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  1. Hey Folks. I'm sorry for Hijacking this thread but I could not find a damn button for starting ones own thread. I'm a developer (Not professional) in RL. I'm not really interested in jumping on the grid but very interested in becoming familiar with the LSL Language and eventually working that into something. My question is, Is there no way to test code OUTSIDE of SL? Seems a bit silly to have to log onto the grid just to run some code. log off log on etc. Anyway, Thank you in advance for any input.
  2. Hello everyone I have a friend who owns two sims. We are parceling them off in order to rent them (they are not homesteads; 3750 prim for each 1/4). the problem is that it seems both sims are under the same name or something like that so whatever we do in settings to one sim it affects the other. There is already one resident residing on one full estate and she is Region estate manager there as well as the other and that is not what we want. If she is removed from manager on the empty sim, it removes her from manager on her sim. How can we seperate the two sims so that we can have different estate settings on each?
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