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  1. I think the title says it. We have a simple sound-generation engine. Looking for a collaborator to create in-world objects that change the sounds streamed to the parcel. If this sounds fun, reply. thanks.
  2. Hi. I'm looking for somebody to cook up a simple object that recieves HTTP, presents a choice to a user, then sends their choice back via HTTP. I've done plenty of coding myself, just not with SL, so I just need something hack around with for now, while I figure out implementation stuff, and then which features to add next. Thx. Send me a PM with your general availability, questions and/or fee.
  3. lol Thx for giving it a listen. Now I'm off to [not] put mousse in my hair.
  4. Hey nerdpals. I mix 80s dance music. I want to mix for you, your venue and your friends. Here's the link to a 90 minute thrown-together mix. It's like oatmeal: not particularly great, but it does the job. But unlike oatmeal, I keep getting better with time. So there. http://soundcloud.com/djhobosak/new-seat-of-the-old-pants-80s Reply here or send Hobo Sak a notecard.
  5. (FYI: Flash is only implemented on viewers based on the "viewer 2 codebase".)
  6. Hi. I'm considering implementing some functionality in Flash, but I need to know what percent of the SL population will be even able to *see* it in-world. Any clues?
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