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  1. I Understand that, with most companies support works that way. My case of not being able to login to the marketplace and managing my store could be considered as 'urgent'. Luckily I don't have sales going on that I have to manually disable, but this issue is been going on now for 2 weeks so I am calling it 'urgent'. The times I had to use support in the past I also had a response time of max 48 hours, thats why I am a bit confused and worried about the time that has passed now. Or would it be that since I don't have/use premium anymore my ticket is stuffed on the bottom of the pile? I don
  2. Yeah I just added a reply to the ticket, not sure if that helps. I guess I will be a bit more patient. It's indeed true that they might be under-staffed during the pandemic.
  3. I didn't really asked for any help, I just wanted to know what the average response times are. If a Linden employee is lurking in this forum then he/she can no doubt help me though.
  4. It is account related so I don't really see a reason why that would have to take so long. Live chat is for premium only and I have ended that a month ago after paying premium for over 10 years.
  5. Well, any support subject should have a decent response time. Not expecting support to fix issues within a blink of an eye, but I do expect a response and confirmation that the issue is noted and being worked on. If waiting a week for a response is the new standard on SL then things has changed since the last time I had to use support.
  6. What is the average response time to support tickets nowadays? Is it normal having an open ticket unanswered for 5 days? I mean, I have patience, but 5 days without any response at all is too long imo.
  7. I get this when I try to login on the marketplace: "So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back! We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly." This is the issue for weeks now. Made a support ticket on the 9th and it's still being processed.
  8. You have those now and then. Stay nice and proffesional, log the IM's, base any argument on facts (and not emotions), let the customer review the products(s) and see if it has any merrit. If not, report it (and leave a comment) and let te marketplace team handle it. If that does not take care of the issue then you still have the IM logs that will help your case when you open a support ticket to solve the issue.
  9. Isn't it really relative to the product? Making a tatoo is completely different then creating a HUD with many features or other scripted product, specially when you also provide free regular updates and new features. Tatoo take 1 hour, HUD could take 1000+ hours if you count updates and on going work on the product. One thing I can tell for sure is that the average customer often has no idea how much time and effort creators in SL put in their products! There are many great mesh builders for example that sells quality buildings for 1 or 2 US Dollars while they 'may' have spend hundreds of ho
  10. I just want to say that I am beyond disappointed in how issues are being taken care of by LL and the SLM team. For over 6 months I can not look at the SLM account/orders page because then I get this: So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back! We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly." Yeah I am waiting for it for 6 months now! Listing enhancements are stuck in a uneditable limbo also for months and on top of that active enhancements are being canceled on it's own without any confirmation or action by me the accountholder/merchant. The SLM website is a
  11. Dear Commerce team, At this moment I can not look at my order history on my account page at all, so I have no idea what is being billed currently. I do see 3 enhancements that are stuck in a limbo with "charging/ can not edit". One of those enhancements has been stuck for 8 months now (not the 2 months you are referring to). I am not planning to pay for an enhancement that I wanted to stop many months ago, but simply can't because your software is borked. I also want to add that I have reported this issue of not being albe to stop enhancements and not being charged for them either in a J
  12. The land prices needs to be lowered by half, period. And I do not mean the initial purchase, but the recurring monthly fees. On top of the too high prices the European countries also pay 20% on top of the overpriced land. Owning a region equals to buying a brand new high-end PC every other month. The land fees are not in line with other real world prices. I am frankly surised that LL sells as much land as it does with the current worldwide economic situation.
  13. Chelsea Malibu wrote: 3. Freebie and almost freebie items not showing up under relevance. In fact, anything 25L or below should have it's own area and not be in the general filter. I notice the excact opposite with default display of relevance and best selling order. There are pages upon pages of freebies and semi freebies and then at page 20 the real products finally start to appear. The exception is the very first page where you do still see a few products with a price tag. Atm SLM category display is messed as bad the first beta months of SLM.
  14. No worries a jira has long been filed about this, you only have to vote it. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4050?
  15. Sassy Dirval wrote: I'll chime in on the question, though i'm not a Linden. FREEBIES are good for SL, and when used properly can help boost your own business -- just as they can be in real world marketing. I'll work on a indepth post on this topic for my blog, but a few reasons are: If freebies are good for SL and your business is debatable. I do not think they belong on SLM as separate products, it contradicts the whole purpose of SLM. Freebies most certainly do not deserve a sales rank and a relevance rank as they do now. Freebies should at least have a separate search and no
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