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  1. Hi folks, I'm looking for a full prim region - please IM me in-world if you're looking to sell. Thanks.
  2. having this issue too ... any one have luck getting the developer, Jonash, to fix?
  3. The Crack Den or Dead End ... http://thecrackden.com / http://deadend.sl ... They are urban RP sims that will likely meet all your criteria, give or take the occasional noobs wandering around on the high traffic regions.
  4. Hiya, I had a couple questions! Insight would be much appreciated :) How long does one have to go arrears on their tier payment w/ LL before they lock their account? Also, how long does a sim stay up until it's finally removed from the grid? Thanks much!
  5. It would be really cool but a bit unpractical unless you focus on a particular niche ... best successful example I can think of are adoption agencies in SL. For everything else really, you can find within RP sims. Most RP communities have their own forums which are used exactly for this. The search function isn't -that- bad either for a newbie to go find a community they have an interest in. It'll be interesting to see how the "interests" part of the new profiles play out too... could be a more mainstream/official way of what you're thinking about.
  6. Yep ... risk metagaming here. It's best you give maybe a brief backstory at most ... some major events, circumstances, or a summary of your character's life that led up to how he/she/it ended up being where they are today. On one hand you have to be careful as to not give away too much, but on the other, it's good so others can get a sense of your preferences in RP. Posting hard limits can be useful too at times.
  7. Go through the list of "roleplay" destinations in the guide and visit any number of them ... since it's mostly free form, it can be totally on you to find other females and stick to playing with them. I do know there are various venues like clubs who focus on girls-only. I even remember coming across a female-only Gor community! Lot of options out there
  8. this is awesome Vincent! I'm in a binge to make the SL environment as realistic as possible when doing photography or machinima ... this is perfect.
  9. I've been tinkering with the Kirsten V2 viewer lately and discovered DoF / Shadows working very well on it ... and best of all, it actually saves properly to disk! (I was used to the broken shadow clients of the 1.23 era). Anyways, I took some time taking snaps w/ the goal of capturing avatars in their most natural state ... I wanted to see how realistic the photos can get in the SL. After a few days of observing and playing paparazzi, I came to two personal conclusions: 1) The level of diversity among avatars (even just in Human form) is simply incredible, 2) w/ mocap so popular, AO's these d
  10. The newly rebuilt Crack Den ... an urban RP community spanning over 6 sims .. backdrop set to a fictional city near New Orleans on the Louisiana coast line ... still recovering from Hurricane Katrina and a few fictional hurricanes that were role-played out over the past several years by the community. http://thecrackden.com | SLURL to Teleport (sim: Hathian)
  11. check out the Seaside Community -- http://seaside-sl.com ... sim name Fishtown. It's attached to a university campus town and a more grittier urbanscape a few sims away. It's all under one urban universe.
  12. Try logging into SL's website and edit from here: https://my.secondlife.com/lurken
  13. ALTERSCAPE has a land directory online which interfaces w/ in-world objects that tracks parcels for sale. Directories are broken from urban / rural themes to specific themed communities. http://alterscape.sl/land
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