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  1. I treat my avi well....and I don't have a premium account. I live on a beachfront property...go shopping all the time, and have fun with my friends. I've seen the plots of land that LL gives people because some of my friends live in them. That wouldn't be an incentive to upgrade my membership...hmm.
  2. Before everyone became a "Resident" I didn't see thjat many numbers next to people's names. Now it seems like so many people have numbers. I use Imprudence and I don't think it has options for display names...so when I see a person named X and some others start calling the person Y (based on their display name) it's awkward. Yes I know people feel the need to be individuals. Maybe for a fee (like someone suggested) they could change their name...so it's one name...not username and display name. But I like my name...would had never came up with my last name had it not been for SL and I think it suits me
  3. Welcome to SL - and I give you kudos for having the know-how to ask for help Really am impressed with all of the info people have given, and there were no snarky answers. My advice is to don't be afraid to ask people questions inworld. Most people are friendly if they see that you legitimately want to know about SL, and aren't trying to harass them or beg them for Lindens. Regarding employment, I would focus on trying to learn the basics of SL first. I work at a clothing store, and it's hard to hire people when they haven't gotten the hang of adjusting the prims from their clothing to their body to make it fit properly, or how to open up boxes
  4. How about when you go idle on SL? It's similar...hehe. When I idle on SL I sit at home in a chair or sleep on my bed...hehe. One day when my friend and I was cuddling he logged off for the night, and I left SL running. He said it was nice when he logged back in the next day to see me still "asleep" on the bed
  5. When I first started SL, I had someone who I thought would make a cool friend unfriend me after a bit. I was disappointed, but I guess she didn't feel like putting up with a newbie for to long after the first stepping stones...hehe. I used to delete people with a message that I would readd them if they ever came back to SL, but then stopped doing that when people who I was good friends with suddenly stopped logging on. I was away from SL from 50 days cause my HD crashed...when I came back I too had found some people had defriended me without seeing whether or not I was okay or why. I told them all what happened, and some readded me. I have close friends, acquaintances, business contacts all on my list so it wouldn't make sense for me to remove people I don't speak to all the time. I think only reason I remove people if I didn't feel like declining their friend request at the time they asked me to be friends (i do decline people who don't read my profile regarding random friend requests,though). I will give some friends a time out (aka uncheck them from online list) if I get 5 TPs a day. I don't want to accidentally tp to a location while I'm working or talking with a friend and I have notices from my groups coming in. I keep my calling cards as well so I can keep track of who was ever added to my friends list.
  6. Oh I really hope they don't go around changing the way the date is done. When I go on websites that is ran by Europeans or Australians, and the game/website is set to their time zone, I don't go around asking them to change their format. I believe it's their right as webmasters to format their application as they see fit. LL should do a blurb on what the occasion is, though. Spring break--also known as March break, Study Week or Reading Week in the United Kingdom and some parts of Canada--is a recess in early spring at universities and schools in Canada, mainland China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, South Africa,Brazil,the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries. In the United States, spring break at the college and university level can occur from February to April, depending on term dates and certain holidays. Many K-12 institutions in the United States schedule their spring breaks around Easter and Passover. So based on that, why is everyone complaining that it's only an American holiday? Second, I would think it's a vacation (or holiday) where people like to go to warmer climates to hang out and have fun (hence the beach themes and the like).
  7. Do you have what it takes to be a Naughty Deviant? The Naughty Den is now looking for some fun-loving staff who are willing to work with us to make this the best nightclub experience that is out there in Second Life. How will we accomplish this? Currently we are looking for the following staff to be in our Deviant family: Shift managersDJsDancers (preferably with hosting abilities) Come on down now and get your application! Any questions please contact Monica Querrien. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sensual Heaven/148/39/583
  8. Misery loves company, so even though you will see people who like to complain band together and go picking on others...I wouldn't thik that would necessarily make them friends.
  9. It's hard to answer this, because when I first read the topic I thought it would be a general discussion...when in fact it seems targeted to a specfic group of people. I feel in SL everyone is looking to network with people..be it for something long term or instant gratification. When I first started SL some people that brought me here gave me a folder of their favorite landmarks...and I was taken to a freebie mall by someone to help me get a better skin (and she also gave me landmarks). Even if the person's intent was to promote their business., it can still benefit you. No one can make you buy anything that you don't want to, so even if people were to take you to a store (their store) to purchase something...you can always choose to walk away. So if a new person wanted a place to live, maybe the woman would be right up their alley, if the price was right.
  10. Welcome to SL! I like the fact that you are willing to experience SL through the eyes of those who participate daily. Hopefully this will help you gain insight as to what we like about Second Life, and what we would like to see improved. Have fun, and I look forward to hearing more about your new adventures !
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