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  1. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN THIS EVENT! The Fashion Loft & D I V I N E are hosting an upcoming photo contest from April 6-21, 2018. There will be 3 fashion themes that you can choose to style: 1. Punk 2. Casual Chic Pastels 2. Sporty/Athleisure ======= Prizes ======= The top 3 stylists for each theme will be able to win 1,000 L, 2nd place 500 L, and 3rd place 250 L.. Contestants will be judged for styling as well as photos. Emphasis will be on the styling, but if the photo is not presented well, that can affect the contestants' placement. ========================================== IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS CONTEST: ========================================== - PHOTO ENTRIES will be accepted from April 6-21. - FINAL ENTRY TIME will be April 21 @ 9 AM SLT. - WINNERS will be announced by April 23 * Post processing can be used, but not so much that it distorts the outfit(s). * You do not have to be the photographer, but you must credit the photographer if it's someone other than yourself. Please do not spend thousands of Lindens for a photographer - that is NOT the point of this styling contest. * People can submit a maximum of two stylings per category. The styles does not have to be newly created, but all items used to create the style must be currently available for purchase. * Include a style card for each entry. The winners will have the style card in our upcoming lookbook, so this is important. No style card = no winner. More information can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefashionloftsl/posts/476994552719965
  2. We are currently looking to hire for the following positions: 1. Social Activities Coordinator 2. Audio/Visual (A/V) Manager Please fill out the application here if you are interested: https://goo.gl/forms/RXpF2DRMRyHU2OfA3 If you are interested in other ways you can help at TFL, please watch for our group notices inworld on this topic.
  3. The Fashion Loft is doing something fun to celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17th! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonfight/125/157/25 From 12 PM to 8 PM SLT, we have a lineup of hot DJs to spin some tunes that are guaranteed to burn up the dance floor! We sincerely hope you join us at some point on the 17th, and party with us. Don't forget to tell your friends and family - they may want something fun to do too! Here is the line up! 12 PM - 2 PM SLT: DJ Brice Meda (briceyokan) 2 PM - 4 PM SLT: DJ Sσηηу Ϯιṽσlι - (bennas) 4 PM - 6 PM SLT: DJ Bᴜɴɴʏ Bᴏxᴇɴ™ (bunny.boxen) 6 PM - 8 PM SLT: DJ Kilolo Jenkins
  4. The Manor Suites Lounge presents... KINKY GAME NIGHT Join us Friday, February 9th @ 6 PM SLT in the Game Lounge RarlR (30,33,352) Fun Required - Clothing Optional
  5. The Manor Suites is a well-established skybox rental company in Second Life that has been in business since 2011. We provide a luxury experience for a low price, and strive for an environment where renters can call their home. Recently, The Manor Suites has opened up a lounge for people to relax and play table games. We are looking for fun, flirty hosts to run PG and/or Adult events. If you are interested, please fill out the following application: https://goo.gl/forms/HqtGNPhNURV7zvbO2
  6. The Manor Suites Lounge presents... KINKY GAME NIGHT Join us Thursday, February 8th @ 4 PM SLT in the Game Lounge RarlR (30,33,352) Fun Required - Clothing Optional
  7. The Fashion Loft (TFL) is proud to announce our first show of the year. We invite you to join us on February 3rd at 12 PM SLT, where we will feature fashion designs from Heels and Lulu. Black Veil (128,130,26) Due to the nature of our venue, we would like to ask all guests to arrive early for seating. Follow The Fashion Loft on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefashionloftsl/
  8. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Fashion Loft In world: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonfight/119/159/26 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefashionloftsl/ The Fashion Loft Presents: Heels x Lulu Fashion Show - February 3rd --January 28, 2018--- The Fashion Loft (TFL) is proud to announce our first show of the year. On February 3, 2018, TFL will feature fashion designs from Heels and Lulu. Morgan Whitfield-Mickalobe (mmorganwhitfield), creator and owner of Heels, specializes in creating classic styles shoes and boots. She started her store in order to help maintain the Care and Hope Center of SL. Since 2014, the Care and Hope Center is a not-for-profit information hub to instill awareness on the horrors of domestic violence and violence against women. For more information on the center, visit in world: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Madhupak/49/244/102 LυLυ (ninette.secretspy), creator and owner of Lulu, creates fresh and enticing clothing for female avatars. Her burlesque dancing background gives a fun and playful influence to her creative designs. To help bring the illustrious designs of Heels and Lulu to life, The Fashion Loft would like to thank models Foxie Love (slave.foxclaw), Gгєţα ƤĮǟïṧỉṝ (gretacongarbo), Leezah Kaddour (leezahkaddour), Mίƙί Šŋσωღ (nakamuramiki), Miso (misoindite.romano), ℳøηї (monica.querrien), Naar Rexen (naarnisse), Red Jess (redtess69), Resmay Bloodstorm (meishagirl) and Scαяℓєt LєŔσυхღ (scarlet.lenoirre) for bringing their sensational stylings to the runway. We invite you to join us on February 3rd at 12 PM SLT. Due to the nature of our venue, we would like to ask all guests to arrive early for seating. Follow The Fashion Loft on Facebook to get more information on the show, including show location. ================ About The Fashion Loft The Fashion Loft was created last year in an effort to bring fun back to fashion. Headed by Red Jess (redtess69) and ℳøηї (monica.querrien), TFL successfully put on several events, contests, and fashion shows for the SL fashion community. Located at the Moonfight sim, TFL's headquarters is the ideal place for fashionistas to relax, meet people, and to have fun.
  9. The Fashion Loft is holding its Grand Re-Opening Party on December 9th from 1 PM - 4 PM SLT today. Theme: "How Haute Are You?" Dress Code: Formal/Haute Couture Come dressed to impress and party with DJ EOSTRI! Party Landing Point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonfight/129/157/999 After the party, come tour our new HQ and see what we have to offer. ~*~ Today also kicks off the start of our holiday hunt, with the first stop at our main HQ:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonfight/119/159/26 Feel free to grab the teleporting HUD, our gifts, and then go get everyone else's gifts!
  10. Currently I am on the search for a personal assistant (or a few if the right conditions are met). Skills: Fluent in English. Strong communication skills Good attention to details - both in written documents and in doing tasks Flexible with time Willingness to learn new skills Able to meet deadlines Able to work independently as well with others. Friendly & enthusiastic If you are interested, please visit inworld and grab the application: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amaretto%20Paradise/115/81/22 Please save all inquiries for the interview - all major questions are addressed on the application.
  11. Let's be clear...this survey is partly based on past surveys where it was determined that there was a relatively small user base for Belleza. Content creators used the results from those surveys to justify not making the clothing for these bodies. Throughout the time that mesh bodies have been in place, pretty much every major mesh body had issues with their kit - either it was not widely handed out, or it was hard to use and did not produce desirable results. I have been following this in places where content creators talk about which kit is hard to get and/or hard to use. If there is a significant consumer base that wants the clothing, then you can advocate to both the mesh body creator AND the content creators that make the clothing to work together so that clothing can be made. Now what she can do is to let Belleza know your concerns, and see what they say. But as I said before, Velvet is only saying what the Belleza reps told her - that content creators need to apply. So how is that an assumption? I think it's you that is making assumptions. This issue is multi-faceted, it's not as simple as doing one thing or another. You have to start somewhere, and it's easier to do things when you have a number of united people that feel similarly.
  12. I already explained to her about how the mesh body creators go through stages of not releasing kits to the public. So she went there first. And she said that Belleza told her that content creators need to apply. So nope not wrong way around.
  13. Do not assume that this survey was created in a vacuum. There have already been surveys that ask about a variety of mesh bodies, so why would Velvet duplicate what has already been done if she wanted to learn about specifics? Maybe you did not get to see those surveys? This survey wanted to take one issue that has already been established, and to further investigate it. Most people buy mesh bodies based on which ones are pleasing to them. Those who have not found one that they like, still do not have mesh bodies. In this survey it addresses whether people who liked Belleza went and bought another body so they could wear more clothing. I am sure there are other people with mesh bodies other than Maitreya will feel the same, but the survey's focus is not on those people. If eventually Velvet wants to take the data from this survey to Belleza, why would they want to know about issues people with other bodies have? If she wanted to take her results to a content creator to advocate for clothing for Belleza bodies, why would she need data from people who are outside the scope of her focus? If based on her data, people are generally satisfied with the choices that they have, then nothing else needs to be done, and she will have a huge list of stores where she can shop. It sounds like you wanted a general survey, when this survey is specific to issues/topics previously discussed. It is not a filter, but a focus.
  14. It's a survey (no quotes needed) geared towards a targeted audience - those who have Belleza mesh bodies. What would you have liked to seen in the survey? Besides general information, the survey asks questions about where they shop, do they have to use other mesh bodies to be able to wear the clothing that they want, and would they be interested in getting more clothing for their Belleza body. So how is that a single opinion?
  15. Hello everyone! My friend Velvet made a survey for those who own Belleza mesh bodies. She wants to see how people feel about the amount of choices they have for Belleza, and to eventually advocate to designers to create more sizes for Belleza bodies. If you or someone you know has a Belleza mesh body, please share and/or fill out the following survey. Thanks! https://goo.gl/forms/RvH2scwP1mTHJImG2
  16. This Sunday, Oct 22 at 11AM (SLT), The Fantasy Angels presents HEAVEN CAN WAIT — a Dark Fantasy presentation of lost souls, dangerous encounters and triumph of good over evil. Come see a theatrical presentation with special effects and costumes that are out of this world, starring the Fantasy Angels as you've never seen them before. Enable music, turn on particles, bring friends and be entertained. Audience Landing: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lombard Park/39/10/3811 More information can be found here.
  17. We provide fully furnished, high-end, affordable rentals for as little as 25 Lindens a day. At the Manor Suites, you can count on us to provide impeccable service. Our goal is to provide you with quality living in Second Life at a fraction of the cost. Luxury doesn’t have to cost much – enjoy your new home with us! Our rentals have the following amenities: - 3 level security orbs - Apartment style and outdoor scenes - Multiple scenes - Option to remove furniture from scenes so you can use your own - Shared radio with a variety of stations - Intan dance balls - TV - Ability to add people to your rental with rezzing rights If you like what you see, come to our office and use the teleporters to check out our rentals – see you soon!
  18. MISS VIRTUAL DIVA 2017 is now open! Who will be the next face of fashion? ┊┊┊☆ HOW TO ENTER ☆ ┊┊┊ Entries Open June 15th to July 31st * Take a Full body & Closeup of your look - size of photo must be 2500x2000 * Style theme: Head to toes Flowers Dolce and Gabbana Inspiration. * All outfits used for this contest MUST be from Virtual Diva Brand. ┊┊┊☆ PRIZES ☆┊┊┊ WINNER WILL RECEIVE: 1. Reign as Miss VIRTUAL DIVA for 2017 with a beautiful Crown (Angels Kristan´s Exclusive Design). 2. Receive a prize consisting of L$ 100K CASH from VIRTUAL DIVA Organization. 3. Have a beautiful GOWN named after her. 4. A Model Contract with VIRTUAL DIVA Organization for a year. 5. L$ 25K in VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE products. 6. Be our Cover Story with a full interview in Virtual DIVA Magazine. 7. Become part of the Exclusive Fantasy Angels Company. If you have any questions regarding Miss VIRTUAL DIVA 2017 please contact inworld: redtess69 resident. More details can be found on the official website here
  19. The Fashion Loft regularly hold contests, shows, and other events related to fashion. For our upcoming Summer Resort/Regatta themed show, we are looking for people who - own sailboats and/or yachts - is a member of a sailing club (or runs one) - sell boats and yachts We would like to feature various boats as decor for our sim theme, and in return the owners of the boats can share information on where people can get the boats, or where you can go sailing. The owners will be able to pick up their boats after the show. Please contact Monica Querrien inworld for more information.
  20. THE FANTASY ANGELS “BIRDS OF PARADISE” FASHION SHOW - JUNE 3RD at 11AM (SLT) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamsLand/72/147/3000 THE FANTASY ANGELS COMPANY cordially invites you to the “BIRDS OF PARADISE” Fashion Show on June 3rd, 2017 at 11 AM SLT. Join us as we celebrate femininity, sensuality, and women empowering women through strength and numbers. Be mesmerized by our Angels as they showcase the EXCLUSIVE designs of Alter, Celestinas Weddings, Ghee, JUMO, irrISIStible, Lamu Fashion, Liziaah, Rapture, Tiffany Designs, Vero Modero and Virtual Diva. Live DJ and Master of Ceremony Eostri will set the mood for some exciting entertainment and fun surprises. Stick around to mix and mingle with the Angels at the after party. This is something that you do not want to miss!!! DRESS CODE: Formal / Chic Read the OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE for all the details: https://thefantasyangels.wordpress.com/events/birds-of-paradise-show/ The Fantasy Angels Company ================================================================== OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://thefantasyangels.wordpress.com OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/TheFantasyAngelsComp/ FACEBOOK INVITE: www.facebook.com/events/127249764508613/ ==================================================================
  21.  The Fashion Loft (TFL) is proud to host our first contest! We are looking for the sexiest avatars on the grid - do you think you have what it takes to win? The contest will take place on October 15th, 2016 at 1 PM SLT. Contest entries must be submitted via mailbox by October 8th at 12 PM SLT. The mailbox can be found at Model's Haven . The Fashion Loft started over 4 years ago as The Creative Loft in SL fashion. It was a team of models, teachers, stylists, and fashionistas that loved to help models learn the basics of modeling. They also specialized in producing fashion shows for several prominent designers in SL. Now, TFL intends to do the same under a new banner and team. Participants will be asked to style a sexy Halloween-themed outfit using at least one item from our list of sponsors: Aleutia, Athena Couture, Dot-BE, Finale Couture, Ghee, Heth Haute Couture, Lulu, Milk Tea, Nomiki's Creations, Selene Creations, Sweet Tea Couture, and TentatioN. Special thanks to our media and other sponsors: AIM, ELLY Models, ENVY Magazine, Kent Photography, ModeLS Magazine, PURE Fashion & Modeling Academy, The Manor Suites, and Visionaire Institute. The first place winner will win 5000 Lindens, a double page spread in 2 magazines, gift cards totaling over 5000 Lindens, and more. For a full list of prizes for the top 3 winners and details on how to enter, please visit https://www.facebook.com/thefashionloftsl/. Contact either Red Jess (redtess69) or Moni (monica.querrien) for any questions on the contest.
  22. When I need to buy Lindens, I put my credit card/ debit card info in, get the money, and then delete the information. That way you can still buy what you need without your account getting compromised. A merchant told her group that a while ago after her account was compromised, and I have been doing that ever since. I was not aware of the issue with prepaid cards and PayPal - that is definitely something to keep in mind.
  23. If you still need bloggers, you can always apply to this website...their group has access to over 1k bloggers. https://slbloggersupport.com/resources/designers-looking-for-bloggers/
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