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  1. Abandoned land can actually be easier to get hold of, as you aren`t relying on another resident to choose to put it for sale & at a reasonable price. If you own land on 3 sides of an abandoned plot LL will transfer it to you, otherwise they will simply put it up for auction if requested.
  2. Glad it helped a bit, it is obviouly a Graphics card issue, other than keeping all your graphics settings on basic with no bells & whistles there is little else that will really help. Making your avatar as basic as possible will help that to load faster too. But all these things do put a dampner on the overall enjoyment of SL. In the long run, investing in a new card is probably your best bet.
  3. Sell it or Abandon it. If it is your free Linden Home, you need to abandon it. Go to the parcel and into About Land and click on the Abandon button.
  4. Don`t panic is prolly the best advice, there have been a few posts recently asking about the delay but even though some have taken 8-10 days they all seem to get there in the end.
  5. Sometimes updating Graphics Card Drivers you can hit on a version that works worse with SL than the old ones, you can always roll-back the drivers to the ones that were working ok, so thats not a big problem if thats the case here. Can you post a pic of what you are seeing so that it easier to tell what is going on? If you fixed it before from advanced menu it sounds like you may have selected or deselected something in one of the sub-menus, but they mostly go back to default when you relog. Check through the sub-menus to see if you have a X on something that shouldn`t be there.
  6. As a fellow sufferer of low FPS I have found it to be Graphics Card related too. I agree with the previous poster about disabling VBO with ATI graphics cards, though I hafta say when I had eventually tried everything else and switched my Graphics card to NVidia it made a huge difference. I then bought a new puter with way more power and sadly another ATI card and the problem came back lol Out of interest, if you cam up so that there is nothing on your screen except for clear sky (by nothing I mean not even clouds, you can switch those off in Advanced >> Rendering on one of the sub-menus) does your FPS then shoot up to 30-50 fps? If so, you can safely say it is definately related to the Graphics card. Also what speed is your connection?
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