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  1. I'm looking for a female who is into the goth/vampire scene to spend time with in Second Life. Preferably, you should be female behind the keyboard as well, but if you're a good enough at (and comfortable with) playing that role online, it's really not that important to me. I've been around Second Life for around 5 years and go through phases when I spend time online but usually get bored after a few weeks and abandon it until the next time it piques my interest. I think lose interest because I've never gotten involved in any kind of social group or made any friends so exploring on my own g
  2. Thanks for all the responses everyone... definately some thought provoking ideas being tossed around. I'm a bit of a contradiction when it comes to how I socialize. On one hand, I'm a shy person, so I do tend to keep to myself most of the time. On the other hand, I wear my heart on my sleeve and when I do meet and get to know someone I click with, I tend to jump in with both feet and develop meaningful strong relationships. So although I'll never be the social butterfly who is friends with everyone, I will usually have a few very close friends who I click with and understand beyond someone
  3. I like you're suggestion of finding people with similar interests, but it seems like whenever I do that I come up empty. For example, I'm into skateboarding,. but whenever I try to find some places in SL to skate, it's like a ghost town. I'm an old man though, so maybe I'm just an out of touch hipster. Does anyone know what the average age is of people in SL? It seems like the only places that I find that are hopping are dance clubs or some kind of bondage sex club. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for.
  4. So I got an email from Linden Labs last night letting me know that yesterday was my "Rez Day". I logged in and accepted my Rez Day Cake and logged off a few minutes later. I started thinking about how strange it is that Second Life is supposed to be a "social place" and after 3 years, I still don't have any friends... well one if you count my female alt. :) I don't go in-world too often, but I'd say I'm online at least a couple of times a week. I've had a few friends over the three years I've been here, but I lost touch with them. One woman was way too demanding... I
  5. While looking for the "Kento" skins, I found some shapes that look promising from "Armani Deluxe". But ouch!... they're L$1,500 each.
  6. Thanks for the tips everyone, I'll follow up on your suggestions and see what I can do.
  7. Hello all, I'm trying to create a certain avatar look. I want to have a very skinny shape, but not "femboy" looking. Here's an example of what I'm looking for: The problem I'm having is more with the skin than the shape. I can probably figure out the shape, but most of the "non-beefcake" skins I find are very femboy looking. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Moz
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