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  1. I have already written to DCS2 support. basically they don't know what to say. Told me to clean the cache, cookies and everything, which I did, the hud hasn't been muted by mistake, etc. etc. The weird thing is that sometimes (very rarely) it works, and I get the prompt to open the webpage; most of the times I don't. So I thought I would post this here, just in case somebody had the same problem. At DCS they told me this is the first ticket with this kind of problem... :smileyindifferent:
  2. I am quite new to DCS and since the beginning I had this problem: it is supposed to prompt me to open the website to create my character. For me it only works from time to time, most of the time the system just says that I "should be prompted to open a webpage" but I don't get this prompt. Anyone, more expert than me with the system, can help me? Btw, I am on a Mac.
  3. I just saw that the problem has been solved with the last update: version 2.6.1. So download it and you should see correctly the profiles.
  4. Same problem here. Of course I can see profiles correctly if I open them in an external web browser, but no way to see them correctly in the viewer, since the last update.
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