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  1. Super duper, Hotrod! I'm pleased you have been able to log in using the technique recommended. Did you also locate your ghost? Its important to do so, or you will continue to have the same problem next time you log in. Keeping fingers crossed all is 100% OK with you now.
  2. Please take a look at this other forum thread for full information and advice what to do next. http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/424221#424221 Good luck, and please keep this forum thread up to date.
  3. Kelin Baily wrote: Marigold, I've watched you help SL residents, with the ghosted avatars, over and over. I wanted to thank you and tell you that it's very kind of you. Until today, I haven't seen how one looks like. It's kind of freaky. Every day in SL is a learning experience, especially in this forum. Again, thank you. The ghost-thing is perhaps my substitute for stamp-collecting, started off really as something to do as a wind-down activity before bedtime, but as with a lot of hobbies (obsessions?!) its grown to something a little bit more than that. It is a freaky phenomenon, that's for sure I'm pleased you're having some enjoyable experiences inworld and on the forums; we've all got the capacity to learn new things all the time, and I think we certainly get plenty of food for thought within these discussions.
  4. Ban Fazuku wrote: I saw in the French part of this blog, that someone had the same problem, but no one found the solution, it is an old post, but I tried to explain what to do, I hope it will help. http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/560755#560755 Fabulous! Thank you so much for translating into French and adding to the post. It will help a lot of other people, and it is very good of you to have thought to do that.
  5. Ban, I am glad you got fixed. It was good to meet you inworld. As for your friend - she will understand if you give her the link to this forum thread
  6. P.S. Ban, I went to look. Your ghost is just in the next sim to Sonogno. Exact location is http://slurl.com/secondlife/Callisto/1/65/82 The quickest way for you now to fix this is to either 1. Contact Live Chat and ask them to restart Callisto region. or 2. Follow these steps: (a) Bring up your viewer screen BUT DO NOT LOG IN YET (b) Change your login start location (to do this click on "edit" at the top of the log in screen, then "preferences", "general", and tick the box next to where it says "show start location on login screen", click OK/apply) © Fill in your normal name and password details, and now where there is an extra box, type in the sim name of Furball (this is an empty Governor Linden owned sim) (d) Now try to log in. Please ignore the message that may come up on your screen and ignore the time in particular. Just keep trying to log in, and try, try, try. You WILL be able to log in between 1-30 minutes. 3. VERY IMPORTANT. Now use the slurl above to take you to where your ghost is. When your real avatar gets close to the ghost, the ghost will disappear.
  7. Welcome to Second Life forums, Ban. You should always submit a support ticket on this issue, inform LL that you have a stuck presence that is preventing you from logging in, and with their God tools they might be able to see where you are on the world map and free you very quickly. There is full and up to date information over on this other forum thread. http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/424221#424221 Please keep this thread up to date with how you get this issue fixed. And good luck.
  8. Hello Jania and Keba. Please take a look at the fullest and most up-to-date information regarding when you are locked out of Second Life getting this message: http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/424221#424221 I am sorry to hear you are having this issue. There should be enough information in this post to help you, hopefully. Good luck to you both, and please do keep this thread updated of your progress as it will be helpful to others who encounter this problem.
  9. lyric Ixito wrote: hey im having a similer problem only my avitar is not online anymore my frnds say im offline. but when i try to sign in i get the msg saying you are being logged out try again in pacific time.. i can only log in into test veiw, on the ponix viewer on sl beta, and then i casnt see any of my contacts and they cant see me i just see people close to me does anyone know why thankyou x Hello, lyric, it looks to me like you've left a "ghost" somewhere inworld. You do show as being online status to me. And while you've got a ghost somewhere in the world all kinds of strange things will be happening when you do get to log in. So please refer to this fuller explanation of the why and how to fix this issue over on this other thread: http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/424221#424221 and, of course, if I am online, I will try to help you further.
  10. I am the original dolls head because I tend to forget to even take landmarks of places. I do take a lot of photos though, of everywhere I go, which takes about the same amount of time as making a landmark, but I have a pictorial record of it then stored in my email archive folder, along with a SLurL. There doesn't seem to be any quick and tidy way of saving landmarks that I've found, but this one kind of works for me and my alts, although its really sad when I get around to revisiting some of these places and find them no longer in existence.
  11. Lynn Parkin wrote: Can anyone tell me how high that build can be and still be shown in the SL Map? I am building some large "sky" objects over my parcel, but I don't want them to "cover" the view of my ground level parcel on the map. So how high must I place these builds so that they will not be shown in the map view? The information you are requesting can be found here. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_high_can_an_object_be_to_show_up_on_the_World_Map%3F
  12. Donny Devin wrote: It says downloading the new viewer wont remove my old (preferred) viewer fro m my comp. Can I go back and forth from each viewer easily? Hi, Donny, and welcome to the Second Life forums. I have got installed on my PC Second Life viewer 1.23, Second Life Viewer 2 and Phoenix, and constantly go back and forth between each viewer very easily. Sometimes I do find my avatar goes back to an earlier version of "me", in that I might be wearing clothes from a week or two previously, but this rarely happens and is the only problem I've found.
  13. zaida Gearbox wrote: I was able to resolve the issues following Marigold's directions. Since I knew where my ghost was, I was able to log in somewhere else and then tp back and merge with my ghost. It was a bit freaky because SL changed my clothes when it happened. I am very pleased that you were able to fix your login problem using the directions offered to you in this thread. You might never experience this ghosting issue again (all being well). With you being in different clothes to the ones you were wearing when you last logged out, that suggests the system somehow "rolled" you back to a previous point in time. This can make it a little more difficult when trying to locate your own ghost inworld, but luckily you were able to retrace your steps, with the aid of friends seeing your name on their radar. If you had last logged out at your home location, it would have seemed very logical to ask for your home sim to be restarted, but obviously your ghost was not there, which was why the failed logins continued after your home sim was restarted. Thank you for keeping this forum thread updated with your progress. It will hopefully help other people in this situation. Best wishes to you, zaida.
  14. Irene Muni wrote: Marigold Devin wrote: ... ... ... You will be getting a message up on your screen that says something like "the system is logging you out... account will not be available until (time) pacific time". IGNORE the time it gives you and just keep trying to log in. Try, try, try, and with patience and persistence you WILL be able to log in between 1 and 30 minutes. ... ... ... See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/When_I_log_into_Second_Life,_it_returns_an_error_saying_%22The_system_is_logging_you_out_right_now._Your_account_will_not_be_available_until...%22 ... ... ... Please wait until the time specified by the error before attempting to log in again. Repeatedly attempting to log in when you receive this message may result in the process taking longer, preventing you from logging in at all. # ... ... ... Yes, Irene, you are right. But this information is out of date. To clarify a little: during the logging out process, the simulator updates an avatar's presence information with an expiration date/time of 15 minutes, and so if someone gets this "system is logging you out right now ... account will not be available until (time) pacific time" message, they SHOULD wait at least 15 minutes before trying again. However, there is currently a bug in the system being looked into as to why the logging out process sometimes does not complete during this 15 minutes, and ends up repeating and repeating until either the sim the "ghost" avatar is on is restarted, or unless the avatar can succeed in logging on during one of the elusive offline minutes that happens for the final minute of each 15 minute cycle. The OP has now been showing on my onine tracker as having this 14 minutes online, one minute offline, pattern for some time, so he is well and truly stuck at the moment because of some "broken state" which is causing the simulator to reset the expiration date constantly.
  15. You are VERY welcome - you were very easy to help. You gave such full details, and I loved the photo you added to your original post.
  16. zaida Gearbox wrote: I can't log into SL because it thinks that I'm logged in already. I had the sim owner of the sim where I live restart the sim. That didn't bump me. I've tried logging in from different computers. That didn't bump me. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling my viewer. That didn't work. Friends that I sent looking for me say they show me on their radar, but that they don't actually physically see me. How do I get myself logged out, so that I can log in for real. Hello, zaida and welcome to Second Life forums. The reason why a region restart did not work for you is that you are not still logged in at your home location. You must have a "ghost" somewhere else in world, and if you can find it, then you can fix this issue for yourself. You say that friends see you on their radar? Tell them to do this... tell them to face the green dot where your avatar is indicated to be and change their group tag. It sounds like you are an "invisible" ghost. Anyway, if your friends/you know where you are ghosted, this is what you need to do. Please bring your Second Life viewer up onto your screen, BUT DO NOT LOG IN yet. Click on "edit" at the top of the log in screen, then "preferences", "general" and put a tick next to where it says "show start location on log in screen", click ok/apply. Now enter your normal logging in details, but where there is a space for you to add a start location, type in the word Pooley (this is just a neutral sim), and try to log in. You will be getting a message up on your screen that says something like "the system is logging you out... account will not be available until (time) pacific time". IGNORE the time it gives you and just keep trying to log in. Try, try, try, and with patience and persistence you WILL be able to log in between 1 and 30 minutes. Then teleport across to where your ghost avatar is. This will cause the necessary paradox, the two entities will merge and your ghost will be GONE. Good luck, and please let us know on the forums how you progress with this.
  17. Vixen Sangria wrote: My avatar has been frozen, floating in the air in my skybox home for 2 days. I sent a ticket to LL and no one has emailed me, nor has anyone given me any indication as to what to do. I have 2 avatars and I am able to have them online at the same time. I even tried "running" into the frozen one to see if I could move her, but to no avail.. Can anyone help me? It is possible for you to clear this "ghosted" avatar yourself. Please bring up your Second Life viewer, but DO NOT LOG IN YET. Instead, go to the top of the screen, click on "edit", "preferences", "general", and tick the box next to where it says "show start location on login screen". Click OK. Now fill in your usual log in details for the avatar that is ghosted, and where there is space to type in a location, type in Pooley. Please try and log in. If you get the usual message of "the system is logging you out... account unavailable until (time) pacific time", just ignore it, ignore the time and keep trying and trying to log in. You WILL be able to log in if you patiently persist between 1 and 30 minutes. Once you are at Pooley, please teleport across to where your ghosted avatar is. Once your real avatar gets within range of its ghostly duplicate, a paradox will be caused, the two entities will merge and the ghost will be gone. Good luck and please keep us up to date on the forums; it will help other people with this type of problem.
  18. Thank you both very much indeed for your speedy answers. Its so easy when you know how ! :-)) I looked at the Wiki first but could not find where it said to do this. Thank you again.
  19. I don't use viewer 2, so I am unable to answer this question for a friend. How does a friend using viewer 2 allow me to see where they are on the world map?
  20. When you say you look fine on your computer as yourself and your alt, but you say you appear as a cloud to everyone else, how many "everyone else" are we talking about here? I have this tendency to think that if you look OK on your own computer then its them that has the problem! Tell them all to do the first option on your list! (or have you told them to do this already?)
  21. If you are appearing as a cloud on your screen ... click on the Advanced Menu at the top of the screen. If it is not next to the Help menu, press ctrl+alt+D to make it show Select Debug settings.....a small window will open. select "RenderUnloadedAvatar" from the drop down box and then set it to "True" This will stop you from seeing others as clouds but not stop you from being one to them. They must change their settings for that
  22. What do you mean exactly? Is your avatar appearing like a cloud on your screen, or just as an invisible entity with hair and attachments? Or do you start to log in and then get stuck halfway in the logging in process?
  23. Hmmm I'm not getting the full picture here. Did you have a bunch of "bot" avatars cluttering up a sim? Regardless of what the bots are used for, they will be counted on the traffic figures, and therefore LL are going to use the term "gaming traffic" if there are a relatively large number of bot avatars being used for any purpose, for example if someone were to have a dozen bot avatars in a skybox for playing Tiny Empires. It wasn't that long ago that residents were getting the message "logins have been temporarily disabled due to an unusually high volume of traffic" - soul-less silent avatars are just not acceptable in a virtual world where (a) LL want cash turnover and (b) regular residents want conversation! Feel free to clarify what it is exactly LL have suspended your account for.
  24. Well for sure the person who set out to get a reaction from the OP got a reaction from the OP! 100% satisfaction guaranteed there. Personally I would have just muted them and forgot they even existed. But another point to note is this; if that person were so juvenile as to really submit an AR to LL for whatever reason, what do you think LL's reaction would be? They would be laughing their little asses off. Also, while snivelling nobodies are submitting ARs for such trivial reasons, LL are getting swamped with all this nonsense when they really do have better things to do with their time. No wonder when ARs for good reasons are being submitted they get ignored among all those that cry wolf! A little cross and frustrated on the OPs behalf though. (And I love bacon in any shape or form - had it myself today, with pork and tomato sausages, fried eggs and tomatoes. )
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