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  1. That's what I'll do. It hasn't happened in over a day now. Must have been a one time thing.
  2. Well, I apologise for that. That was not my intent. It just once and I blew it off. The two more times in quick succession. While I was typing that message it happened a forth time. I didn't think I went off half cocked, there was a serious pattern by the time I posted.
  3. Leliel I don't think they are after my records. I don't know what they are after. That is kind of the point. I don't know, and when I asked, people got crappy with me. YOU got crappy with me. I don't really know why.
  4. THANK you. I only want to know what is going on. I'm really not on a 'crusade.' I love SL and don't want to leave, but this is new and scary. I've done little, letting my software do it. I'm really not sure its even coming from sl, but it does catch an IP address that when popped into google comes up as a Linden Labs server in Tennasee. I'm no expert, could someone be using that as a proxy or something? Also, it only seems to happen when my browswer is open and I think (I'm not 100% on this) but after I do a purchase on the web site then recieving it in sl. For all I know it's a perfectly normal function. But I don't know, so I asked. I'm using firestorm, because I have a MacBook Pro and that was the only browser that worked on this computer (I can give a more detail on that if you think it's relevant). Maybe LL is sensing something funky about the software. I was one of the ones who went though the 'Emerald' experience. (I hope that is not the case, the default browsers don't work with my graphic card.) Do you have any advice on how I might detect spoofing? (On a Mac.)
  5. I don't believe this! If it get port scanned from a server in Russia, everybody is scrambling to lock them out. But if it's in tennessee (where this server is located, I googled it) no harm no fowl. We all love second life, I'm not bad mouthing them. But if they are going to be doing this, they need to explain themselves! It may be nothing, or it may be a rogue employee that THEY would like to know about! Am I jumping to conclusion? Yes! Havn't been offered enough data to jump to anything else! Somebody set up a bunch of cameras on my doors and windows, offered no explantionan whatsoever, and when I ask what they are doing... I'm the unreasonable one? Really? Let me put it in perspective for you. If they are port scanning me, they are probably port scanning YOU. You might not have even known. Are you ok with that? Don't worry, they are going though your pockets and checking all your doors and windows to see if they are unlocked, but it's LL. So don't worry about it. It's just a huge organization of people who you don't know, hiring strangers THEY don't know, and giving them the keys to YOUR house. If that doesn't concern you, it certainly should! And I know they are doing it because Intego VirusBarrier X6 keeps catching them at it. Not once, but four times so far. A commercial product who recomends 'permanatly blocking' all traffic from that address. All I want is an expalnation. Maybe I should open a ticket, but I thought others might want look into this as well.
  6. I'm sorry if I read those responses wrong. But I'm serious about this. I am DONE with sl if this keeps happening. A simple explanation may be enough to convince me it's ok, but right now i'm feeling violated and vulnerable. They in no way warned me this kind of thing might happen. Even terms of service made me feel they were protecting me. I'm not being unreasonable. I feel entitled to an explanation.
  7. Why am I getting attitude? Should I not be concnerned when my LEGEITMATE comercial firewall recommends I premantly ban that server? When emerald was doing funny stuff I dropped them like a hot potato. I don't know if that 'cancel all accounts' was supposed to be a threat, but it's a funny one because that is EXACTLY what I'll do if I don't hear a damn good reason to be attacked like this! Now somebody get serious and tell me what they hell they want to know so I can either provide it for them or pull the hell out of sl.
  8. Yes, but... Port scanning? I'm no expert, but the function of a post scan is to see if there are any openings to your system though which once computer have access to another computer without the owner of the 'victim' computer nessessarily even knowing it. Most people I know of consider port scanning an attack -- includeing me. Their software is free to LIMITED data, but I did NOT grant LL free and easy acess to my tax records and Quicken data! They need to stay off my computer. I suppose it could be argued that they are looking for weaknesses in my firewall so that can read my files and learn about my video cards, etc -- but just ask!!! I'm happy to provide any of that stuff. But don't try to trapse around my system uninvited and look for any damn thing you want. Not even remotely cool.
  9. Ok. I've been trying to determin why I"m making a mistake here, but I don't think I am. My comptuer is being port scanned by Linden labs. Why is this happening? It only happens while I'm on line with my toon, never any other time. I'm 90% this is not melicious, but... I can't think of any GOOD reason to for anyone to be poking at my firewall. Can anyone tell me why this might be happening? It's annoying and concerning.
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