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  1. Or, maybe since most of these houses are being snapped up by long term residents they are seeding it with the sort of people who don't mind a new person duckwalking accidentally into their back yard every now and then. They might strike up a conversation and offer to even help them or point them to someone who can. So when those new premium members get a Linden Home to start with they'll be met with friendly faces and hellos instead of teleports and get off my lawns. Seems to me like the first thing a lot of newbies do is strip off their clothing in a public place and comment about how they look like a naked Ken or Barbie. Which do you think is going to put them off staying in SL more in those critical early stages? Is it the prospect that someone somewhere might get a peek at their blurry pixel ta-tas or their non-existent gentleman sausage? Or is it not seeing much of anyone to talk to and anyone they do see has given them the definite impression they probably don't want to talk to them (or possibly anyone else)? Will the environment that shapes their experience tell them this is a dangerous place where strangers should be feared and you need to protect yourself? Or will it tell them strangers are welcome because they can often be a good thing? Every friend you have now was once a stranger. Edit: BTW, I remember when default avatars were much more modest, catering to the idea that anything more than a slightly shaded nipple might offend people's sensibilities. It didn't. If anything they complained they were too modest and went right out and upgraded to a more anatomically correct model.
  2. As long as the objects don't actually BLOCK the road the Lindens generally won't stop people from building over a road. It would be nice if it actually looked decent though.
  3. Keep in mind unless you have something that actually proves the person intentionally gave it the wrong perms or had some sort of premeditated plan to swindle you it's not an abuse issue.... at least not according to Linden Lab. They consider those resident to resident disputes and won't get involved in mediating them. Your best bet is to talk politely to the merchant and discuss what happened. Most people are reasonable if aproached in a reasonable way. If they are approached with accusations of fraud or rudeness they are just as likely to ignore you.
  4. All you can do is report them. So the question realy is, how can I get a Linden to do something? What you need to do is be clear on exactly what part of the TOS the person is breaking and point the Linden directly to it. It has to be something they can verify and act on. Second, you have to be realistic in your expectations. They aren't going to permanently ban someone for a minor infraction. Third, since you are reporting harassment you have to show a history of problems where you have done nothing to aggravate the situation (by muting and ignoring the person) yet they continue. You do that by abuse reporting it each and every time. Don't expect them to act on it. They probably won't for at least the first few times (if ever).
  5. The problem is that Covenants are by estate, not by region. Any covenant that is entered will be for the entire estate, not just a single region in the estate. Since mainland is essentially one big monstrously huge estate, they can't have a covenant apply to one specific area there. They can do it for things like the Linden Homes areas because while they are technically mainland they are a separate estate from the normal mainland. If there were a covenant for mainland it would essentially say something to the effect of "Linden Lab reserves the right to change any region or part of a region owned by Linden Lab at any time and without notice."
  6. When the problem is the account name itself is a violation I don't see what alternative they have BUT to hold the account. So it's not over the top, it's a logical response to a unique problem. Even if they suspect the person isn't *really* trying to impersonate anyone the fact is other people could do the same thing who are. Common sense would say they have to treat all instances of people making names that a reasonable person could confuse as Linden equally. Nobody is going to mistake a slutty police woman for an actual cop. If she was dressed head to toe as a real cop and walking around in a manner that someone mistook her for a cop then yes, there is a possibility she could be reported, questioned, detained or even arrested depending on the circumstances. No one has been permanently banned for doing nothing but having someone walk into their shield. If they were banned it was because they had a ton of previous warnings and suspensions and used up all their chances. If someone is mistakenly banned because their friend was stealing content then they should be able to dispute it with LL. If they can prove to LL satisfaction they had nothing to do with it and they aren't the same person as the one doing the copying then they should get their account back. I'm also suspicious of anyone who says, "It wasn't me! It was my friend! Honest!" LL is going to be reasonably certain someone is guilty before pulling the trigger and terminating someone's account. If they make a mistake all the person has to do is contact them and appeal it. The difference between this case and Wasted is Wasted ran through all his warnings and they aren't going to let him have any accounts anymore because he just does the same thing again. If Keli makes a new account they won't close it. They just want her to know that picking "____linden" (with an upper case I) as a name for any reason is a no-no.
  7. Saying "I'm not a Linden" in your profile isn't a perfect CYA solution either. If you have to put that in your profile all that really does is prove you realize full well it can be misconstrued that you are a Linden and you picked the name on purpose to try and be cheeky. What happens when someone else does the same thing only they goal really is to take advantage of people's confusion? Is LL going to ignore it because they put a 'disclaimer' somewhere buried in their profile somewhere? No, they aren't. But they can't shut one person down and give another a free pass either. Lesson? Don't make names that appear like you're trying to impersonate a Linden, even as a joke. Even if they find it mildly funny, they have to take it seriously and treat all cases objectively.
  8. Probably. Lindens take any misuse (or perceived misuse) of the Linden name very seriously. Wasn't her signature something to the effect of "I'm only a Linden in Viewer 2" or something like that? Not smart. Some things you can't joke about because they will take you seriously. You don't say "bomb!" in an airport even as a joke unless you want to spend the next few hours in a very small room with very unamused people.
  9. Whatever your opinion of 2.x or 1.23 the fact is they aren't developing for 1.23 anymore, so as soon as they have something in the server code that requires a updated client (mesh?) 1.23 and all the viewers based on it's code will go the way of the dinosaur overnight.
  10. It will most likely be sooner than later. It's been almost a year now since 2.0 was launched. MY advice is to swallow the pill and force yourself to get used to Viewer 2 now. I know it doesn't do some things as well as 1.23 but that's not the point. Sometime soon 1.23 is not going to work any more and no amount of kicking, screaming, holding your breath until you turn blue, "we will not go quietly into the night" speeches, or threats to leave SL forever is going to change that.
  11. It would also be nice if locking your car doors guaranteed no one could steal your car. Unfortunately that's not the case. Locks only work on honest people, just like alt detectors. NO alt detection system can keep griefers out. Not even LL can keep them from being able to make a new account and logging in if they really want to. Any way you think you can identify an alt I guarantee you a griefer has a way around it... and most griefers already know them all.
  12. The only way to know for sure is if you can go to their house and actually watch them log into both accounts. Anyone who tries to sell you something that claims it can detect alts with any reliability is full of crap and just wants your money. Let it go. Everyone has at least one alt and the search for 'secret alts' will consume you if you let it. Besides, it's really none of your business if someone has an alt or not.
  13. "For this and other reasons, I'm about to dump my mailand holdings and go back to a basic account, IF I even stay here." That won't get you real support. That will actually get you no support. Spend $5000? Now THAT will get you some support. It's sad, but true. I don't know what to tell you. Only their billing dept can really help you. You can try calling during SF working hours after the new year. Then you might get bumped to someone at LL who can fix the problem instead of making the rounds in the call center merry-go-round.
  14. If Linden Lab believes the person using an account may likely be underage then it doesn't matter if that account or their alts were previously verified or not. Teens can lie and use false ID, but are usually stupid enough to admit to someone they are underage and get caught that way. So being verified doesn't protect you from being held if something else has given them cause to believe your age is anything other than what you claimed it to be. If they've held the account then they obviously have that already and are probably waiting to see what you do about it. Making a new account would probably just raise more red flags, since if someone really were underage that is exactly what they would do rather than try to contact Linden Lab to offer an explanation and get the account released. Raise enough of those flags and they are likely to just hold all your alt accounts AND block your access until they are comfortable you are who you say you are in your registration info. Skirting the issue by making new accounts just makes you look more guilty and will make convincing them more difficult. I would not make a new account. I'd be thankful they haven't blocked all your existing accounts already and make a ticket to clear up whatever confusion caused them to hold "Skye" in the first place.
  15. Yes. It is possible. But there are lots of ways you can screw yourself up and make mistakes that can cause you to get charged. First, understand the difference between donating land and donating land tier. They are related but not appreciating the difference can lead to confusion and unnecessary charges. Second, learn exactly how land use fees are calculated and charged. Third, read up on group land and the implications of giving land you bought to a group. Land is not something I recommend stumbling through by trial and error, because you will end up making errors that will cost you $. The first thing you should do is read and make sure you understand the wiki and knowledge base articles on how land and group land works before buying or donating anything.
  16. Once the grids merge the chances will probably increase if people start going around to "protect the children". Also expect LL enforcement to get less tolerant once the argument that "we're all supposed to be over 18 here anyway" no longer applies. If it were me I wouldn't risk placing a sex bed there. All it takes is one busybody to ruin your day.
  17. It's possible... in fact the actual act would take about 30 seconds... but highly unlikely to ever happen. Assuming they would even consider it they would have to confer with each and every person who owns land in the region, plus every owner of every piece of group owned land in the region, any one of which can say no and sink the entire idea. And to cover their asses they'd have to get in writing that everyone agrees to the change. Depending on the region and the people involved that would be a royal headache. It may be easier than that, say if one person owns the entire region. The problem with that is once they do it for one person they've opened the door and they will have other people or groups wanting to do it as well. The question then becomes where is the cutoff point. I'm guessing rather than open that pandora's box they will just tell you that ratings for mainland regions are what they are and cannot be changed.
  18. Your Linden dollar balance on your account is independent of whatever viewer you were using. The viewer gets that information from Linden Lab, not the other way around. There is a chance the Emerald viewer was showing your L$ balance incorrectly, but doesn't sound likely since a restart should fix that. What sounds more likely to me is you were using Emerald to log into the beta grid, and the L$ you were seeing was your balance on that grid alone. The beta grid is a testing grid and you cannot transfer your contents or L$ from that grid to the actual real grid. No changes you make on the beta grid will affect your actual account balance. That would also explain being "trapped" since only a handful of regions are actually represented on the beta grid. They rest do not exist there at all.
  19. If you sell it BEFORE your next billing date you will still be charged on THAT date, but not on the NEXT billing date. If you wait until AFTER your next billing date to sell it you will be charged on that date AND the next, but not on the one after that. You will keep being charged for land fees every monthly billing date until you have an entire cycle where you owned no land at any point during the cycle.
  20. Not really. Linden Lab has lots of ways to block and check for alts, but for each one there is always a way to get around it for those with the technical know how. So yes, there will always be those who can get back in as long as Linden Lab has an open policy on creating new accounts. There are ways to fix this, but Linden Lab has neither the will or desire to implement them. For one, they could require some form of payment info for all new accounts. Basic accounts would still be free, but you can't quite get your hands on dozens of free disposable credit card numbers with as much ease as you can make free disposable email accounts. The red flags any attempt like that would raise would also be easily noticed and much more seriously investigated. It would also make tracking and deterring mid or low level griefing much much more easy as well since they are likely to use the same info for all their accounts. But the negative effect on registrations would naturally be significant as well, so they will never do it. They'd rather just let everyone in and hope for the best than put a barrier at the gate that might garner negative PR in any way (Headline: OH NOES! Second Life registrations are way down! Is this the beginning of the end for SL?).
  21. Calveen is correct. You are always charged on your billing date for the peak amount you owned during the previous cycle. It doesn't matter if you owned it for 29 days or 29 seconds. That is to keep people from asking others or alts to "hold" the land while their billing goes through so it looks like they don't own land and don't get charged. If you want to "get your money's worth" then yes, you should know when your billing date is and buy land on the day after and always sell the day before to avoid unnecessary (but valid) charges.
  22. Your fees are calculated based on the peak usage during the previous cycle. Peak usage is the amount of land you own PLUS any tier donations to any groups (even if the group no longer owns any land). If you owned land or had group contributions anytime after 10/14 it will apply to this cycle and you'll be charged on 11/14 just like you were on 10/14. If you own nothing and have no contributions after that you won't be charged anything on 12/14. They bill by peak usage because if they didn't people would swap land between accounts with different billing dates to get out of paying anything.
  23. Call them and call NOW. For delinquent accounts that owe them money they hold the account after 7 days. 30 days after it is held the account is closed. 30 days after that (i.e. about NOW) they purge the account and you entire inventory is deleted... never to be seen again. So if you want any chance of avoiding that you need to contact billing support by phone as soon as possible. They are the only ones who can help you at this point.
  24. Perhaps it means they have already been taken care of... similar to when you try to AR someone in world and cannot bring up their name in the tool because the account has already been terminated.
  25. Itazura Radio

    Linden Homes

    Check again. Every time I've seen someone who can't get the control panel to work (especially if they have the same problem in different houses) they have either it or Governor Linden (who owns the house) muted.
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