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  1. The X factor?? Customer service/support! We have none at the moment. When the monthly cost of a sim is equal to a car payment, people should be able to have access to competent support. This applies not only to land issues but to client issues as well. In any other context, trying to pick one aspect of SL and focus on it would be a slap in the face to those of us who created it. Diversity in all areas is what made us grow.
  2. If it's mod you can reset the scripts, if not you can try to contact the creator.
  3. It's most likely a script in something you are wearing. Take off EVERYTHING... shoes, hair, HUDs so that you are only wearing pants and a shirt, then try. If this works you can goback and add things 1 by 1 until you find the object that was giving you trouble.
  4. The items that are asking if she is sure she wants to transfer them are "no copy" and once she gives them to you she no longer has them in inventory, they belong to you.
  5. You should consider your obligation ended as soon as you inform the landlord. And yes, by objects I meant furniture and the like =)
  6. As long as you have removed your objects, just send a note card to the owner stating that you no longer want to rent there. If your objects were there past the end day of your rent and there was a grace period allowed, it would be only fair that you pay up to the date you left. You should also leave that group that allowed you land rights, if there was one.
  7. Is it possible that the prim count on the object you want to rez would put you over the limit? Try rezzing it in a sandbox to get a prim count.
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