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  1. Pay is nice and all but seeing as it takes 3-5 days PLUS the 3-5 days it takes to transfer to the Bank from paypal (that's almost 2 weeks of waiting!) I'd much rather like to be able to transfer directly to my bank (even if the Time window of 3-5 days still exists)
  2. as of the 22 of September (Maybey earlier) I am not Getting any Linden Dollars (or the No-Reply Emails) from my Sales on MarketPlace but the Items are Sending (My magic box tells me they are sent), I'd really like to know why!
  3. Hi, I've been haveing issues When ever i change Regions on "ANY" V2 Client, When ever i do it will Dissconect me from the grid. I was Wonder if it had to do with the Fact that i am Running Windows XP?
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