuss easy editing of listings with the implemented word filter.

    A more stable commerce environment with less frequent disruptions. Meaning that when changes/fixes/tweaks are implemented they will be done at the start of the week and monitored for several days to see if it is implemented properly. Like last time a change was made to the relevance search (on a friday) and all top selling products ended up at the bottom of relevance and stayed there for a week, even after dozens support tickets and jira's, plus no communication for a week from the SLM team.

    Better sales monitoring. L$ display of total weekly sales. Total weekly number of sales per product. Total clicks per day / total daily traffic per product. Bring back the XSL traffic graph.

    Improved enhancements. I would like to be able to buy several featured enhancements for a single product and be able to display them in multiple categories. More basic enhancements. Highlight listing, thick border enhancement (like XSL had). Featured enhancement needs to be displayed in search as 'featured' on the product image... again like XSL. The featured enhancement is less effective compared to XSL, only the price of the enhancement is the same.

    Bigger penalty on freebies in search. They still pop up to high in search. Even better, create a separate search for freebies and exclude them from general search. SLM is not a freebie distribution center.

    Big clean up of stale listings. Auto disable listings that have not been sold for over 6 months (seasonal listings excluded). Include a reactivation fee. Auto deactivation of listings from merchants that do not login to SLM at least once a month. Encourage more merchant commitment.

    Mandatory PIOF to be able to sell on SLM and inworld.

    Bigger description box on the listing edit page.

    Embedded youtube video on the listing page.

    Show on the homepage or merchant homepage total logged in accounts and guests.

    Quick link to SL account summary page.


    Edit to add: That homepage enhancements on XSL also automatically used to be a featured enhancement (displayed in search as featured). So also the homepage add is less effective. Pay the same and get less for it.


    Pamela Galli wrote:


    Bootsy, read the chat Brooke posted. Prefs will be persistant. Problem solved.

    Read it just now. Well it does give hope, especially the part that mature is not treated the same as adult anymore. I still have my doubt about the word filter, I think it will remain a pain in you know what. For every new listing you create you will have to save the unfinished listing after every sentence to check if there isn't any word triggering the filter.

    Writing down a 5k description and then saving it, finding out that there is a faulty word, having to check all words, re-save the listing a zillion times trying to find the word before it is actually rated as G will result in whole bunch of swearing behind the PC.

    I am glad that there is a jira now and a open communication. We will see what happens this week.

  6. You have a point. The problem is however that you have to be logged in to view the 'adult' search. I do not have any numbers on how many guest/not logged in people are on the marketplace, but on SLX is used to be between 500 to 1500 constantly, thats a lot of people that wont see your mature/adult listings...and wont be able to click on your inworld location.


    Iren Tinkel wrote:


    i wish LL moved to Netherlands somehow and become game to ppl +18 - then they would resolve many troubles in one step.



    Or anywhere else in Europe for that matter, All EU countries are subject to EU laws, not just national laws.

    Dozens of Dutch sites (including a government funded site) are hosting/mirroring wikileaks because we do not like and believe in censorship. Try to do that in the US, you'll be in jail right now

  8. I do not think this has been brought up yet.

    Can teens that enable the mature SLM buy a mature rated product and receive it inworld? If thats a yes then the maturity rating does nothing, not even legally for LL. If thats not the case then the purchase/gifting of mature/adult products can only be purchased by age verified accounts which is a minority of the accounts in SL. If the last is true it can have a big impact in the overall SLM sales of mature rated products (that are only rated that way cos of words and not the product).


    Clever Ghost wrote:

    ow if this has been brought up yet, but I was wondering what's going to happen to "related items"? Will related mature / adult items be allowed in general listings? Or will they be blocked from sight? Will a related mature / adult item in a general listing make the general listing mature / adult as well?

    It seems that the product picture of a mature item is visible on a PG listing. With the maturity rating unchecked (so PG SLM) I was still able to click on the mature related listing and view it without any warning (maybe because it is my own listings). When I logged out and tried to click on the related item I did get a warning that the related item was mature and was unable to view it.

    Funny thing is that both listings are in fact PG (2 versions of a building) where 1 ended up as mature and the other as PG, same keywords etc.. I mean how f up is that when normal buildings are being categorized as mature not knowing what word is causing it.


    It is also not clear to me if the word filtering software is just checking the keywords/title/features or also the entire description. Could not find anything about that in the listing guidelines.

    I plead to Brook to disable the filtering software and just let us take care of our listings and place them under the proper rating. Anyone can flag listings if they think the listing belongs in an other rating section. It is obvious that the software does not work. Last example in this topic was the word 'rapa' which the software probably reads as 'rape'. I am not confident that tweaking the filters will help much. The software will remain to be a pain in out behinds. If you insist on keep using the software then the least that can be done is to code in to the software that it highlights the normal words that are considered mature by the software.


    Gavin.Hird wrote:


    Suella Ember wrote:


    Having said that, it would be handy if LL could somehow find a way to publish the list in a location ...

    The logical thing to do would be to send the list to the email address of all registered merchants, in addition to post it in the wiki.

    It is not like 16 yos have never seen such words before if they stumbled over the wiki page...


    That sounds indeed the logical thing to do. Would have been best to have added 'highlight banned words' into the software for the merchant convenience, for a smooth and painless transition though.

    I am not convinced that a list of words would even help. Words as 'cyber' is flagged as adult and 'tie' as mature. I personally can not see the logic of  someone at LL or a dev rating those words manually as such. It's all automated by software looking for partial words and letter combinations, hence this problem where normal words are being flagged (by the software). Long live the technology.

  11. The way this rating system is being implemented is from the perspective and for the convenience for LL, not the merchants. Their backs are legally covered now so their job is done. The merchants are on their own and just have to deal with it (again) and go hunt down any word that is vaguely considered mature them self's...whatever the flagged words may be. No consideration or thought about how it affects the merchants that will have restore their listings to the proper rating setting. Last I will say about it.


    Lasher Oh wrote:


    The three category rating is a farce,

    I call it simply typical USA hypocrisy (as I pointed out with the slut wear example). The rating system in it self I have no problem with, but how it is defined. I seriously can not find any strong words or any word that might hint to maturity or adult in my listings yet it is flagged as mature. LL gives me no clue what so ever about what words are not allowed, the listing guidelines are no help either. The least they could do is have a list somewhere in alphabetical order that we could skim through, but not even that. This whole maturity thing is just being done to prevent possible legal actions towards LL. It's not like the teens can't and wont activate the mature checkbox.

    The USA remark was not pointed at the US people btw (love you guys ), but the hypocritical system.

  13. Sorry Brooke, but the auto detecting of "mature" words in descriptions is a bunch of dung. Plain and normal words are being flagged as mature constantly. If you would have a automated system in place that would highlight the mature words (according to the software) that would be one thing, but this is looking for a needle in a haystack now with 5k characters descriptions... especially because it is flagging words that are not mature.

    I find it weird that mature looking clothing (slut wear) can be sold as PG as long as it does not contain mature words. So teens can buy and dress up like a ho as long as it does not contain certain words.

    Also not to forget that the whole mature words flagging can easily be bypassed by attaching a pdf file with the original description that is now considered to be mature.

    Edit to add: that I hope the new CEO is observing how this is being implemented.  I also welcome Brooke and any other linden from SLM to dig through my 'mature' listings (which are all PG) to find the magical mature words, I can't find them.


    Please make it less expensive to contribute to Second Life.  The land you play on would cost us regular players real money.  Almost $200 for a sim wort of land is just to much for most to pay and many are leaving.  Please lower the tier and make SL a fun place again and not a financial burden.

    Yes exactemundo.

  15. Hi Rod, welcome to the creative world of SL.

    I hope you will keep spending time inworld after you have fully settled as thats the best way to stay in touch with the residents of SL and their needs and wishes. I can not speak for everyone, but I have a very positive feeling about your arrival, I truly hope you can bring SL to the next level!

    We definitely could use a lot more new residents for a more stable commerce environment. I personally would like to see more fair tier system and cheaper tier (do not forget that a lot of people have to pay VAT on top of the tier). As you may have noticed, there is not much you can do on a 4096 parcel besides for residential purpose. For any attempt to create a gamelike scenery/environment you need at least half a region which is way to pricey right now. At this moment a lot of creative people are limited by the size (lack off) of the parcel they own. Cheaper tier will mean more land, will mean more room and freedom for creative minds. We are not limited by our imagination, but by high tier.

    All the best!



    Its pretty clear that a single UI to serve all residents doesn't work.  You are thinking in the right direction here, as we need to be optimizing for classes of resdients with our UI.  The underlying codebase needs to be unified, but that does not imply forcing residents to an experience that does not work for them.  This is part of what the Snowstorm team is working through and has received tons of great feedback from the resident community.  This is also where TPV's can really help to extend and customize experiences.  Content creators will have very different interface and tools capability requirements than a resident who just wants to explore and experience Second Life's content.

    Glad i read this comment! I and a lot of other creators can't live without the oldskool UI, well it is important to us anyways. I gave the new viewer several chances and tried to work with it, but it is just not suited for my needs.

    Great to see that LL see the importance of the old UI and is working on a solution to have both the new coding and the old interface in the client.



    And lastly, Facebook, My Space Et all.  Never been there. Couldn't care less about them. Twitter? why would anyone care that Joe is eating a sandwich and watching football ATM? Why would I want to go to Twiter to see that Joe's avatar is dancing at club Somewhere and he is eating a sandwich?

    I personally don't want anything to do with all that facebook and twitter stuff either, probably cos i do not have the need to share unimportant insignificant stuff to the whole world all the time. I wont go further then the occasional forum/blog post

    Still, all those social media sites are very popular. So if LL thinks they can bring in fresh residents by promoting and linking to those sites then I am all for it. As long they do not make it mandatory to join those sites and do not bother me with those sites.

  18. Linden Lab's New CEO

    Welcome Rod, interesting background you have there. I usually avoid EA games as they are notorius for their (annoy the customer - DRM's) and Windows Live bs, but If you will be just as protective about user made SL content then i will definitely applaud it


    Merry Xmas to LL eployees and all residents!

  19. Viewer 2.4 Released!

    Please keep working tools for content creators. Better bump mapping, solid prims that can block lights., Glow that does not shine through solid objects, shiny on partial transparant prims, working preload sound function in HUD attachments (causes weird glitches now)

    and most important (for me) proper support for .png file format. PNG's are extremely glitchy and makes awesome builds look butt ugly (they glitch through solid objects/textures).

    Edit to add: that PNG textures worked fine on the SL1.23 viewer... it got broken on all later versions including 3th party viewers.

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