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  1. I Understand that, with most companies support works that way. My case of not being able to login to the marketplace and managing my store could be considered as 'urgent'. Luckily I don't have sales going on that I have to manually disable, but this issue is been going on now for 2 weeks so I am calling it 'urgent'. The times I had to use support in the past I also had a response time of max 48 hours, thats why I am a bit confused and worried about the time that has passed now. Or would it be that since I don't have/use premium anymore my ticket is stuffed on the bottom of the pile? I don
  2. Yeah I just added a reply to the ticket, not sure if that helps. I guess I will be a bit more patient. It's indeed true that they might be under-staffed during the pandemic.
  3. I didn't really asked for any help, I just wanted to know what the average response times are. If a Linden employee is lurking in this forum then he/she can no doubt help me though.
  4. It is account related so I don't really see a reason why that would have to take so long. Live chat is for premium only and I have ended that a month ago after paying premium for over 10 years.
  5. Well, any support subject should have a decent response time. Not expecting support to fix issues within a blink of an eye, but I do expect a response and confirmation that the issue is noted and being worked on. If waiting a week for a response is the new standard on SL then things has changed since the last time I had to use support.
  6. What is the average response time to support tickets nowadays? Is it normal having an open ticket unanswered for 5 days? I mean, I have patience, but 5 days without any response at all is too long imo.
  7. I get this when I try to login on the marketplace: "So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back! We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly." This is the issue for weeks now. Made a support ticket on the 9th and it's still being processed.
  8. The land prices needs to be lowered by half, period. And I do not mean the initial purchase, but the recurring monthly fees. On top of the too high prices the European countries also pay 20% on top of the overpriced land. Owning a region equals to buying a brand new high-end PC every other month. The land fees are not in line with other real world prices. I am frankly surised that LL sells as much land as it does with the current worldwide economic situation.
  9. Thanks I found it already. And you are right reading it so far
  10. I could not make it to the meeting unfortunately, something else came up in RL I hope some of the points I brought up were taken into the meeting and of course the other important points that have been mentioned here. I will have look at the chatlog when it is published. Hope it was a fruiful meeting.
  11. Loving Clarity wrote: B00tsy.Compton wrote: Big clean up of stale listings. Auto disable listings that have not been sold for over 6 months (seasonal listings excluded). Include a reactivation fee. Auto deactivation of listings from merchants that do not login to SLM at least once a month. Encourage more merchant commitment. I only have one objection to this and that's to auto disable after six months of no sales. I've objected to this before... not sure if it was you or someone else who posted it. But with search currently borked, I don't think delisting items that don't sell is
  12. Ehhm not sure what Europe time 9AM PST is, but Ill try to make it. I would like to discuss easy editing of listings with the implemented word filter. A more stable commerce environment with less frequent disruptions. Meaning that when changes/fixes/tweaks are implemented they will be done at the start of the week and monitored for several days to see if it is implemented properly. Like last time a change was made to the relevance search (on a friday) and all top selling products ended up at the bottom of relevance and stayed there for a week, even after dozens support tickets and jira's, plu
  13. Ohh thats a good time, was afraid it would be like the middle of the night
  14. Pamela Galli wrote: Bootsy, read the chat Brooke posted. Prefs will be persistant. Problem solved. Read it just now. Well it does give hope, especially the part that mature is not treated the same as adult anymore. I still have my doubt about the word filter, I think it will remain a pain in you know what. For every new listing you create you will have to save the unfinished listing after every sentence to check if there isn't any word triggering the filter. Writing down a 5k description and then saving it, finding out that there is a faulty word, having to check all words, re-save the l
  15. You have a point. The problem is however that you have to be logged in to view the 'adult' search. I do not have any numbers on how many guest/not logged in people are on the marketplace, but on SLX is used to be between 500 to 1500 constantly, thats a lot of people that wont see your mature/adult listings...and wont be able to click on your inworld location.
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