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  1. Cheers Lindal...that's what I've done - the sound tab - but the item can still be heard on the next parcel for some reason...?
  2. I currently have a couple of 'shouting' items in my parcel which are bleeding over into neighbouring parcels. How is this possible with 'Restrict Objects' checked?
  3. Thanks Lindal. Yes I've tried this but with no luck. I can collide with my items but they just don't show for me to edit/take or delete? The avatar who purchased from my gacha machine says he can still see all my items? I've IM'd the sim owner to see if they can help to remove my items - that's if he can see them or not too? Thanks for everyone's help so far.
  4. Hi Emma...thanks...I tried pathfinding on Firestorm and it uncovered 20 of my objects in the vicinity I can teleport to them, but I can't see them or have an option in pathfinding to delete them or anything - so don't know what my next steps would be?
  5. Thanks Rolig... I tried all those barring your last suggestion but that didn't show anything either. I'm at a loss and it's all very strange.
  6. About a month ago I ceased trading from a shop space on a sim and thought I'd removed all of my items. I am still getting visitor notifications from the store and also someone has played a gacha machine I had sited there - how is this possible? I went to the store and did an area search but I have no items showing - they seem hidden. I actually triggered my own visitor counter going in - but it is nowhere to be seen? The gacha machine isn't there either? Anyone know what the problem could be - I'm on Firestorm viewer?
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