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  1. For those of you who feel the need to be disparaging toward "Basic" users. I am a "Basic" user. I run a business in Second Life and for that business I spend $85,000L per month to lease a sim from a land owner who in turn pays tier on it to LL. I upload thousands of textures at a cost of $10L per texture for the clothing, shoes and vendor ads that I create. Prior to viewers such as Emerald or Phoenix, which have a free temp upload feature, I was spending roughly $50,000L per month on texture uploads alone. For the uninitiated, $85,000L is approximately $300 US. Multiply that by 12 (12 months in a year) and you see that I pay Linden Labs (indirectly), roughly $3600 US per year. There are many others like me. So, for all of you premium and concierge users who seem to think that you need to belittle us "Basic" users, your $72 US per year is a drop in the bucket. Lissa Maertens Cattiva e Cattivo and ZHAO Shoes
  2. Many of the educational areas are run by universities. By most accounts universities are populated by academics and students... most of whom are over the age of 18.
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