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  1. I agree with this...especially since some designers insist on using poorly rigged mesh templates for their clothing. At least give us a chance to make the necessary modifications so that the clothing can be worn and not trashed or lost in the inventory.
  2. I think there is a market for this sort of service, but the trick is to find quality people who are serious about revamping their business. I have helped merchants in the past, and a couple of the issues I had with some were 1. they didn't want to pay for the service 2. they were highly defensive and not wanting to make the changes for their business. I think in order for something like this to work, it would be good to have your own team of builders, photographers, marketers, etc. Using the team, show the merchant what could be done to their product to raise it to the next level, and then talk about costs. Even though you can tell someone what to do, it needs to actually be done in order for it to be a success. A lot of merchants simply don't have the talent or the connections to market their product successfully.
  3. Had a look at your profile...not even 2 weeks old with no profile photo or picks. You don't seem to be that creditable to me...I think peopel would hesitate to rent from you.
  4. I like notecards for sending information...why? Because it gives me a record of contacting that person. If the person is not on your friends list, it's a pain digging up logs and trying to remember the day you contacted them so you can remember the person's name. Also, you can see when the person has accepted the notecard (although that is not as reliable as it was in the past). I like them for receiving info too because again, if I don't have you saved, how am I supposed to get back to you? IMs, unless it goes straight to the person's email (and they have a phone), I am less likely to rely just on IMs alone. If the person is online and they crash before seeing my message, I won't know if they didnt get it or are they ignoring me. If there is nothing specified in a person's profile, I send an IM briefly summarizing my issue, and then follow up with a detailed notecard. Don't get me wrong - my IMs , etc are set to go to email, because I like to cover my bases - I don't think any method is 100% foolproof. If you get a lot of group messages, you will cap on text messages, plain and simple.
  5. If you go to http://slbloggersupport.wordpress.com/, they have good resources for bloggers, including a list of content creators who are currently looking for bloggers.
  6. I'm not sure if they are still hiring, but Grunble was looking for some store models.
  7. To the OP, probably not if it's long and flowing hair. What you could do is get a hairstyle that's in a high ponytail to minimize the hair going inside your body. Or try to use dances where the hair doesn't go inside the body as much, but then you might limit the range of dances available to you.
  8. Hey! This is Monica, and I want to tell you about a real life fashion contest that one of my friends have entered. Her name is Lolita Dailey, and I explain more about contest on my blog. So if you like the shirt design she did and the contest, I think it would be a great idea to get the shirt and get the word out to vote through word of mouth. If any of you have blogs or flickr, you can use that too. It would be really cool if she won - hooray for SL designers and businesses ^^ Thank you!
  9. I wouldnt had moved my skybox...you were there first. I would had told the land owner (because I think you said that you didnt own the sim) that you were being harassed by someone camming into your home from another sim and making inappropriate comments and threats. Also I would had reported them to LL, and muted/banned the person from my parcel. You were bullied, through and through.I might had even tried to find out who owned the sim that person was on and if it was privately owned, report them to the person who owned the land (if it didn't belong to them already). Just becaise someone has been in SL for a period of time doesn't give them the right to bully others.
  10. Maitreya is also another store that sells good mesh. I think people who go the the extremes with wearing mesh (i.e. wear ONLY mesh or NEVER wear mesh) are silly. Mesh gives you yet another option to style your avatar. I do dislike all of the template mesh....not so much because it's template but that the designers don't seem to know how to use alphas to make the mesh look right, nor know how to rig it properly. I wear a S/M, and when I see gaps in mesh at a L or even XL size, something is wrong. Also, when I have to change the value of sliders that should not matter when it comes to mesh clothing, something is wrong. This gives mesh a bad name because people won't go to the stores that have mesh clothing at 300-400L, they will go to the cheaper stores. Then when they see nothing fits, they denounce mesh entirely. I had a friend who didn't like mesh and after taking her to a good store she could fit into a medium with minor tweaking of the slider. So OP maybe that's what you need to do too?
  11. Latest news regarding the contest: "Due to some scheduling conflicts, we are moving the dates for this AMAZING contest. DEADLINE IS NOW: MONDAY, Feb 11, 2013." Please contact Redtess69 resident inworld with any relevant inquires.
  12. Hello Izzabelha! I will address your concerns here. "This ad did not explain she had her own modeling agancy and to want people that have not spent money somewhere else after winning some contest usually resorts to signing up with place that sponsered." I don't think it's fair to assume that because Red has a major role in a modeling agency that TCL cannot and will not be objective in helping prospective models. TCL is NOT a school or an agency, so people can't sign up for it for the purpose that you have described. Since you said you know about modeling, I am sure you know there is at least one organization where people can learn tips about modeling with no obligation to join any agency or academy, and that many of the people who take on active roles hold significant roles in various agencies. "I am not sure why skype was not explained in the ad" What additional explanation for Skype would you need? I am not sure where you are going with this. "I also in my many on and off years of sl have never had a problem with voice if you are in a laggy area and a machine that can't run sl then yes slvoice doesn't remain steady." I understand for your own personal use, Skype may not seem necessary. However, that may not always be the same when you are dealing with businesses and/or major events. As for voice being reliable I have had friends having issues getting voice to work inworld, whether if it's SL acting up or their viewer giving them issues. I have seen at huge events everything that is scripted gets shut down because of lag, and sim crashes, logging people off or their screen frozen. So having an external source of communication independent of SL is needed if everything is to run smoothly. "...also wondering why it took you and not the OP to answer any questions here so that takes any validation in my eyes as who this person is as honest with this ad." I am an active member of TCL, having been involved with their events in the past. So that to me makes it more valid because it's not just one person talking about the contest (and the group itself). Also, I'm the one who suggested to Red to promote the contest on the Second Life forums, because in the past I have seen people who are looking for opportunities to model, but for one reason or another didn't attend an academy (thus most opportunies are not available to them). I am sure if you contact Red inworld she will answer any of your questions. Not everyone has the time to check on the forums when the majority of communication to sign up is being conducted inworld via IMs and notecards. "I just checked the Christian DIOR website and unfortunaely the company does NOT lend it's name in any way shape or form for people to grab attention to events rl or sl. I would suggest that you rethink using a trademarked name, even in the way you implied. Since you seem to be the spokesperson for the OP I directed this at you. MP stores can't use licensed or trademarked or copywrite protected content. Just because this is sl doesn't mean the law should be broken." **The Creative Loft** proudly presents "Show Me Your BEST - SL Resident DIOR Style!" contest! THEME: Style your avatar from head to toe to mimic the styles of the real life fashion house, Christian DIOR. I don't see any rules being broken, and The Creative Loft is not a marketplace store (or any store). The theme is to use SL clothing to recreate the styles of Christian Dior as your inspiration. Every designer has a certain look that makes them stand out from the other houses of fashion. So the contest will judge how well people can do this. No one is trying to impersonate the designer, or say that they are affliated with Dior. "I wish more people were informed that paying someone to be an sl model is silly. You learn to navigate your avatar with multiple key use and a hud so movements don't seem jerky. Pixels being a famous model taking a class that costs a large amount of money is ridiculous, my opinion, but backed by facts. If you want advice on putting outfits together there are many free blogs. I hate seeing people taken advantage of in a virtual world that a certificate is seemingly silly but you paid real world money for." I don't know how you get all of this from a contest that's open to people who haven't been to a school...whether self-taught or brand new to modeling. Again, TCL is not an academy, so these statements distract from the topic at hand.
  13. Red is an active model in SL, so it's not surprising that she would be affliated with a number of agencies and organizations. Please read the following link for more information on The Creative Loft: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/Calling-all-prospective-models-Styling-Contests-are-starting-do/td-p/1811313 If you are familar with the modeling industry, the majority of the contests are geared towards certified models, i.e. have graduated from an academy. However, there are a number of people who haven't went to school, but still have a flair for fashion. This contest is geared towards them. There are a significant number of residents who use Skype (and it's free). As laggy (espeically when using voice) and at times inconsistent as SL can be, Skype is an alternative way of communicating so if the sim crashes, or you crash - you can still be in contact with other people and be updated on the current events. If you have questions or feel like something is being left unsaid, you can always talk to Red inworld about your concerns.
  14. Are you wanting to be a model, but don't know the first thing about doing it? Do you want to strut your stuff on the catwalk with your own look, but with some more refined skills? Would you want to learn how to style and look all 'put together' like u just walked out of a fashion show? Do you want to just find out more information BEFORE dropping a lot of Lindens to attend a model academy? Did you answer YES to any of these? Got more questions or other ones about modeling? The Creative Loft will show you this and MORE! We are a group of experienced models that want to give you, the person wanting to ask questions, all the help BEFORE you choose a contest to enter, a casting to try-out for and even a school to attend, or even work side by side seasoned models in how-to sessions in casting calls, and how to be prepared for all the events. We won't be your school, and you won't become certified by joining our group, but we will be there to HELP you understand the basics to prepare you for the right SL modeling school. There are MANY in SL, all have their advantages, and offer things for all kinds of models, timezones and techniques. If you are considering looking at the contests, castings and schools, and are the kind of person that wants to make an educated choice, feel free to contact us for un-biased help. ****WE ALSO HOST CONTESTS AND FASHION SHOWS FOR UN-CERTIFIED MODELS AND CERTIFIED MODELS ALIKE.... One is being created now, so get your styling gloves on, and ask to join our group if you are interested in modeling. Feel free to contact Redtess69 Resident for more information and a info application. The Creative Loft group is by invite only.
  15. http://strawberrysingh.com/2012/07/27/all-meshed-out/ I have it in gold and black
  16. Sometimes people will overlook lack of job experience if they see that you are willing to work. Do you fill out your applications out entirely? Do you follow up with people to see if they receieved your application if you have not heard from them? When you go on interviews, do you dress appropriately for the job? Would the interviewer get an impression that you want to work, or do you seem distant and/or bored? Do you engage your interviewers in coversation, or are you ready to go as soon as they stop asking you questions? I think if you are unable to find any sort of job, it's something you aren't/are doing that is giving off a bad vibe to prospective employers. Even in this message, you give off the vibe of being flakey, because you aren't sure of when you will be on. So maybe when they ask you for time committment you give off this same vibe, and they they just choose to go with someone else.
  17. The thing is though, you are saying you are willing to try new things but you contradict yourself when you say you won't change your style. If you represent a company or brand, then you have to look the part. I seriously doubt people will want you to look a certain way when you are not actively working, but if you expect to work (and get paid for it too), you have to be a bit more flexible. At first I thought you were a furry or something of the sort, but after looking at your profile I don't see what objections you would have to changing your "style".
  18. If it bothers you that much, just wear pumps. They still look great, and you don't have to worry about matching textures to your skin. What shoes are you talking about where it doesn't match? I know certain shoes have a weird glow when I view them in AnaLu studio 5. I mostly wear N-Cores because the feet match up well to my skin tone in both default and my desired windlight setting. However for fairer shades I have a bit more difficulty matching up the tones (I mostly wear tan shades).
  19. I wear whatever looks good on me Some rules I think you can get away with because it's more of a cultural thing than anything else. On other things...rules are there for a purpose. For instance, I know a rule is to not to wear too much animal print at once - if you have leopard pants, pair it with a solid top, and such. Blue and green are complementary so not sure who said it was taboo to not wear those 2 colors together. I used to have a pair of brown boots and would wear them with black pants - always saw brown as a neutral color, and it's not good to have too much of the same color unless you want a monochromatic effect. My mom never liked wearing white after labor day..I just don't like it period because it seems to get dirty so fast...haha. I think it's more of a case of since a lot of trends go back and forth when it comes to being in style or not, it's easier to just dress the way you feel like it. You may not be a trendsetter, but as long as you feel good, that's all that matters, right?
  20. Most people can see mesh by now, so I would just wear it if I wanted to wear it. After Phoniex figured out how to let their users see it, it was like a bell went off that it was now okay to go all out with making mesh products. I own a few mesh items, but what stops me from getting more is 1. the price and 2. having to demo every single item that I want. On standard sizing I am either a small or a medium, so if I don't try it on first, I would be making an expensive mistake. I like buying something, knowing how it should fit and if something is wonky, letting the designer know. With mesh the repsonsiblity is entirely on you to tweak your shape to fit.For some people, their shape is not within the scale that they use for SS, so they would have to significantly alter their shape or forgo wearing it altogether. I would not compare it with having a skirt shape, because you would only need one additional shape to create to make sure your hips and butt don't balloon out.
  21. I agree with what Amethyst said. Not all people without payment info are dishonest, and not all people that have payment info used are law abiding residents. I really wish people like the OP would stop discriminating against those who choose not to have on file their payment info. All that will do is alienate and limit those who make enough money in SL to not need to use RL payment info.
  22. Also Beach Front Realty accepts lindens as well
  23. I recently had to give someone money so they could unfreeze their account. Linden Labs was clear when i called them in that you need to pay on time or else your account gets frozen. I agree with the rest of the people - if it's that important, don't fall behind in payments.
  24. Since clubs aren't really known to make money, why not just look for a prefab that suits your needs on marketplace...then mod it to the colors that you want?
  25. N-Core lets you input RGB values. But allI have to do is click to one of the presets and I'm already matched. Sometimes I may tweak the hue, but on a rare occasion. People have said Maitreya and Pixel Mode are hard to match because they do not allow direct number input, and figuring out the system of how to match colors takes time to do. But I guess if one wears shoes from those brands all of the time, it becomes easy.
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