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  1. Really?! I'm always surprised when I hear the idea that teens spend a lot of money in SL. A huge reason the teen grid failed was because there was NOT enough money invested!
  2. It's been several months since the grid merge. I'm curious to know, how drastically has your Second Life experience changed? If there have been any changes, please let me know. Also let me know if you're an adult or a teen, of course... I think there's probably a vast difference of change between the two demographics.
  3. Oh dear, I think this is a little out of control. I don't mean to be condescending or "holier than thou". I know very well I'm just a kid and you guys have much more life experience than I do. I suppose I feel obliged, however, to partake in a discussion that is basically centralized on teens. I feel like there should be some voice other than simply the deluge of hostility towards teens and the teen grid that is displayed here. I fully awknowledge the legal issues. There are tons of loopholes in this proposal. In fact, I never thought there would be a merge--I was sure LL would just slaughter off the TG and just keep MG. I even saw them trying to pump TG back up (though, that would have taken far too much effort) before a merge, because of all the potential lawsuits. I think that the merge idea seems half baked and leaves a lot of questions--questions that trouble adults for tons of valid reasons--unanswered. I never said that this merge is what is "best for the grid". I don't even know if it is "best for LL". Most teens are devastated about the loss of their world. This is a lose/lose situation for almost everyone on each side. I think it's stupid and irrational to say things like, "Oh, well, the MG is just full of just pervs who are sad to lose their SLex", just as it is stupid and irrational to say things like, "Oh, well the TG is nothing but griefers and copybotters". No TGer can summarize the whole of MG, just like no MGer can summarize TG. There's no "innate knowlege". That's just how it is-- a native of Seatle knows Seatle better than a native of Boston. Yes, I got frustrated on my previous posts, because the simple dismissal of "oh who cares you're just a kid" is one that is just an easy way to blow off one side of the equation. Yes, who cares, we're just kids, and yet, we are the other world entirely involved in this. You must take into account the whole picture when discussing this issue: you must consider as many facets as possible. No, I'm not more experienced than you. No, I don't have more education. I just strongly believe that the easy way of arguing about the merge--the way that involves simply ignoring a huge chunk of the matter, no matter what chunk it is--is wrong. If that seems condescending, I'm sorry. I don't mean to be bratty, either. So: I apologize if I seemed rude, arrogant, or snobbish. I really don't want to come off that way. I don't want to tell you what to think or how to feel about the merge or about teens. But this thread, like the GD, is very hostile for what I feel are sloppy reasons.
  4. WHOA whoa whoa -- I was referring to the fact that when I turn 16 and join the other 16+ on PG sims, I'll try to set up my business again--What did you think I was inferring?!
  5. Oh, that's right. I forgot adults know much better than teens about teen behavior. In the end this is a compromise that makes neither side happy. I'll hang around on an educated sim for a few months and then I'll try to expand on MG. Good luck protecting your grid from the pedestal your age completely justifies. All that I'm hearing is that I should be quiet because my opinions don't matter... no news to me. Since nobody else is making any points that actually have anything to do with the merge or--better yet--the actual topic of this blog post, I'll hit the hay!
  6. But why do I have to say all of those things, and make it look like I'm flaunting what I do on TSL, when as an actual resident of the grid, it should be a given that I am more familiar with the TG?
  7. I spend most of it creating, yes. Things have slowed down socially on the grid. I'm also an estate manager for a couple central sims, so I have a very good idea of how things go, especially since those are the only teen-owned sims and are the centerpiece of commerce on the grid. My close friend and co-manager owns a very prominent hangout, so I am also well versed with the social aspect. Also, when I started SL, I was into roleplaying. Even if my focal point is creating, as it is, that doesn't mean I can't explore and socialize and get to know my grid. How many MG content creators shut themselves away in a corner of their sim 100% of the time? Also, I never claimed I was professional...
  8. I am saying there are things you do not know about teen grid because you do not immerse yourself in the world. That is logical. When you say I don't know how the main grid works, I agree, because I do not play there. I said that adults have more life experience and more MG experience than me. That doesn't mean you know more about TG. In fact, the views expressed here regarding the TG have been extremely biased themselves. Do you know how many commerce sims there are on the teen grid, how big the map is, the main businesses, do you kno the way an average player looks, what kind of events happen, how they're handled, how things are managed, etc? Probably not, if you've either been in educational sims or looking over someone's shoulder. Especially since, unlike MG, there is no a strong website/blog presence from TG. Just because you have lived longer than me and have been on MG does not mean everything you say is valid. If that's your argument then it speaks for itself.
  9. Even if you were an educator, that would give you a very narrow window through which to view TSL. And watching over someone's shoulder is completely different from actually being immersed in the world. I've watched over my mom's shoulder plenty of times, but that doesn't give me a serious understanding of the grid. Once again, you're missing my point: The things I am arguing are in regards to how little people know about my grid. Also, simply because you have more life experience than me doesn't mean I have to "hush and listen" without any sort of representation of my own beliefs.
  10. No dude, I don't know better than you. I probably know how the TG works better than you, actually, since I've spent almost 3 years here, but I never claim to know more about how MG works. Of course TG is unimportant. It's super tiny. My items are, compared to the greats on your grid, quite shabby. My attempts to combat copybotting have little impact because the rest of the grid is mainly apathetic and adults don't really take me seriously. I don't expect to be welcomed to the grid. The only reason I wanted to post on this thread was to dispel false accusations about the TG. Adults know very little about the grid. That doesn't mean they are not smarter or more SL-skilled than me. I'm sure you are all far superior to me intelligence wise.
  11. I'm not saying it's not a valid point, chill there. It is totally a valid point. That's why it's important to start trying to work on it now.
  12. Oh, so what you're saying is you're grabbing any reason no matter how little you care about the issues you're bringing up in order to justify your fears. Okay, that's understandable. Flickr isn't really a social networking site, but since you were bringing up something that I have been trying to combat for months and months, I thought I'd give the opportunity for people who do want to help--BEFORE the grids merge--to do so. I get how false accusations are unpleasant but if some pointed fingers are really that detrimental to the grid then there are some serious flaws that should be examined merge or no.
  13. Are you serious? You're accusing me of "promoting my social network page" because I posted a link to stolen content I want to help get off the grid? I don't necessarily want to police content either, but I do it because it feels terrible to be stolen from and because my grid is a horrible mess. So much for wanting to help? Sorry you have better things to do than to try to make your world better and more fair.
  14. I'll have nowhere to go? I was thinking of jumping on the Global Kids boat.
  15. Yeah, I'm actually very serious about content theft. It's going to be hard, but proposing an inventory wipe is beyond the bounds of logic and into simply cruelly unfair. Legit content creators don't deserve to have everything taken away just because some people passed around botted hair. When all the stuff ends up on one grid, however, it will be that much easier to DMCA it and get it OFF. I've been trying to ID it and notify creators via flickr, email, and transferred friends, but there's only so much I can do from the TG -- if adults would be willing to actually step up and help rather than complain or argue about the impact the content will have on MG, please check out my flickr and help me identify these: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22012605@N03/sets/72157624816001126/
  16. Ouch! Changing the subject, am I! This "discussion" has everything to do with the merge of 16-17 yr olds into the MG. It's not really giving any opinion on the 13-15 yr olds being restricted to a couple educational sims with no contact with any adults other than approved educators. And I have serious doubts that LL will put these educational sims next to Mature or Adult regions. I don't really see how any of the scenarios listed here will affect me until I turn 16 and am let into the wild frontier of PG sims/cam distance Mature sims. I understand everyone is far more interested in talking about the merge because that's what affects them personally, but I've seen few opinions on the actual proposal of this post--the arguments here are what have already been stated when the big announcement came about in August.
  17. Nonetheless, 16-17 yr olds will be in a world where Lindens are not just 'mythical deities' as they are regarded on TG. I think that's important.
  18. There was certainly a problem with LL not having any involvement in TG. Hopefully with this merge, teens will actually feel a presence from LL.
  19. Oh, of course people monitor servers and look through abuse reports, if that's what you meant by "more staff". But the amount of said servers and abuse reports are teeny tiny compared to those of MG. I'm saying your point about "griefers" being a leading cause for the teen grid shutdown is false. Content theft is for sure the #1 reason. I was speaking about how LL has actually cut themselves away from TG as far as possible--there is absolutely no inworld involvement.
  20. But see, as a content creater, most of the time I have no matter what sims I'm restricted to is devoted to perfecting my work. I'm always striving to heighten the quality. The merge doesn't change that, and it shouldn't change that, for any creator. But the overall sudden chopoff of my whole world, and no access to another is what is really quite unpleasant.
  21. Yeah, I actually use Maya, so I was thinking of learning about it anyway. It's going to be difficult and not very fun, but with some incredible results (which is what I'm used to)... But that's one thing to take up a week or so learning, when I'm still stuck on a few sims with nothing I can contribute to or draw from economically. Also, that really doesn't make me excited about the upcoming lull... I mean, it's a good little topic to bring up, but how would you feel if I said "WELL, SL DOESN'T HAVE TO BE DISNEYFIED AND UNFUN, YOU CAN LEARN ABOUT MESHES?"
  22. Wrong, because there are NO LL staff involved with the teen grid. The only interaction that ever happens between TG and LL is sometimes Jeremy comes and stands around near a fountain for an hour. The fact that the TG is not economically viable is not to do with griefers, of which there are probably less percentage wise than on MG, but to do with the fact that teens don't have the disposable income to spend on SL, and also due to the influx of content theft. Yes, I'm often called arrogant for calling out people who are making false points. Thanks for that.
  23. Well, pertaining to the actual topic of this blog post, what I find most distressing is that I'll be able to be in, what, 3 sims? I probably won't even be able to sell my items, let alone purchase stuff. This is going to be a very dull 4 months for me SL-wise.
  24. The Teen Grid being closed has nothing to do with griefers. Educate yourself before you make assumptions, please.
  25. But anyway, this blog post isn't even about the merge really. It's just stating the way 13-15 yr olds will be kept quarantined away from adults but will still be able to log in. Anyone have any opinions on that, since that's actually the idea being introduced?
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